sony ericcson t700

I replaced by beloved Nokia 1100 to a Sony Ericcson t700.

I needed to anyway. The old phone had a tape over to keep it from being disassembled and it badly needed replacement since whenever somebody would send me a message, the phone would shut down automatically.

I chose a Sony Ericcson T700 as my new phone since this was one of the phones that caught my eye as I was browsing through some shops at SM City Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu. I liked the way that it compliment

Initially, I wanted to buy a Walkman cause I wanted to get an ipod as well. But then, I think the simple and slim design caught my eye. According to, here are the key features of the T700.

    * Extra slim and solid, amazingly lightweight
    * Soft and responsive controls
    * Great aluminum finish
    * Quad-band GSM and EDGE, HSDPA, Bluetooth (with A2DP)
    * Media center
    * Access NetFront 3.4 with mouse pointer and in-page search
    * 3.2 megapixel camera, photo LED, geotagging (via cell triangulation)
    * Fast photo browser
    * FM radio with RDS
    * Ships with a 512MB M2 card
    * Location services, Smart dialing, Manage messages
    * Reliable battery cover release mechanism
    * Finger print resistant covers

It was on sale as well so I figured that this would be the best option for me. I don’t really want to splurge much on phones as I don’t really fancy them. To tell you honestly, I only text when it’s necessary so there’s no room for any quotable messages for forwarding and such. The 300 peso Globe card load that I buy would last for about a month and a half if I don’t have anybody to talk to (I know, poor me). But then I would usually just call the person especially when I become impatient in waiting for a reply.

I knew that if I were to get a new phone, it had to be a Sony. I knew that when I want good and quality music, it would have to come from this brand. The Nokia 1100 has served its purpose for immediate texting and receiving text messages.

On a better note, I used blog money to buy the new phone. This is one of the wonderful joys of being able to blog and earn at the same time. I was able to buy my DSLR, laptop etc. all because of blogging and I’m ready to take the next step higher by getting some other opportunities at freelance jobs such as oDesk. I was able to take some jobs but I haven’t been really successful in pushing myself forward to really get those jobs work for me. Probably because I am more at ease with blogging.


They ran out of the silver, I resorted to the red.

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