Boyz II Men Platinum tickets for free!

I got free platinum tickets to watch Boyz II Men! Last July 22, 2009, Doi’s brother-in-law gave her two complimentary tickets to watch Boyz II Men since McDonald’s was one of the sponsors and he didn’t have time to watch. Doi actually offered it to Audrey first but I don’t know why I ended up having the ticket. … Read more

Busy busy again

Two weeks left before the semester ends! I don’t think I’ll be taking summer classes as I have a number of outside activities that are lined up for me that I want to pursue. Right now I’m just swamped with requirements in school that I don’t even want to think about because of too much … Read more


A colleague and I went to Madeleine after their supposed “work out” at Citigym in Waterfront Hotel. They kept on inviting me to join them but I’m still hesitant because one: I don’t have the luxury to spend a 2,500 bucks a month just for a gym membership and two: I’m trying to get fat. … Read more