Surfing Online in Cebu

7 days off, one day of work and another 4 days off – this was my schedule last week and this week. Surprisingly, I didn’t go out of town. I was falling over my budget and I’ve been meaning to save for the second half of the year where I’ll be flying which is why I stayed put.

What I did is just spend it outside at a cafe in Cebu, usually I went to Hebrews Cafe in IT Park or just stayed at home with my Smartbro Unlimited Plug-it. Yes, I surfed day and night and didn’t get the much-needed sleep that my body was craving for. I’ve been working on some freelance jobs as well as did whatever any net-freak would do online (No, I didn’t chat with hookers). I updated my blogs, I played Plants vs Zombies, I browsed through Social Networking Sites and so forth.

Surfing online isn’t really that much of a bore but it was just lame of me to stay in my pad and in Cebu doing nothing. I’m still thankful though that I have my hp 540 laptop to keep me company the whole time.

Tomorrow’s the start of the workweek after the big break. I have to figure out how I would go about the day first.

boring vacation online

laptop, keeping me company

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