Upset over that HP center in SM City Cebu

It just pisses me off what they did to us. That HP center, it upsets me that they’re too discriminating, especially the one with the cast. Tsk tsk. To think that our group already bought two notebooks from that store.

I work in a customer service industry wherein customer satisfaction while adhering to standards and processes is of utmost importance, unless I want to be kicked out of my job. So I more or less, understand what terminologies to use, especially in relaying a bad message to a customer in a good way. But the way that the staff treated us. I don’t know what he wanted, it’s as if they’re removing away their responsibility after two weeks of buying my HP laptop. He just assumed that we couldn’t afford the f*cking machine that’s why he had judged us then and there. HP in that SM branch, you better wake up and do better service and take care of your customers!

I know for sure that if an American or some foreigner would come up to them, they’d treat him/her with better care. But us Filipinos? That’s the problem with colonial mentality.

To think they call themselves a “Service Center“. HP, you better shape up unless you want to lose customers! Sheesh, that SM Cebu branch is too nerve-wracking. You’re supposed to go there and they’re supposed to help you out because of the product that you bought but because of the attitude of some of the personnel, judging you directly without even asking you a set of questions to determine the source, you leave the local center feeling upset.

He didn’t even give us the benefit of the doubt on where we got it. He discriminated us probably because we looked like a bunch of travelers who got lost in a store that couldn’t afford their standards.

I just want to call a feedback hotline and question their knowledge on their capacity. I don’t know everything about the business, but I know a great deal. Heck, I wouldn’t even go and ask for help if I knew that my copy was not licensed. Their word usage too, that HP Center in Cebu, is not good. Don’t you know how to use proper terms?

He’s the one people look up to there that’s why nobody really questioned or thought twice of trying to protect us. Bwisit! Guys, just don’t assume that a sticker will determine everything. What if that sticker will get scratched off, does it ruin everything? Remember, it’s just a f*cking sticker!

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20 thoughts on “Upset over that HP center in SM City Cebu”

  1. hi michy, nothing really, the laptop didn’t come with an OS. I installed one, downloaded the drivers and all. However, we had issues connecting via wifi. When we asked for tips, they didn’t really give us the customer service that we deserved just because they assumed that our copy was not licensed and it’s all because of the COA sticker. But I wouldn’t go there if I knew my copy was pirated. They thought we didn’t know the difference between licenses. Anyway, I can now connect to the internet without the help of those HP store guys.

  2. I read your post its sound bad about the HP branch in SM because im looking HP company right now. My problem of my HP loptop is no display the problem maybe is motherboard was broken i think. Would you tell me where i can find there to fix my HP loptop and pls. email me at pls tell me where i can find the nice technician staff…You know i agreed with you some of staff there are crazy they don`t know how to carried costumer because even me im filipina but im simple when i go out like shopping, hunging out with friends but suddenly i was going to lives store the staff they don`t entertain me because they think i can not afford the item i choose…i was very angry i`m front of them they treating me very badly…pls let me know about HP can fix my loptop…thanks…

    • hi reme: i haven’t gone back to that HP service center in SM but you can just go to an NGenius branch in SM or in Ayala where I had my LCD fixed because of a hardware problem. It’s still under warranty so I just had to bring my laptop there and then also brought my warranty for proof. They filed a ticket and I surrendered my laptop for a week. When I got it back, everything was fixed. To save you the hassle, try calling them first. Here’s the number for the NGenius staff (they also handle HP concerns) and verify if they can help you. HP Ayala Cebu: (032) 231 4830. Hope all goes well.

    You should have made a fucking scene, question their fucked-up customer service. 
    Ask for a refund immediately because you felt insulted and the laptop is not functioning as it should be, call SM service personnel and demand that fucking HP Shop must give you a fucking refund for selling you a fucked-up, crapped-out product! and tell SM service personnel that HP attendants does not have a fucking clue in dealing with mall customers, that they had been harassing you and are very rude, then demand a public apology!
    But still ask for the refund even if apology has been given. It happened to me once in a shop in Ayala Cebu, they gave me the refund as soon as i raised my voice with all the disgusting things came out of my mouth non-stop in front of several customers. NO SWEAT! Refunded in less than a minute. Came out in the store smiling and bought a different product.

  4. Dear Ed,
    I just browsed your site recently and came across this article for HP laptops. I've been an HP user for 2009 to mid-2010 until it gave up on me. Tried to have it fixed but the cost of having it fixed in an HP service center is like having your car sent to a in-house casa. Too expensive. Service center personnels are also the worst to deal with. You are right, its like they assume you do not know your product. I also loathe Vista and Internet Explorer. 
    That's why I switched from HP to a Mac. With your photo editing work and 24/7 blogging, you could consider investing in a Macbook (once your HP breaks down). I am not paid to endorse Apple. I hated the brand. It gave me the impression that Apple wanted to be "cool" that's why Macbooks are laptops that have jacked up prices. I was wrong. The brains behind Apple knows their product very well. Since Macbooks are the minority in the laptop world, some applications (I am a fan of freewares) are not compatible with Mac. It will take time time to get used to the product but its fun and efficient.
    Thanks. 🙂

    • @AJ MLA: thanks for the tip. For now, I still don’t have the budget for a new laptop but it’ll take me some time before I can buy a Mac. For now, I’m, using Chrome and Windows 7 with ease. I’ve other people who’ve switched to Apple and are now converts. I’m eyeing myself on one for Photo Editing applications too. Thanks for your insights and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. @ edcel: is that the HP center that is also located in Escario St.? i have a problem also in my HP laptop.. my OS in windows 7 broke down and i dont know what to do with this.. i still dont know where to fix this.. can NGenuis fix my OS in my HP? 

  6. Hi Guyz can you help me with my HP laptop pavillion ze2000 the mainboard was broken and i need to replace it. do you know where to buy a HP main board? this model is pretty old with a CPU of AMD 754. please help me…here is my moblie number if any of you knew some store where to buy this spareparts 09336574034 thank you..godbless

  7. I also bought my Laptopat SM HP Store. My frustration is the quality of the product. Less than 2 years my laptop died on me. Now I have to bring this to HP service center in Escario. I hope they can take care of this unit because from what I heard.. the service center sucks.. 

  8. btaw,technician ko.kadaghan nko nkaayo mga hp laptops mostly hp pavilion nga ng.overheat.
    ang pinakaworst kay hp dv5 nga ngfail ang bios update.nya ang ingon sa service center dri sa cebu palitanan daw ug new motherboard.worth 40k.hahahaha
    Ako gibuhat ako gipalitan bios chip from california worth 2k including the shipment.
    Just this month naa nsad ko giayo nga same ang problema.
    bios chip ra sad ghapon problema.but hp dv6 na.
    If naa most pangutana email me
    Willing ko motubag mga problema ninyo.
    Bsan mga pangutana ra na.


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