sony ericcson t700

I replaced by beloved Nokia 1100 to a Sony Ericcson t700. I needed to anyway. The old phone had a tape over to keep it from being disassembled and it badly needed replacement since whenever somebody would send me a message, the phone would shut down automatically. I chose a Sony Ericcson T700 as my … Read more

outdoor fair: should buy a new phone instead

There was a fair that was posted by our Outdoors club in the company; selling stuff with discounts on different items. Being a nature-lover, beach-comber, forest-trekker, constant traveler and adventurist (haha, I only claim half of the descriptions as true), I checked out the stuff they were selling. I bought some shorts just so I can … Read more

update none

Haven’t received any update from Richard Burgos about the offer of a FREE trip to Enchanted Kingdom but I’m still going with a couple of friends anyway. This Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be fully booked. Aside from going to EK, I’ll be attending our Company Summer Outing this Sunday. Although it’s going to be jam-packed, … Read more

pldt landline

I bought the pldt landline plus/instant landline package just so I could make use of my other phone as well as to apply for a credit card application. I just hope that when the CI would call, there’d be no further questions. I paid a hundred bucks for this, I didn’t think of how much … Read more

1100 to k550i

I bought a new phone; well, it's not entirely NEW. I got it second-hand from a colleague at work who wanted to buy a phone with a dual-sim. Since I needed wanted to update my phone already, and the price was very cheap, I took it. My first official phone was a Nokia 1100, I … Read more