my hp540 laptop

Hi, I’m an HP 540 laptop that was bought in service center in a known mall here. It’s nice cause my master was searching for other laptops so he could hasten the process of blogging anywhere and anytime. He scouted all the stores in the mall to check out what’s the best price that could … Read more

Upset over that HP center in SM City Cebu

It just pisses me off what they did to us. That HP center, it upsets me that they’re too discriminating, especially the one with the cast. Tsk tsk. To think that our group already bought two notebooks from that store. I work in a customer service industry wherein customer satisfaction while adhering to standards and … Read more

hp540: my new bebe

Late post… Here’s the delivery I was talking about in one of my previous posts. Come baby come. My brother took home the desktop and since I needed the pc to continue earning some income online as I can’t seem to live without the internet, we figured we’d buy a laptop instead.So now I’m a … Read more