working odesk tasks at cakewalkers

I’m here at Cakewalkers at The Strip again –> naghinilas na sad!

I’m listening to Black Hole Sun from Soundgarden while lounging on their chair because of their wifi connection that’s really  fast and the place feeling cozy.

I’m eating a piece of their cake called Chocolate Explosion at 85 bucks. Chocolate Explosion, it’s okay, but I wish they had some blueberry cheesecake instead.

I’ve had better.

My main goal why I’m here is to finish some tasks from ODesk from a couple of employers that I’ve accepted jobs from. Articles, articles, rewriting and coming up with a original entries. Somehow I think I’ve gotten over the whole copyright or plagiarism factor in the business I’m in. I’m getting paid for the input that I give to my provider but I just wish the stakes would be higher as I provide entries of great output compared to other freelancers. At least I know some of my English well enough. The good thing is that I have some form of income aside from blogging sponsored articles.

The music has shifted to Sting’s Fields of Gold. Eva Cassidy had another version which is also a cult but I still like the original better.

My gym membership has already expired and it’s a good think I noticed it before it was too late. I was planning to go and hit the gym but then it was only up to last Friday that it was still active. I’m still having second thoughts if I should renew it since I already have other plans to focus on outside work. Instead of hitting the gym, I’ll just stay as a bum at home and then work on tasks that come by every now and then. At least I’d be getting some sleep instead of having to exercise. I know it doesn’t equate as much since this is health we’re talking about and it seems like I’m going back to my old ways of being a slob; but I’m still weighing my options. I’ll try to do this for a week and if my body craves to have an active lifestyle (as if…) I’ll renew it.

The track is now Jack Johnson’s Angel on my player, nice mellow and laid back, as always delivered by the artist himself.

I’ve been having some problems with my Yahoo! Mail account on Mozilla Firefox. Same goes with Facebook and ODesk. There comes a point that it doesn’t load well after a couple of navigational clicks within the site. I guess it’s the Firefox that’s the problem as my accounts seem fine when I open them in Internet Explorer. But then IE also has issues of its own. At least something has been going right as my laptop’s performance has improved when I did some defragmentation and sorting of files. Changing the startup programs also helped a lot too.

Eraserhead’s Shake Yer Head is making my head shake (duh). Catchy tune and funny lyrics though.

I better go ahead and get some sleep as I’ll be early tomorrow. I’ll be helping out a high school friend apply in the same company where I work. I hope she gets accepted. I know she has the skills but you’ll never know what will happen in an interview and she’s been really excited to finally get a job after she quit her previous one.

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3 thoughts on “working odesk tasks at cakewalkers”

  1. I was having the same problems with my Firefox for over a week now so I uninstalled it just today and installed Google chrome.

    I know I can run both Chrome and Firefox in my computer but it seems I can’t do it at the same time…

    I see you’ve been blogging a long time. I’m still getting the hang of this blogging business but I’d also like to do paid reviews in the future.

    Goodluck on your Odesk projects. And hope you can visit my log as well.

    • isis: haven’t installed Google Chrome yet. Yeah, been blogging since 2003 but I only started sponsored reviews last 2007. Thanks. good luck as well! Btw, what’s your blog? 🙂


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