I hate you Mr. Homoerectus! I really do. From the moment you stepped into my academic life was the time when I fully understood what “favoritism” really meant. If only you could read this and realize all the hatred that I’ve conjured up just to write this. You are my inspiration. You’re the reason of this composition. So I hope that you’ll like my work and hate me. To the readers, here are the cases that happened between him (Mr. Homoerectus) and I, which explains why I’m, like this to him.

CASE 1: I was an irregular student and was enrolled in the 2nd semester of my freshmen year in high school. He was my mentor in Social Studies then. At first, everything turned out fine. Though my first impression of him was he wasn’t that respectable as a teacher. He gave us a project; a research work about Martial Law and the People Power Revolt 1. When I submitted my work (which consisted more than 50 pages), he didn’t accept it. He needed only a 5-paged reportÂ… I was shocked! All the hard work, of sleeping late each night trying to type every page of my documentary (and I just used a regular typewriter then), was useless! He didn’t even indicate that he only wanted 5 pages. And when I inquired about the works of some of my classmates who also committed the same error, but still were accepted, he just replied: “I’m going to deduct their scores (even though I’m sure he won’t)”. I just shut my mouth up and returned to my seat.
CASE 2: 3rd year high school, he became my teacher again, now in History. I was at the front, beside the altar of our classroom. When he entered, I walked to the center, and after we greeted him, I rushed to my seat (it was located at the back). “Hoy!, why are you traveling?” (It was like I was playing basketball). Well what the hell, is his problem? If I was at the front, he would then scold me for not being at my seat. I just replied with a: “Nothing Sir.” When we all seated down, they were going to check the test papers in our Periodical Exam; which I wasn’t able to take. I jerked my hand up and, as politely as I could, asked: “Excuse me Sir, may I take the test?” He, with his oh-so-handsome face replied: “Do you have the credentials to prove that you can take the exam?” I answered no. The conversation was supposed to be over when he annoyingly said: “Then why are you asking me?” (DUH! Who’s the teacher here anyway? Stupid person). “Sir, I was just asking.” He then commented that I asked in a wrong way (now he’s an English teacher). It should’ve started with a “Can I” instead of a “May I”. Me, being innocent and ignorant at all (for I wasn’t that good in talking back), just said as rudely as possible: “Well, I’m sorry for my wrong grammar! (even though there’s nothing wrong with it). He then sent me out of the class. I wondered why I said sorry. I admit that my attitude wasn’t good. But so was he! In fact, he was worse! Anyway, I’m glad that for once, I stood up against a teacher. I was happy, though I received a low mark in his subject.
CASE 3: This case shows how he I seeing bias to the way he treats his students. On the same year, we had another project. A research work again, bout the Allied Countries of America Against Terrorism. I made a deal with my classmate (an honor student) that I would make her project provided that she would pay me. She agreed. And of course, in the process, I ensured that mine was better and had more information. But you know what happened? I got an 80%! Whereas she got an 86%! Talk about karma. Favoritism, that’s what I call it. Hadn’t she been an honor student, she would’ve also receive the same grade as I. It did prove that he (Mr. HomoÂ…) just checks the name of his pupils and not the effort given to a task.
All these cases really happened to me. Fortunately, I did not stand alone, for there were others who also got the same mistreatment or even worse than mine. I was relieved that at the present, he doesn’t handle us anymore. Mr. Homoerectus. You know why I call him that? If you could only see his face… To give you an insight, can you still recall the pictures of how man evolved in your History books? Between the ape to human form? That’s him. In our batch, he is more popularly known as “Mr. Bakulaw”, but I prefer the classy “Homoerectus”. I was a consistent honor student in my 1st and 2nd year, and could’ve been an honor student in 3rd year (are you hearing this Sir? Could’ve been an honor?). Until he thought that I was the bulakbol type and gave me a low grade. (I got my first line of 7 in high school).
I wondered why this school hired him. I can acknowledge though, that he knows what he is talking while in class. But his attitude towards his students (especially the girls) is a no-no. Why? Every chance he gets; he tries to make chansing and gives them “special” attention. He can be charged of sexual harassment, but hey, they get good grades, so who’s complaining? And also his mouth; bad enough that he gives us boring lectures, but he also has a nasty tongue. He makes fun of the names of our classmates when they do something wrong. Again, his attitude is a no-no. I will glorify the day that he leaves this institution or loses his job. Maybe I’m just exaggerating, but you get the idea. Everything I’ve written here is true. I’m just releasing my anger in the form of writing. For I can’t undo anything, but at least, I’ve done something!
This is just I, a student, voicing out, pleadingÂ… and giving a warning to all schools:
“DO NOT ACCEPT A HOMOERECTUS IN YOUR INSTITUTION!” or elseÂ… nahÂ… it’s self-explanatory.
NOTE: this is dedicated to the worst teacher I’ve ever encounteredÂ… MR. G******** E*****…
posted Friday, 3 October 2003

silencia made this comment,
from what skul are you from?
haha! i understand how you feel. why not talk to your adviser or to other authority?
the way i see it, his actions towards his studes should not be permissible.

i also teach high school.
Visit me @ http://silentwater01.blog-city.com
comment added :: 4th October 2003, 14:31 GMT+08

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