wallet found

I was riding a jeepney one late afternoon as I still had to attend my last exam in ReEd 30 (Religion) when I received a text message from an unknown number. “Mr. ****, this is the Chair of the Economics department. Your wallet was found and left at the Guidance Office at the College of … Read more

Stupid, stupid.

I lost my effin’ wallet! Arrrgggghhh. I don’t have any money in there except for 20 bucks but the content inside; those cards. I had to call every one of those banks just to block those plastics and have new ones replaced but it’s such a hassle. I don’t have any money left in my … Read more

got my SSS Loan!

probably because of the problem with my account being tagged as a temporary id number. But wheAfter a month’s worth of waiting, I finally got my SSS Loan. It’s not much, but it will help a lot.At least, I can pay off some of my tuition using this money. It took me a month, I … Read more

got my 2nd NSO birth certificate

I got my NSO certified copy of my birth certificate form after 3 business days since I last applied for it. This is the second time I applied for it and I got it finally. I’m going to apply for an SSS Loan and my account has been tagged as a temporary one. Until I … Read more

update update

I’ve heard about a colleague who got bitten by a cat. It cost her 40 Thousand bucks for medical and other expenses. FTW? 40 effing thousand is a lot of money. ——— My blog is hosted at WordPress and I’m glad that my admin had updated it to the newest version. Yey! I also updated … Read more