me is a person. me has a life. me has dreams and ambitions. me has
many aspirations waiting to be fulfilled. me wants to live a simple

me is an intelligent person. me is not stupid. me knows what me thinks
and does what me wants. me has his own principles to live by but also
listens to the advices of others.

me has a mission in this world. me doesn’t have to prove anything to
anyone, but me wants to prove something to someone.

but there were times when me wanted to end his life. me had so many
problems which sometimes he couldn’t take. sometimes, me hates the
world. sometimes, me curses God. others think me is crazy. but me
doesn’t care. me knows me isn’t.

me is a special person. me finds comfort within me’s friends. me is
easy to be with. me isn’t perfect, and so is everyone else. me wants
to be happy. that’s why me studies hard. me doesn’t want to waste time
and money.

me is patiently waiting. me promises to me’s self. me will be
successful. me will be great. me will find me’s purpose in life. me
will be admired. me will be rich. me will be happy.

but don’t get confused of who me is. me is i. i am me. i am the person
i am talking about. i am that special person…

NOTE: at the present, me is away from me’s friends which me misses
badly. me is still suffering from me’s problems. but me hasn’t lost
hope yet. luckily, me is still alive.

posted Friday, 10 October 2003
Futaneshka made this comment,
me loove this entry. and me have yet to thank you for dropping by my
blog and leaving a comment for which me, used as an entry to another
of me’s mushy articles.

me hopes to be your friend. me here is as sad as you are.

dont give up.

me here..

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comment added :: 11th October 2003, 22:43 GMT+08
samplawer made this comment,
magpapasalamat lang sana kay “me” sa pamamasyal sa aking jardin nung
nakaraang araw… wag ka masyadong malungkot marami pa namang me diyan
e.. me included “,)

Visit me @
comment added :: 12th October 2003, 04:18 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
ey dgboy, i found you in blogwise directory. thanks for giving your
comments in two of my blog entries. nice piece you got here. hang on,
whatever it is you’re undergoing at the moment.

comment added :: 12th October 2003, 16:25 GMT+08
trish made this comment,
gosh!! i really liked this entry… keep it up!!!
comment added :: 17th January 2004, 18:51 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
pls. join PRAETORIANS Frat./Sor. Silliman University to join txt me:
09213485852 tnx!!




sincerly yours,

Edkarl []
comment added :: 5th November 2004, 19:18 GMT+08

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2 thoughts on “me”

  1. Ed (or is it dgboy? hehe ) , this is the post that i'm talking about.  for me this is the most beautiful post you've written so far. it is honest and hopeful. u should always rmmbr this post and never forget a dream.  yes, we evolve, but  still, we are who we are. 🙂

  2. bwahahahaha! dgboy — kasi darkgreenboy ako nun (because of the color of my site, which i've still maintained up to now) hahaha. this was a composition i wrote in highschool gael. tinype ko dito sa blog ko. marami pang mga ganitong klaseng pagkasulat actually, pero shhhh lang. hahah. salamat sa pagdaan! sana may mapulot kang aral. lol.. kahit wala!!! hahaha.


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