Sport Fishing at Pantabangan Dam in Nueva Ecija

My eyes were squinting when the organizers woke us up to step off the bus. We just arrived in Nueva Ecija to try sport fishing at the Pantabangan Dam after a spelunking activity in Bulacan. It was a long bus ride, about 7 hours with a lunch stopover at Liquid Coffee Bar and Resto in Microtel Cabanatuan. I still wanted to sleep but we needed to go down to check the place out.

Sport Fishing at Pantambangan Dam
Nueva Ecija

nueva ecija pantabangan
Dandi of Lakbay Norte 3 in Pantabangan Lake

pantabangan lake
Pantabangan Dam in Nueva Ecija

Honestly, sport fishing didn’t really tickle my fancy even if I hadn’t tried the activity. I had this picture in my head that we were going to stay in one boat and wait until we catch a fish, so the act of waiting was not too inviting. I also had low expectations of the place because I didn’t know the set-up of the Pantabangan Dam. I was proven wrong when I went out of the bus.

nueva ecija sunset on the left

pantabangan lake nueva ecija
walking around

Waking up and seeing this beautiful lake was one of the best surprises I had. The air was windy and the lighting was just right. It gave this sepia-themed backdrop which was awesome especially when you want to sit and set up a picnic under the skies.

pinaysolobackpacker pantanbangan
The Pinay Solo Backpacker

sportsfishing nueva ecija
fishermen boats at Pantabangan Lake

The bare land gave an unobstructed view of the Pantabangan Dam and it was refreshing to see such a sight. We were then advised to head to the other side as small boats were already waiting for us so we could start fishing.

Some species of fish available in the waters of Pantabangan are carp, snake murrel, and tilapia. But the single most sought after fish species in Pantabangan is the largemouth bass, a common fish in the United States that was introduced to the lake only recently. –

boat nueva ecija
preparing to catch fish

fishing pantabangan lake
my bait that returned no catch

I didn’t catch anything during that afternoon. We were also running out of time as the sky was turning dark. Assuming that the fishes have gone elsewhere, I simply resorted to enjoying the view from the boat.

pantabangan nueva ecija

getting dark

In the end, no one caught any fish, but I surely enjoyed every moment of staring at the beautiful landscape. I didn’t bother keeping my eyes wide open because the sun was already setting and they were slowly adjusting to the dark.

Contact number for Casa Teodoro and Villa Reyes Lake View: (63) 917 881 33 75


***Lakbay Norte 3 is an eight-day Media familiarization bus tour organized by the North Philippine Visitors Bureau to Rediscover the North of Luzon, Philippines. lakbay norte

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  1. None of you caught anything, even a cold? Maybe the fishes stocked there are not fisherman-friendly LOL. Just kidding. I hope you guys have better luck next time.


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