Podcast Interview with Ron of FlipTravels.com

My apologies to my readers (and listeners) as it’s been a month since I last posted a podcast. I can come up with a number of excuses but I’d rather not bother. What’s good is that I finally have one today! We’re at Episode 5 now.

soloflighted sessions with ron

Ron of FlipTravels.com

Ron is one of the writers of FlipTravels.com (the other being Monette). Prior to a trip to Manila, I haven’t met him and was actually scared to interview him. But he was very open to the idea and I think he was even more excited about it. That threw my apprehensions away. He’s currently living in Singapore and is working as a nurse.

One of the things I love about their blog aside from the writing are their videos. When I finally met him, I realized he’s a fun person to hang around with.

Interview Location: Skype from Cebu, Philippines to Woodlands, Singapore

Ron in Beijing,China

Please click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the Podcast:

What is your primary goal why you set up your travel blog?

FlipTravels started as a requirement when we joined a travel contest. The finalist was going to get a sponsorship trip in a country (Taiwan). We were actually forced to put it up. But we didn’t make the finals and we’re still bitter about it but we’re okay. Since it’s already up and running, we decided to just keep it where we could post our whining.

Check out the video at fliptravels.com/about-us.

Who inspires you to blog?

Other bloggers like Nina Fuentes, Gay Emami, FlipNomad, Robert Alejandro. You know, before we started blogging, we were reading a lot of blogs. We were amazed and amused with how these guys have been travelling and writing and the photos as well. But of course, my pareng Jose Rizal could’ve been the first blogger, right? I’m a big fan of Jose Rizal, some people are even calling me a Rizalista. His works and his life story is really amazing.

I also love watching Travel Shows on TV and cable since I was a kid. Blogging is the nearest where we can get to hosting a travel show. It’s time to live a dream.

ron of fliptravelsron china

Are there any tips you’d like share to those who are hesitant to go out and explore the world?

First, don’t be scared based on what you see on TV or hear from these bloggers. Experience it for yourself. It’s beautiful out there, believe me.

Try to make it a point to leave your workplace every once in a while. Don’t wait for you retirement benefit before you start moving up your butts. Start now while you’re still free from muscular skeletal defects and cardiac implants. It’s fun to experience the world while you’re still healthy and strong.

Travel the way you want to travel. If you have the moolah, go on a cruise. If you don’t, backpack and be creative and resourceful. The only way for you to live your dreams is to start it by waking up now.


Let me also just say that this has got to be the longest podcast I’ve done. I had to cut down 25 minutes to 20 (and the 25 minutes was already an edited version!). But I enjoyed this interview a lot.

Thanks Ron!

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26 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Ron of FlipTravels.com”

  1. Naloka ako sa usapan about skills!!!!! Hahahaha!
    I'm so glad I was able to meet Ron and Monette sa ROX! Ron seems to be a really cool person to hang out with and Monette…. medyo natatakot ako kay Monette nun. Hihihihi. <3
    But I agree that the way they write their blog is very hilarious. Very natural. =)

  2. @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha. you have no idea. hahahaha!

    @robbie: now you know why I was so scared to interview Ron. lol. cool si Ron (naks binawi). haha. natakot ka kay Monette? ba't naman? actually, i had wrong impressions about Monette (hi Monette!) kala ko daldal masyado sya. seryoso palang tao 🙂 galing ng tandem nila di ba? watch our for Monette's interview soon! 😀

    @Micamyx: haha, tama na ang ngiti. lol. onga, parang first time mo palang nameet sila di ba? hehe. ilabas na raw ang Bad 7rip, Ron! di ko pa nababasa. sensya 🙁

  3. Whaaaaaaa… kung kayo nangingiti, just try to imagine me while recording this! hahahaha!
    Robbie, we're happy to meet you too… kaya next time sama ka na. I will be in manila for the whole second week of December! hope to see you!
    Gael, aminin mo, behaved ako dito!
    Mica, ulitin natin yung Saturday na yun.
    Supertikoy, in short, adik no? LOL
    Ed dapat in-upload mo na yung buong 3 hours! LOL Thanks man! paulit-ulit kong papakinggan to! hahaha

  4. Ed: Hindi naman takot… parang intimidated ako kay Monette nun (Hello Monette!) the same way I am with Chyng. Cause they have this vibe na they could beat me up anytime. Hihihi. But I admire them for that… I love tough girls. Pero hinay lang ako. Hehehe.
    Ron: I might be in Cebu for the whole 2nd week of December! =(

  5. i like the idea of monette as a prize for a raffle. hahaha… i will join. i was curious about the video clips. havent tried checking out one. now reviewing their previous posts.

