outdoor fair: should buy a new phone instead

There was a fair that was posted by our Outdoors club in the company; selling stuff with discounts on different items. Being a nature-lover, beach-comber, forest-trekker, constant traveler and adventurist (haha, I only claim half of the descriptions as true), I checked out the stuff they were selling.

I bought some shorts just so I can wear something comfortable during travels on the beach and such. But something caught my eye which made the compulsive buyer in me buy the product.

This cellphone pouch caught my eye because of how sturdy and rugged it looked which is pretty understandable considering that we’re talking about outdoor stuff. I just thought that I needed something to put my precious phone as I’ve never been able to give it a good bag to be placed on.

It’s pretty nifty in a sense that it doesn’t attract that much attention and I like the way that it doesn’t look classy. I also had to buy it so I can help out the foundation that they were giving a share of the proceeds to (yeah right).

Anyway, when I showed this to my officemates, they were saying that I should’ve bought a phone instead because my 1100 has already given signs that it’s about to retire any time soon so it would be useless if I were to use the pouch as a final resting place in case my phone goes out on me.

I’ve actually come up with a number of reasons why I should NOT have bought a cellphone accessory but actually buy a phone, at least even those cheap but brand new ones.

  1. The keypads are all yellowish and the numbers are faded.
  2. I lost the cover for the ear piece.
  3. the closing lid at the back keeps falling off.
  4. It shuts down unexpectedly.
  5. It sometimes doesn’t read the sim card and
  6. It loses battery life after saying it has been fully recharged.

Hmmm, quite a handful of reasons; makes me wonder why I haven’t replaced it with just another cheap phone. I don’t know why, I can still call and text though. Probably I’m just waiting for myself to become desperate. Only until I’ll be forced to get a new one will I get a new one. This has been with me for a year plus already, now it’s feeling all diva-like because of its new case. hehe

Si Edcel, naghinilas, palit-palit ug pouch na murag unsa ka mahal ang cellphone. wahaha.

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