Podcast Interview with Brenna of PhilippineTravelogue.com

Third part of my podcast interview series. This was a fun session and I decided to keep some of the bloopers to make the conversation sound more natural. I couldn’t keep a straight face because of how many times we broke into laughter.

soloflighted sessions with brenna

Brenna of PhilippineTravelogue.com

This SoloFlightEd Sessions episode, I interviewed Brenna of PhilippineTravelogue.com who represents one of the younger travel bloggers of the country. She, together with her family, visited Cebu for a week and decided to extend one more day to travel solo in Moalboal, Cebu.

What’s nice is that she’s also doing freelance jobs or part-time work in order to fund her travels. Money is definitely one of the factors to consider when you travel and being a student, it’s a challenge to seek funds for expenses. But Brenna has proven that when you really want to travel, you find ways to make it happen.

Interview Location: La Marea Pastry Shop, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu, Philippines

Brenna in Bohol

Please click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the Podcast:

What is your primary goal why you set up your travel blog?

I just had my personal blog but when I met Ed and Gael (ThePinaySoloBackpacker) in the Seair contest last year, I was inspired by their blogs. They had their own travel blogs and I kind of like the idea of having all of your travel exposé in just one place where you can read it all. So I thought of creating my own travel blog so I can inspire people the same way that they did.

Being a student, I know it can be difficult funding your travels. You mentioned that you do freelance work, is that how you get by?

My part-time writing, that’s where I get most of my funds. I have to pay my tuition as well so it’s half-half thing – 50 percent on my tuition and 50 percent on my traveling. But I get by.

Are there any tips you’d like share to those who are hesitant to go out and explore the world?

Just do it. That’s one of my biggest problems in traveling, I tend to think twice. So if I were you and you’re hesitant to travel, just do it. No more second thoughts, no more negative thoughts. Just do it!


Was surprised when I found out where Brenna spent a chunk of her childhood. It made me want to search for flights to Australia so I can also drop by Papua New Guinea where she grew up.

Towards the end of this interview, I heaved a sigh of relief that the podcast session was over. It was fun to have people around to listen as it makes the conversation livelier. I think this recording packed a lot of personality on how we normally talk so I’m really glad to have this conversation with her.

Thanks Brenna!

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36 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Brenna of PhilippineTravelogue.com”

  1. @batang lakwatsero: may something sa tawa ni brenna na ikaw lang ang may alam? ;P this was a fun interview! 

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, si brenna na ang hindi mahiyain! hehe. of course, isingit natin sa pwedeng masingit gael! haha. nung sayo nakalimutan kong isingit. may antalya holidays na sana ako nun. lol. 😀

  2. ayan just finished listening after the buffering problem. 
    Ed, I so love this interview, natural na natural at anjan pa si Doi! 🙂 haha I kinda agree with Ivan there's something about her tawa (intrigera the 2nd). Natawa ako sa "too much information Brenna!" sa El Nido part, haha But yeah, I agree with her, kelangan my bf na ksama sa El Nido, that's one of my saddest trip, El Nido is too beautiful not to be shared with someone. hehe
    @Brenna…Thanks din for the mention dear..love love kita! 🙂

  3. @dong ho: they get younger every time! Ivan (Batang Lakwatsero) is still19, I think. pabata nang pabata! 😀

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, thanks gael! intrigera ba… iba yung lab taem ni brenna. hehe. wow, so ibig sabihin naghanap ka rin ng BF dun sa Palawan? — was mo nang sagutin gael baka, too much info na rin maibibigay mo. hahaha.  naks, dami talaga ng mga travel bloggers na ikaw ang idol 😀

    @fetus: amawa nimo edwin. hahaha. andam nya kaw sa ako interview nimo ok? hehe

  4. caramba! i love this interview! haha! kasi ako bida. char! 🙂
    @gael – miss you and love youuu tooo! kelan ba tayo magkakasama ulit sa trip? 🙁
    @lakbay – hahahah! assuming ka! walang something something jan. ganyan talaga ako. :p ikaw talaga. madaming alam!
    @ivan – hoy! hahaha! isa ka pa! intrigera number 1! :p hindi ako ang may crush kay ed.. si … at si …. at si ….hahhaha! nacurious ka ba ed?
    @dong ho – thanks for listening to my kulit interview! i wish i could've been younger when i started traveling. super inggit pa ako kay ivan coz he's only 19!
    @ed – super super super thank you! grabe, napadownload ako dun! such good memories! bigla akong nainspire magwrite ulit talaga. haha! i'll keep a copy and will listen every time ma-writers block ako. 🙂 every time pinapakinggan ko to – i can't help smiling. miss you and doi na! la marea…!

