Tanjong Jara Resort Review in Terengganu, Malaysia

During my 9-month Southeast Asia backpacking adventure, I was able to live in a five-star luxury resort in Terengganu, Malaysia. This was one of the best experiences I had because I lived very comfortably.

Tanjong Jara Resort: Unmistakably Malay
Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia

beach tanjong jara
Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia

I was in the hotel resort to help out in the daily operations and when I arrived on my first day, I was escorted to one of the villas. I was to spend the next few nights in a huge room because they ran out of rooms in the staff quarters!

tanong jara malaysia
Entrance to Tanjong Jara Resort by YTL Hotel Group

When I thought about it, it was a great way to share the experience to the guests since I’ve slept in one of the rooms. Having had the chance to explore the resort also gave me the opportunity to understand Tanjong Jara’s goal of overall well-being. This is not really a review, but more of a virtual tour of this beautiful luxury resort in Malaysia.

What I like about the set-up is that you have lots of space for yourself! Nestled on a 17-hectare lot, you won’t have to worry about it being crowded. Despite having over 100 rooms with a minimum of 2 persons per room, you can still wander around and have a sense of privacy.

tanjong jara lobby
Hotel Lobby

Everyone will just gather during meal time in two restaurants and you’d realize that there’s actually a lot of guests that are staying in the resort.

Room Villa

I entered my room and was shocked to see how huge it was. I was wondering if they were serious in placing me here for the time being. But I didn’t complain, of course.

tanjong jara room
Bumbung or Villa

I felt like a king for a few nights. I had a king-sized bed, a lounge area, a huge bathroom, all to myself! I remember attaching my hard drive on their player and tuning to good music with their surround-sound speakers.

tanjong jara villa
inside the room with a huge bathroom and tub!
I could sleep inside the bathroom. hehe

I could stay in the room all day and night. I didn’t want to go out, even if there were just so many things to do outside.


The resort has two swimming pools. The Teratai Pool or the adult pool where one can order drinks from the bar, and the bigger pool near the Nelayan restaurant for the whole family to jump in.

teratai pool
Adult Pool

family pool tanjong jara
Family Pool

Let’s go to the beach…


The beach is one of the best places I would always pass by. With an amazing view of the coastal area, you can just walk on the sand or get a tan while reading a book.

This is a great place for couples who want an exclusive location for themselves. Long walks on the shore are perfect here. During my days off, or even after my shift, I’d wander at the beach. When you stare at the sea, you can’t help but think.

tanjong jara beach resort
the beach

Green Environment

The environment is very relaxed and there are a lot of plants and trees around. You can have a retreat here to get some peace and quiet.

tanjong jara garden

Because of so much greenery, you will see squirrels and monitor lizards, birds and monkeys here.
One instance I was going to my villa, when a monitor lizard was blocking the path. I had to do a ninja and climb the wall instead of the stairs. lol

monitor lizard tanjong jara
monitor lizard blocking the stairs to the front porch


For lunch and dinner, you can choose between two restaurants. The D’atas Sungei Restaurant which serves Asian traditional cuisine, and the Nelayan Restaurant which serves a more modern menu.

food tanjong jara
Dishes at the Nelayan Restaurant

Try the buttermilk prawns in D’atas Sungei and the dessert nougat in Nelayan. 🙂

Gym and Spa Village

They have a gym area for a quick exercise in the morning. But with a view that Tanjong Jara Resort has, most guests prefer to jog on the beach. A tennis court is also available for those wanting to work up a sweat in a court.

gym spa tanjong jara
Spa and Gym

Another pride is its award-winning spa village where you can get total relaxation which is what this resort is known for. Get a massage and pamper yourself after a long day of activity to complete your YTL Luxury Resort experience.

malaysia tanjong jara
Malaysians playing local music during Kampung Life Saturdays

Activities & Adventures

Aside from lounging on the beach, there are other activities that you can do that’s offered by the resort to make your stay more adventurous. You can go on a cycling tour to the town of Dungun, scuba dive or snorkel at Pulau Tenggol, jungle trek to the Chemerung waterfalls, visit the town’s night market, watch turtle eggs hatch and help baby turtles crawl to the sea, etc.

tanjong jara adventures
Adventures in Tanjong Jara Resort

I was fortunate enough to have done most of these adventures during my stay there. It really made my working stint worthwhile. You won’t run out of activities and all of these can be arranged when you arrive at the resort. Better to inform the Tanjong Jara personnel to reserve a slot!

Sucimurni Experience

I read about the resort’s suci murni theme as I was searching for information about Tanjong Jara Resort. Suci murni, as stated on the website, is loosely translated as “purity of spirit, health and well-being”. I never fully understood its meaning until I arrived at the location.

When you stay at the resort, wake up with so much greenery and fresh air, relax on the beach, dine sumptuous servings, experience different adventures, and be pampered by the staff, you will surely feel the overall sense of well-being that this YTL Hotel Resort lives by.

dungun terengganu
Tanjong Jara Resort in Dungun, Terengganu

My two months in Tanjong Jara Resort was very peaceful. I didn’t worry so much about online work and my mind was free. No wonder there are a lot of hotel guests coming from Singapore and Europe just to spend at least 3 days in this side of Malaysia. That’s why I will be forever be thankful for having had the opportunity to stay in this beautiful place.

Funny how I slept on a carpet for more than a month in Bangkok, Thailand, and now I had a resort as my house.

tanjong jara resort

Tanjong Jara Resort: Unmistakably Malay
Tanjong Jara Resort is a YTL Luxury Resort located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia which is built on a 17-hectare site facing the South China Sea.

For reservations, visit tanjongjararesort.com.
Like the YTL Page on Facebook: facebook.com/YTLHotels


For two months in my backpacking adventure, I worked in a restaurant in a five-star resort in Malaysia. Check out my other adventures in Tanjung Jara Resort here:

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