my hp540 laptop

Hi, I’m an HP 540 laptop that was bought in service center in a known mall here. It’s nice cause my master was searching for other laptops so he could hasten the process of blogging anywhere and anytime. He scouted all the stores in the mall to check out what’s the best price that could handle all his pictures as well as surf heavily online. He’s not much of a gamer so he wanted something that looked professional. Gladly, he chose this hp540 business notebook which has been with him, abused and all, for 7 months now. I don’t have all they hype that every other laptop has, no camera, no great sound card. But I do have the qualities of a classic notebook. It’s nice cause I get carried around most of the time at coffee shops and because I don’t weigh that much, it’s not really that big of a problem being tugged almost everywhere.

I run on a Windows XP operating system even if my platform is a Vista. It’s a good thing my owner has a number of IT professional friends who are good with tweaking the computer that they were able to insert my retail Windows XP. So far, my performance has been okay; it’s a good thing that I was defragmented and updated to perform enough. Somehow, I have the feeling that my owner will buy another laptop to add to his collection. Makes me wonder how it would feel like to be a brother.

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