skipped duty

Well, not really skipped duty; because I was already off. But I didn’t really reach my quota and I delayed it a few hours more.

I was about to finish my evaluations for the day when a colleague wanted me to accompany her to SM to buy some stuffs; I was her boytoy for the day. When I got back to the office, it was already late. I had to finish 5 more tasks and it took me 3 hours more. I was done for the day around 4:30pm and had duty at night. What I did was just sleep in our lounge until 8:30, went home, took a bath and went back to work. Wow, I just went home to shower and change clothes. I was dead-tired when I got back for my next shift.

Sigh. It sometimes makes me wonder why I’m such a sucker at times; as if something’s going on in between. But I’m not complaining, I like going out with her. She’s one of the few people I look up to but yet joke around; even if it’s me that does most of the joking (she gets her way of becoming too serious at times). At least it’s nice that you have someone to look forward seeing at work to make duties seem a little less boring.

But eventually we’ll be transferring to another office. Whenever that time comes, I shouldn’t get too attached cause parting never really is easy.

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