After a 13-day Vacation…

I’m back to work. I want another vacation though, just to catch up on a lot of pending posts.

First, there was Bohol; then my first trip abroad in Hongkong-Macau. Lastly was the free trip to Boracay courtesy of Seair and Microtel Hotels Resort. I don’t even have enough time to update my sites one by one. I’m cramming myself up into making sure that I get to post at least one entry each but I don’t know where to start.

I should probably stay calm cause I might end up getting no productivity at all.

hongkong airportHongkong International Airport

Somehow, it seems that I’m just starting these trips and I have a lot more that are going to be available for me in the upcoming months. But I don’t want to jinx it. Will be talking more about my trips to these three places (two rural areas and one urban location).

For now, here are just a few pictures of the retreat from work.

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Swimming in Boljoon Waters

Spent the remaining half of my long weekend swimming in Boljoon waters in Cebu with former colleagues at work. It was nice to hang out with my previous workmates. I borrowed a pair of fins but had a hard time using them because of my joints not being used to the helpful swimming device. I … Read more

I Got an Office Table!

I waited for this for a very long time. I was given a computer table which wasn’t really used as much because of the lack of space to put other things. I needed a good desk for me to sit properly when I work at home through my freelance assignments and other internet activities. I … Read more

yoga at the office

One fine afternoon, one of my colleagues brought out a mat for her to practice some yoga. It was supposed to be a one-on-one session but we decided to join in. hehe. I’ve never really done yoga before and it’s a good thing that we have an instructor as part of our team so we … Read more


Here I am, trying to make sense out of what I can do out of waking up  and being shortchanged on sleep. I have to get ready for work later on but I still have a number of outside work to do. I should be able to write 5 more articles before I get another … Read more

working odesk tasks at cakewalkers

I’m here at Cakewalkers at The Strip again –> naghinilas na sad! I’m listening to Black Hole Sun from Soundgarden while lounging on their chair because of their wifi connection that’s really  fast and the place feeling cozy. I’m eating a piece of their cake called Chocolate Explosion at 85 bucks. Chocolate Explosion, it’s okay, … Read more

Cebu Trip to Sumilon Island

August 01, 2009 Sumilon Island, finally! I got free passes for a Day Tour at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort! Last Saturday, I had the privilege of joining a group of fellow bloggers in attending an event that was initiated by Ruben of Pinoyworld. We simply had to talk about our experience in Maribago Bluewater Cebu … Read more

home office

  This is my bed cum office desk. On weekends, when i don’t have that much work or commitments, I usually just bum around the house, with my butt stuck on the couch and my make-shift desk as my equipment so I can start working on blogs, update pictures and much about anything there is to … Read more

let your small brain, eyes and fingers do the talking

Still trying to transfer the pictures from Dumaguete. But I just had to get out of the house again so I visited the office and did some work. I know I have to finish some projects such as my Hist17 one. I’m tired of making a scrapbook but I have to deal with it. Bummer. … Read more