We bought a desktop. After a very long while, we got one already. This is one of our biggest expenses as a whole; buying for ourselves. Bro and I save a year's worth of SL's in order to get this. I don't think it's a waste of money even if we still have a lot of obligations and debts to attend to, since I'm planning to earn some moolah while I'm at this. According to Rich Dad Poor Dad, buy assets. I can't believe I'm becoming such an advocate of that book. Besides, there are five of us siblings in all. So it’s really necessary unless you opt for the five of us to head to the nearest café and spend a hundred bucks for an hour’s rental each.

Now, we just had our internet set up. The installation’s actually fast! The process, I mean. I just applied just yesterday at a local office and voila! The next 2 hours I got a call from a rep informing me of a scheduled installation. It didn’t even take half a week, not to mention that today’s a Sunday! Maybe SmartBro doesn't have that many customers, obviously; since right now, DSL and broadband are what's hot in the market. I can’t find a better deal since I still have accounts with PLDT and Globelines. Hehe. I just hope the connection won’t suck.


I'm proud of this baby, now let's get the cash rolling!



I'm posting the specifications for neste. hehe

Intel Core2Duo Processor 2.2 Ghz E4500
Intel D945GCNL motherboard with intel chipset
3D Integrated Sound
2 GB DDR2 PC667 – Geil
Black ATX 7004 Tower Casing with 500 watts power supply
Black A4tech Standard Keyboard
160 Gig Samsung Hard Disk SATA 7200 rpm
GE cube 512 MB ATI Radeon x1650 128-bit 3D video card
19" Samsung Wide TFT LCD Color Monitor – Black
Black Samsung 20x DVDRW/CDRW writer int.
Integrated Network 10/100/1000
Black a4tech Stereo speaker with volume
Black a4tech Optical mouse with pad, AVR, computer cover
Computer Table
Extra Fan

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