5 Things I Love About the Terminal 21 Mall in Bangkok

When I stayed in Bangkok, Thailand for more than a month, aside from coffee shops, one of the places I frequently visited was the Terminal 21 mall.

I was introduced to this shopping and dining center by a fellow travel blogger and this became one of my favorite hangout places. For someone like me who’s constantly on the lookout for good internet connection to work on my online jobs, I always need a conducive place to do my tasks. Bangkok’s Terminal 21 was able to give me what this digital nomad’s lifestyle needs.

terminal 21 asok

To give you some highlights, here are five reasons why I love the Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok, Thailand:

1. Themed Floors

Bangkok’s Terminal 21’s floors have different themes. These themes are patterned to famous terminals around the world. They are inspired by the cities of Tokyo, London, Istanbul, etc. When I first visited the mall, I couldn’t help but admire the way they built the complex to give a unique experience every floor.

terminal 21 theme
Themed floors

Aside from the shopping area, you shouldn’t miss the themed bathrooms too! They really standout that you’d want to stay inside these water closets longer. Here’s one of the earlier conversations I had with my friend when I took a break from work to go to the washroom.

Me: I need to step out.
Friend: Where are you going?
Me: I’m going to pee at the Caribbean.
Friend: *speechless but amused*
Me: Or you think I should go to Tokyo?

bathroom terminal 21
themed bathrooms in different floors

It’s a funny thought how our conversation went, but who can blame me when the bathrooms are great attractions themselves?

2. Shopping Choices

There are about 600 shops that sell different items. Tokyo floor sells mostly clothes for women, London floor offers menswear; other floors have gift shops and other specialty items so it’s not confusing if you want to shop. The lower ground floors are where the designer outlets are located so if you want to check out the merchandise from famous brands, you can simply go down below.

terminal 21 shopping
shopping choices in different outlets

You have a lot of choices and the shops are clean and slick. Even with the limited space for each stall, you feel like it’s one big boutique overall.

boutique terminal 21
just a small portion of the mall

One thing I noticed is that the items are not as expensive as you might think when you buy them from a mall. Since this is in Bangkok, it is expected that shirts and dresses have good quality but are not too costly. The prices of some shirts I saw range from 250 baht to 350 baht; not bad at all. I bought plain colored shirts for 100 baht each.

3. Food Choices

There are food shops and other high-end restaurants at the 4th and 5th floor but if you’re on a budget, you can simply go to the Pier 21 (their food court) and choose from a wide variety of Thai and Asian cuisines. Prices can compete to the food sold on the street.

food choices pier 21
different Asian cuisines are available at cheap prices
basic meals (e.g. (rice, fish, and small veggies) can cost as low as 25 baht

4. Toilet Facilities

One standout to this lifestyle mall are the toilets! – I had to slip this in as I don’t get to admire toilets often (lol).

After eating, and when you’ve eaten a lot, you might need to do deed Number 2. Aside from these themes, the facilities are also great. I was amazed at how the toilets looked like washing machines with so many buttons. It it was my first time to use a bidet toilet seat and I can say that you’d never want to poop any other way again! hehe.

Cleaning staff are also present in the bathroom, if you don’t like the bathroom on one floor, you can just go down and it will be another environment again. There’s no problem with tissues as there are plenty of them. These bathrooms are well-attended and it doesn’t give you that icky feeling after heeding the call of nature. ;p

toilet bidet
Washing Machine? Nah, control panel of the toilet seat.

5. FREE Wi Fi Internet & Electrical Outlets

Last but not the least, Terminal 21 offers Free WiFi internet inside the mall. You can ask one of the staff at the Information Desk (wearing flight attendant uniform) for a password. You just have to present your passport to them and you’ll be given logins to connect wirelessly. The login is good for a year.

The strongest signals are located at the Pier 21 food court. They also have electrical outlets available. Just perfect if you want to stay longer. Find a spot to plug your device in and you have an instant office inside the mall!

terminal 21 floors
view from above

The Terminal21 Mall in Bangkok, is one of the few places I found aside from cafes that is very friendly to bloggers and digital nomads.


The only downside for me at the time was that it’s an hour’s commute by bus from where I live. Since I didn’t want to spend so much, I had to endure Bangkok’s traffic just to get to this mall. But if you take the BTS Skytrain, you can simply stop at Asok station, or if you take the MTR, then stop at the Sukhumvit Line.

Website: terminal21.co.th
Directions on how to get here are found here.

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