this is a follow-up on my grades ko ‘to entry:
i had a 5.0 grade in my social orientatioin class. it’s the only
subject where i failed and what made it worse was that it’s the
easiest and most useless subject among others! we only had three lousy
meetings (the whole sem!) where we had simple activities… just like
a social workshop or a guidance center that got only 0.5 unit… in
every activity, we just answered some simple questions and shared a
bit of ourselves… it’s like a recollection, only, a boring one…
now, how come i got a 5.0??? when we inquired about it, they said i
was absent during our last meeting (which was the distribution of our
project)… —bullshit!— why would i be absent? and besides, i was
one of the first few who was able to finish it (our project consisted
of a story of our life and 2 reaction papers)… anyway, like i’ve
said, i finished my project ahead of time and was even making the
project of some of my classmates!!!

after a few more checkings… she still said that i didn’t submit
them. though i insisted and enumerated the things that happened with
no hesitation during that day, she just asked for another copy of my
work… it’s a good thing that i saved a copy of my lifestory (which
i’m going to post someday in this blog) on the net… at first, my
father didn’t approve of their request. coz if i did just that then it
would show that i didn’t do anything… which wasn’t true… but later
on, we had to give in due to time constraints (this happened during
a week before prelims na!)… and after a few more hassles, my father
went to the academic affairs office… and was turned down… shit!
because it was too late! it took 5 days to resolve this issue and look
at what’s happened…

this served as a lesson for me… or to anyone else too…. i should
have proof that i endorsed something to someone… damn… in my
case, i just put my work on her desk without any acknowledgement…
and look at all the trouble it cost me… i lost TIME!!! time that
should be spent studying… and MONEY! money since i could’ve passed
for a scholarship… fuck! i’m never going to sudy in this school!

someday, i’m going to make a letter addressed to the school president
about my situation… you know what? i thing i’ll start writing now!

posted Friday, 2 January 2004

Shawty made this comment,
gee that sucks!!! i had the same incident before about this stupid
teacher telling me i didnt past my recollection notebook of somesort
which i insisted i did pass. He was bugging me to do a new one but
hell NO!!! i failed his class but what the heck i didnt look like an
asshole doing him a favor!!! if he needs my notebook really bad then
he should make one for me!!! sabi ko namang nagpass ako eh!! its not
my problem anymore its his!! teachers.. they just suck.. well not all

comment added :: 2nd January 2004, 18:50 GMT+08
silencia made this comment,
hey, im a teacher.
take it, teachers really suck!
oh well, and so are students.
Visit me @

comment added :: 2nd January 2004, 22:08 GMT+08
samplawer made this comment,
haha..nice one silencia… anyway… yeah, right! stand up for your
rights..err.. something like that?..toinks”,) happy new year!!!

comment added :: 2nd January 2004, 23:48 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
sayang naman yung scholarship..

comment added :: 6th January 2004, 00:46 GMT+08

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