pldt landline

I bought the pldt landline plus/instant landline package just so I could make use of my other phone as well as to apply for a credit card application. I just hope that when the CI would call, there’d be no further questions.

I paid a hundred bucks for this, I didn’t think of how much I’m going to spend every month to have an active account compared to the regular postpaid rate. Anyway, at least I’m the one who has control over this, not like a golf ball.



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5 thoughts on “pldt landline”

  1. meige: no not really. it’s like a regular landline lang. the people who’ll call you will just call as if it’s a regular landline. you can even text using your landline phone to any smart phone, for free! as of now, i think pldt’s still updating their connections. because even for globe people, i was able to text without any rate, but now di na pwede.

  2. ahhhh…okay. thanks Edcel. i was planning na mag pa install ng landline kaya lang di naman talaga namin magagamit araw-araw isa pa oblige ka pang mag bayad ng monthly fee 600+ pesos kaya naisip ko mas mabuti ang instant landline nlng para kung wala akong pera, wala rin akong load. thanks ulit 😀


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