me is a person. me has a life. me has dreams and ambitions. me hasmany aspirations waiting to be fulfilled. me wants to live a simplelife. me is an intelligent person. me is not stupid. me knows what me thinksand does what me wants. me has his own principles to live by but alsolistens to … Read more


I hate you Mr. Homoerectus! I really do. From the moment you stepped into my academic life was the time when I fully understood what “favoritism” really meant. If only you could read this and realize all the hatred that I’ve conjured up just to write this. You are my inspiration. You’re the reason of … Read more


In our journey through life, opportunities come and go easily; and Ihave been tested by it twice (well, at least during 4th year). Thefirst was the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT). It was posted on the blackboard in our classroom. Afterreading the whole thing, I just stood there and didn’t care. I … Read more