Busy busy again

Two weeks left before the semester ends! I don’t think I’ll be taking summer classes as I have a number of outside activities that are lined up for me that I want to pursue. Right now I’m just swamped with requirements in school that I don’t even want to think about because of too much pressure of not having sleep which has always been an issue. But I’m glad it’s almost over.

Will probably be visiting my hometown after 10 years or so. Last time I checked I was still in grade 6. But who knows, it might get canceled again. Wish Cebu Pacific would bring back the promo. Now we have to pay twice if ever it will push through.

Will be undergoing some training at work about how to be an effective person. Yep, Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’ve never been a fan of self-help books until I was introduced to Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Though I don’t categorize it in that genre but still, there are a number of good points to learn. Somehow, it has been evident that I’m always being oriented about how to attract good forces and exploring humanistic tendencies. We are what we think ourselves to be; now I sound like a self-help guide. It’s still a work in progress (adapting to be more optimistic) but it’s been a good start of the year, so I better keep up with the pace.

Bought another website. I have a total of 5 domains in all. I’ll probably stop collecting more. The latest one is edsnaps.com which is sort of a photoblog of this amateur snapper exploring the complexities of the DSLR craze.

Here are some pictures of Asiatown IT Park, Waterfront (view from the top in the i2 building) in Lahug. My first snaps in night photography.

it park

cebu flyover

waterfront hotel cebu

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2 thoughts on “Busy busy again”

  1. i had to sit through a year of that seven habits thing. i was once a training assistant and after that, i needed help purging my system of it. can’t say i didn’t try to make sense of it, but really, self-help is mostly common sense. really. and yet the gurus get paid insanely large amounts of moolah to dish their theories out.

    man, cebu looks fabulous! wish i could go home.

  2. grace: it’s a good thing our company’s paying for it. it’s a good wake up call for those who are in limbo like me. where are you now? you should. changes are happening here. good ones, i mean. šŸ™‚


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