  5. Ang kulit hahaha!! "Young brother" yung pagkakasabi mo Ed hehehe.
    Very Single and very very much available hahahaha!! Saya ng podcast na to hehe

  6. Parang kinikilig si Brenna ah :)) love the part na she mentioned na wag pumunta ng El Nido alone hahaha sige hindi ako pupunta ng El Nido mag-isa hihi dapat may special someone hihihi love this kakilig interview 😛 wah swerte live itong interview 😀

  7. @brenna: kaya magsulat ka na nang magsulat! hahaha. thanks kasi i was also comfortable dito sa interview natin. tawa lang tayo nang tawa dito. hahaha!

    @ada: haha, sa pag-edit yun sya, medyo napabilis kaya medyo di masyadong audible yung part na yon. hehe. saya di ba? kaya humanda ka na! when ang interview natin? hehe

    @micamyx: saya ni brenna kausap. haha. ikaw na next week mica! 😀

  8. I had fun listening to this. Ang saya saya! hahah! Buti talaga hindi mo tinanggal yung bloopers no? ok yan. Natural lang. Parang nagchichismisan lang sa kanto. lol! Mapapadalas ako sa PhilippineTravelogue nito. Thanks for featuring her. Honestly, hindi ko alam yung blog niya. Rich kid siguro tong batang to. hihihi! Ang daming gala. Anyway, I can relate to the part where she talked about her parents. Ako din kasi, ayaw nila ko payagan talaga. hay! Nito na lang, nung nakakabalik naman ako ng buhay at kumpleto pa parte ng katawan. hahaha!
    Natawa din ako sa "Girl Power!".. ni Ed. lol! isa pa nga. hahaha! joke

  9. @kura: haha, feeling ko nga maraming tatawa dito sa interview natoh, walang-wala ang pagkapropesyonal-epek dito dahil ansaya kausap ni brenna. haha. spontaneous na spontaneous. andaming gala niya di ba? hehehe. bloopers na bloopers talaga. actually may konteng bloopers na tinanggal ko kasi pag hindi, di na siguro kayo makikinig, tawa na lang siguro kayo nang tawa! haha.

    @darwinthetreasuretracker: masaya nga kapag may konteng audience. hahaha. kelan yung sayo el presidente?

    @marco: dami nyang naiinspire! 😀

    @jake: haha, thanks jake! talo ako kay brenna dito. hahaha.

  10. Wow.. first time I heard it.. Congrats Ed!.. parang DJ huh.. 🙂
    Interview-hin mo rin sa Maricar (Kura).. naku daeng kwento niyan.. di nauubusan!.. hehe 🙂

  11. @supertikoy: haha, thanks jerome! kelang yung interview ko sayo? hehe

    @renevic: hirap maitago di ba? 😀

    @jeffz: nakupow, pag si maricar yung iinterview ko, baka ang mangyari ay sya yung iinterview sa'kin! waaaa. ayoko nun. hahaha. feeling ko rin jeff, magiging kulit din kausap sya. ang kulit na kasi agad sa blogging pa lang. haha!

    @micamyx: haha, si darwin, ewan. inaantay ko pa. di pa raw nya gusto kasi shy sya… bigyan natin ng konteng panahon, kahit one week lang. tatanong ko uli. haha!

  12. @tripper10: haha. total laugh trip indeed, thanks for listening tripper!

    @lakwatsera de primera: haha, sunday siguro. claire, interview din kita one of these days ok, like soon. wala na akong bala! haha. but i have to prepare my questions first. 😀

    @eric: thanks, would love to do that one of these days! but im still thinking of a concept. thanks for the idea! 😀

  13. @jeff & ed – anong kaguluhan to?!? pinagchichismisan nyo kong 2. hahaha! buti sinipag ako mag backread. lol! Sha ako na ang madaldal at maraming kwento. hahaha! pag may chance talaga ako i-intriga crossfire ko kayong 2. bwahahaha!


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