Doctor Absin’s house

We were just looking for something to get busy on in order to kill the time for the boat arrive in the port of Dumaguete for Cebu when Robi, Mel and I went to Doctor Absin’s house which is full of Christmas decorations. Entrance costs 25 Pesos for adults and 15 for children, which is … Read more

got wasted

Went out with some colleagues and celebrated the rest of Christmas at another one’s house. Drinking and singing and talking and drinking and talking again, I got wasted that I passed out. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about work or school for the next couple of days. I still have to work on … Read more

catching up

I’ve been trying to catch up on a lot of things. Rest, blog and rest. I spent the weekend just at home trying to update some old entries as well as make sure I’ll be a lot richer the next year. hehe. Also, I’ve been spending my time watching some movies that have been pending … Read more

no class again

Pfffttt… 4:10pm I woke up one afternoon in order to get ready for class at 4:30. We were going to have an exam that’s why I hurriedly took a bath and wore some clothes and went out of the house. It was already 4:20pm and I even hired a taxi just so I could get there fast. … Read more

Merry Christmas!

I’m starting to feel better now. I went with my co-workers (or should I see co-trainees) at a birthday party or just some nights after work. Some of my them are a little agog over getting their Starbucks stickers completed so they can get a planner as part of the establishment’s promotion. I’m not really much of a coffee fan, but I … Read more


Since it's still the month of December, one of the events that one would normally look forward to would be the Christmas party. Something about the cold air and the joy of gift-giving, even if forced, is still a moment we happily expect once in a while. I attended about 5 Christmas parties which is … Read more


Slow internet connection. *grumble*. Due to the earthquake, system's down for awhile. Gives our team (and other contact centers) some time to discuss our metrics and scorecards on how they are computed as well as where our account is heading. Celebrated our company Christmas party and had a swell time. Well, sort of, mainly because … Read more


  forgot that there’s such a thing called mirc if in desperate times, you have to get a dose of music-downloading. so in continuation with the previous entry, there’s still hope for consumers like me. it’s almost christmas, and i still don’t feel it. not even the gimmicks and other advertisements can make me reconsider … Read more

for the sake of having an entry this christmas

barely have time to surf, maybe my schedule just won’t permit. and to think that it’s christmas break. is this a curse? when everything’s supposed to turn out right and that christmas is expected to be better for our family, the rest of the world (or the country) is mourning over the loss of “DA … Read more

thank you

the best thing about christmas… is the feeling of being one… thisis the day when Jesus was born… hope we all remember how great Hislove for us is… (though sometimes, i’m having trouble with thisdepartment)…and in relation with blogging… i think that the best gift to anyblogmate is reading their entries and also making comments… … Read more

merry christmas

natapos na ang party namin… alam nyo ano natanggap ko??? towel…face towel…. pero buti na lang maganda yung lalagyan… at nanalo paako ng baso at platter… hehe… MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOGMATES!!! posted Wednesday, 24 December 2003 knox_101 made this comment,merry christmas! comment added :: 25th December 2003, 03:34 GMT+08eryN made this comment,merry merry christmas po! comment … Read more