Laptop Issues on the Road


I’ve been having problems with my laptop lately. I bought my Lenovo in February of this year and it’s on its 7th month now. The past few weeks have been terrible for me in terms of its performance. It doesn’t respond as fast as my old notebook with lower specifications.

Slow Response

Since I’m travelling most of the time, I have to make sure that there are no issues with my computer when I get the chance to work. And the last weeks have been a pain in the butt because of how slow it was. When I opened my browser or switched to a different application, it took a few seconds for it to respond.

laptop computer
working hard (or hardly working)
photo by Doi

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Surfing Online in Cebu

7 days off, one day of work and another 4 days off – this was my schedule last week and this week. Surprisingly, I didn’t go out of town. I was falling over my budget and I’ve been meaning to save for the second half of the year where I’ll be flying which is why … Read more

weekend at Stockli Beach, Badian Cebu

February 20-21, 2010 Stockli Beach, Badian, Cebu Went to Stockli Beach in Badian last weekend together with my brother's training team since it’s been awhile when I last had a beach outing. I was told that this was a nice and secluded place to be in since it’s not as expensive and it’s more private. … Read more

It’s Stockli Beach, not Stuckli, in Badian

Yeah, big revelation. Just got back from Stockli Beach in Badian, somewhere south of Cebu. Been exhausted from the trip but I'm already used to beaches in the south and some in the north. Will be posting the pictures of the trip once I learn how to organize my working routine. Darn it. Just too … Read more

going to Stuckli, Badian

Finally, another beach retreat. I'm planning to go out with a number of people from the training department at work. Stuckli Beach is the destination, I think. I'll bring my younger brother as well so he can taste the white sands somehow.  My schedule has been terribly busy as usual but I'm getting more comfortable … Read more

keep coming back to Dumaguete

November 1. Here I am, typing in a 22-inch monitor with the connection that's slow. I blame it on the number of users in the network. I can't complain considering that there are only a few internet shops that are available at this time and in this place. The travel was a pain. I had … Read more

on Smartbro’s slow internet and the web

Been really restless lately. Smartbro had some internet connection problems the past few days and I thought it was only me. Right now the connection’s back up but before, every 5 minutes I could connect and then it couldn’t. Sigh. I just realized that I hate intermittent connectivity. I read an article in Reader’s Digest … Read more

Cafe Noriter in Dumaguete City

What I like about Dumaguete is the number of good internet cafes with 19″ lcd monitors and fast internet connection. Also, they come at a price that’s definitely worth it, 20 Philippine Pesos per hour only, some even would go low as 10 bucks. You can’t get a better deal here in Cebu considering the … Read more


We bought a desktop. After a very long while, we got one already. This is one of our biggest expenses as a whole; buying for ourselves. Bro and I save a year's worth of SL's in order to get this. I don't think it's a waste of money even if we still have a lot … Read more

confessions of a teenage net freak

what’s up with these confessions of a so and so titles??? we’ve seen it used as a title of a movie and we’ve read it in of countless titles of books. well, i guess i’ll just have to ride with the tide. so please, bear with the title. —————————————————————————————————————- the internet. first year high, had … Read more