for the sake of having an entry this christmas

barely have time to surf, maybe my schedule just won’t permit. and to
think that it’s christmas break.

is this a curse? when everything’s supposed to turn out right and that
christmas is expected to be better for our family, the rest of the
world (or the country) is mourning over the loss of “DA KING”. is this
price to pay in order to have at least a decent noche buena in our

yeah, been at home almost the whole time, sulking up to what’s showing
on the local tube (all FPJ updates, so you didn’t miss anything), much
to my dismay. i hope that things’ll start getting better soon.


trying to make a christmas entry for cryin’ out loud. but nothing
seems to come up. focus ed. think of something. a happy moment,
something you would like to share. let’s see. here we go.

every christmas eve, when we were still in the durian city, and the
world was bliss, we would go to our lola’s (father’s side) humble
abode and reunite for her sake. compared to my mother’s side, they
were ten siblings in all, so it’s something to look forward to,
especially to the kids (us before) because of the presents and other
pasalubongs. it was a simple sight to behold. grown-ups eating and
drinking like they don’t care if they already have high blood sugar
rates or cholesterols and such. the offsprings talking and playing
with their new toys, also comparing how much one received from their
beloved ninongs and ninangs.
when we had to leave that place, the first noche buena i had without
our relatives was in Makilala, somewhere in North Cotabato (abu
sayyafs and terrorism weren’t present at that time). we were preparing
to leave for manila via cagayan de oro. anyway, we only stayed in an
unfinished house that only had an old concrete room built. (didn’t
even have a bathroom!). was a first coz we ate underneath the stars,
good thing too that it didn’t rain. still was glad, that we were able
to prepare a simple meal to at least keep us full, despite having a
hard time finding a place to do our necessities in the morning. that
was an experience though.

there was also another in Amlan, Negros Oriental, at least the feast
was a little more grand (when i mean grand, meh lechon, nothing more)
than the preceding year. we celebrated it outside, overlooking the
beach, still beneath the stars. other than this, most of my
christmases were boring. we were struggling, so we didn’t really
celebrate “christmas”. we just treated them as ordinary days of the

this time, i’m feeling that this christmas will be a lot better than
last year. though it will not be the same as before, exchanging or
receiving presents, i’m happy.

i’m not playing my part as the responsible citizen because of my
selfishness and i’m somewhat complaining about our situation this
season, coz i know that there are a lot of people who scarcely even
have anything to eat. and i know how it feels, just not during
christmas. (which is worse). anyway, on the over-commercialization of
christmas in the philippines, i really don’t have anything to grumble
about. i think it just adds to the spice of things. to have something
to look forward to, to relatively divert our attention to simpler
things, whether it be materialistic or not. the decorations,
advertisements and other shameless promotions that goes with it just
reminds us of making most out of the festivity which when viewed on
the ideal way, is enlightening. or maybe it’s just my way of thinking.
i must’ve hit my head on something.

this isn’t an entry intended to uplift the spirits of those who have
lost the touch of christmas and its actual meaning. it’s my way of
saying that i still want to go back to before. it’s been 6 years since
we’ve been to my lola’s house, i’m imagining how my other relatives
look now, how much has changed since we’ve left. guessing it’ll be a
lot more years when we can relive that again. in the mean time, i’m
maximizing everything and enjoying what’s left.

“Happy Holidays!”

posted Friday, 24 December 2004

A visitor made this comment,
happy christmas!

comment added :: 25th December 2004, 06:54 GMT+08
Nix made this comment,
Yeah, the stations really gave all they’ve got to feature ‘DA KING’,
Anyway, didnt really feel Christmas-sy this particular season. dunno,
I was just out of it. and of course, that’s all thanks to Problems.

Enjoy it Ed, at least you’ve got parents and siblings who love you,
and you are with them.

comment added :: 26th December 2004, 12:10 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
right on lil bro, maximize opportunities and enjoy what you’ve got.
happy new year naman! 🙂

comment added :: 26th December 2004, 15:30 GMT+08
amia made this comment,
meri krismas! 🙂

comment added :: 27th December 2004, 20:58 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
hi ed, i hope you had a good christmas, me too i miss the “old”
christmases i used to have anyway hope you had a good one anyway.
take care!

comment added :: 28th December 2004, 02:51 GMT+08
Nix made this comment,
Hey, didnt understand your comment at all. I was with them and I
explained that it was ok, was even eager to see, but somehow, nahihiya
sila, halos hilain ko na nga papunta sa clothes section.

comment added :: 28th December 2004, 11:26 GMT+08
edandhisdarkgreenlife made this comment,
maybe ill tell you we can ym na lang nix. =)

comment added :: 30th December 2004, 01:30 GMT+08

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