Travelling with Wandering Feet in Cebu

I don’t often go out when I’m at home. I use the time to catch up on backlogs and online tasks as well as get some rest and relaxation in the process. At times, Pinoy Travel Bloggers would drop by and I’d get to hang out with them only for meet-ups.

Then there are moments when everything just falls into place and you get an extra time off from the office. You go out with these eccentric travellers on a trip within your region which you never knew existed. Such is the case when Gael, aka ThePinaySoloBackpacker, visited Cebu and invited us for a trip down South.

south bus terminal cebu
heading to the Citlink terminal in Cebu
photo by Doi

With a  Lonely Planet guidebook as our reference, we stopped by Alegria in Cebu and asked locals about our destination. Some of them didn’t even know that they had one. Crazy how one can get just to satisfy that lust for wandering.

alegria baluarte
Watchtower in Alegria, Cebu

Motrbike to Salay Cave

We were able to negotiate with habal-habal (motorcycle) drivers to take us to Salay Cave, which was our main agenda on that day. I know we didn’t have any motorhome insurance quote to begin with but that was okay. I miss the feeling of butt-numbing rides on a 30 minute traverse from where we were to our point of destination. I found out that it’s been awhile since I last hopped on a motorbike.

habal habal
habal-habal in Cebu

30-minute Farm Trek

After that motorbike ride, we began our trekking journey amidst corn fields. It was a different view which made it more unique. How does it feel to have crops towering you? At a point, it became eerie knowing you could get lost. I’m just glad they weren’t as dense as that Mel Gibson movie.

corn cebu
cornfield – farm town?

Salay Cave

Passing through a small hole good enough for one person to enter, we hardly saw anything when we were inside Salay Cave. It’s a different kingdom altogether; it would’ve been more beautiful if it was bright. But then the Tourism office was closed at the time; I’m sure they would’ve advised us to bring headlamps before our trek.

salay cave
Salay Cave with no lights

Revisiting Moalboal

How many years has it been, Moalboal? A lot of memories in college and when I first started working in a BPO company are stored in this quick beach-fix – some of which are worth sharing and some I’d rather not recall.

moalboal beach
goofing around in Basdaku, Moalboal

Swimming in Tuble Marine Sanctuary

It’s even better when you get to explore other places and swim underwater. Then it hit me. It’s been 3 months since I last went to the beach – 3 months is already a long time for this bum.

swim tuble marine sanctuary
underwater in Tuble Marine Sanctuary – I miss my underwater cam
photo by Edwin

Gael is pretty hardcore; she’d even check out these places by herself if she had no one to tag along. It’s also great to have Edwin and Doi with us who also did their own research and recommendations. Even if I’ve already been to a number of places in Cebu, I realized that I should make the most of it and explore other treasures and try going to off-the-beaten paths more often.

All in all, I’m glad to have people to drag along (once time permits) for a quick adventure. There are less excuses and there’s no need to explain why we do what we do. You can connect easily because you have the same desire for budget travelling.

Thanks guys!

This two-day trip made me appreciate Cebu even more. Will post more stories after I’m finished with the backlogs; whenever that is.

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22 thoughts on “Travelling with Wandering Feet in Cebu”

  1. Ang ganda nung pic sa cornfield, para The Beach lang ang dating. Naiinggit ako sa picture. Hahaha.
    Excited na akong ma-explore ang natural wonders ng Cebu. Last time I went there ay city tour lang. Laging nasa Ayala Mall. Wahahaha.
    Sana makasama kayo nila Doi kapag pumunta kami sa December, para naman may tour guide kami! Last time I was with Doi and Sinjin. Super accommodating you guys.

  2. It's really nice to travel with people who shares the same passion as you do. I just did. hehehe! Salamat sa lakwatcherang chyng.  Reyna ata ng off the beaten path tong si gael. hiihih! Ang galeng talaga niya! Ironic lang na taga ibang lugar pa nakaka-discover ng mga hidden spots sa lugar na kinalakihan mo no? hahah! Anyway, can't wait to see more of this.

  3. @batang lakwatsero: haha, hirap ng invasion nyo! may pasok ako! hehe

    @supertikoy: haha, underwater camera! sana maganda ang weather! 

    @chyng: lol. sige tour mo ako chyng. waaa. ikaw pa magtotour! 😀

    @robbie: the best si doi, basta wala syang ginagawa she'll go out of our way. 😀 saya talaga ng cornfields! 😀

    @jaki: thanks!

    @hoobert: wow radisson blu talaga! sosyal. hehe. thanks!

    @kura: totoo talaga! yep. sometimes ganun ang nangyayari. that's why it's great to have other people making your realize that. 😀

  4. wow!  bilis ah. na post na pala ito. hmm..totoo ba yan? na-appreciate mu na ba tlaga Cebu? Baka kelangan mu pa i-convince, cge next time North naman! 🙂 woi, wala yan sa LP. haha Thanks for introducing me to Doi and Edwin sa Iloilo date, didn't expect mag-jive agad, super love their company, and thanks for everything Ed. Until we meet again. 🙂

  5. @thepinaysolobackpacker: teaser pa lang toh gael, hehe. kinelangan ko para sa pangkabuhayan natin at wala akong ibang maisip sa link kung saan ko mainsert. hehe. wala pala toh sa LP? dala2x mo yung guide mo eh. hehehe. but yeah, masaya pa rin ako. thanks gael! 😀

  6. Sana makapunta na ako sa beaches ng Cebu 😀 Na-explore ko na mga parts na pa-South (on the way to Sumilon), but i know Cebu has a lot to offer pa… pati boys char joke haha 😛
    Sana matuloy na ang beach hopping soon with you guys 😀

  7. @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha. onga. walang kwenata yung cheap flights so Sydney mo. hahaha! ikaw na rin! 😀

    @micamyx: haha, dami pang pwede i-offer ang Cebu, Mica. Tour mo kami. bwahahaha. ikaw ba naman magtotour? hehehe. 😀

  8. Wow si Gael ba yung naka stripes na blue at naka white rimmed sunglasses? Goofy pala siya! At ikaw ba yun Ed yung nag didiving? Astig niyo. Can't wait to tag along in any of your trips. Di ako KJ promise hehe!

  9. @lakbay: haha, kelangan natoh ni dwin, para pangkabuhayan (cornfields) haha.

    @RON: haha. siguraduhin mo na wala kaming pasok nila doi at edwin! hehehe

    @drew: yep, may kalog side din yan si gael. kala mo kami mga seryoso noh? hahaha. yep, saya nun sa Moalboal. hehe. kakanta ka na next time! hahaha


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