  6. @supertikoy: haha, di ba? they really have a way with words. it's nice to see na totoong tao pala si ron. hehe 😀

    @RON: ano pala ginagawa mo Ron while recording? hahaha. the 3 hours was really long noh? haha. thanks again Ron! kahit isang buwan ko tong pinaghirapan para ma-edit. lol. thanks again for the chance! 😀

    @chyng: haha, di ba chyng? hehehe. and more 4GB moments. hahaha.

    @robbie: haha, di nga? hehe. wow robbie, tough girls ah… hmmm si chyng parang naghahanap yun. may 100 days challenge yun ata. hehe. oops. hehe

    @dong ho: haha, papatok talaga pag si monette ang premyo di ba? hehe. punta ka sa 'About Us' page nila and then the new videos, big development talaga basta you keep on improving your skills.

    @drew: haha, Ron oh. scarf daw oh. hahaha. thanks drew!

    I appreciate you guys for listening! 😀

  7. hahah! I love the "skills" part. lol! Nagmumuntik muntikanan na si ed. Pinagpawisan ka no? hahah! Ang naughty ng interview na to. And infairnez hindi ko rin alam yung trivia niya sa Czech Rep. Ang masayahin ni ron no? feeling ko lang. hihihi!
    Actually akala ko nasa IMPRINTS ka din. Nabanggit kasi ni chyng na turn na niya sa sessions mo. Ayun. E hindi ka ata nakarating? ewan. sayang kasi nandun din kami..

  8. @adventureswithben: Ey ben, thanks for dropping by! Ron gives the most hilarious comments but somehow he left me dumbfounded with his last statement on travelling.

    @kura: haha. muntikan na, yung mga hirit ko kasi, mapanganib. haha. yeah, cool si Ron. walang kyeme. hehe.
    ganung ba? nandun lang ako sa ROX for the sole sisters event. di ko na naabutang ang IMPRINTS kasi umulan at more than 24 hours na akong gising nun. umuwi na kaagad adter…

    @darwin: haha, di ba?  funny interview nga.

  9. You sound very comfortable interviewing by now. I think a talk show is not far off. 😀 Well, it helps that your interviewee is into it as well. Great chemistry! :p
    Too bad I didn't get to see you and the other bagets. To be honest, I didn't know about the event cuz I don't check FB groups every day. Lauren texted like the day before but I already made other plans. 🙁

  10. @AJ: thanks AJ! haha. maya na yang talk show kasi wala masyadong edits pag Live. hahaha. yes, ok si ron kausap. daming mga hirit. hahaha! sayang nga yung Manila trip ko… pero it's ok, there will be a next time! na overwhelm din ako sa dami kong nameet. di ko tuloy natuonan ng pansin masyado yung iba 🙁

    @lakwatsera de primera: haha, dranreb? hehehe. thanks claire! update ka na! hahaha. 

  11. I haven't met Ron personally but I have met Monette in Binondo. Their blog is one of my favorite. Hope to bump into him and you also in the future.
    By the way, thanks for touring (?) my 7 links. Ang galing. I appreciate it. 🙂

  12. @lawstude: saya talaga siguro nung Binondo walk na yun. met up with ferdz and dom prior to your birthday walk to Binondo ata yun. hehe. thanks oman! no prob. thanks for sharing your stories. 😀

  13. ahhh… so it comes to this… binenta nio na pala ako dito. kung di pa sinabi sakin ni dong, di ko pa malalaman… question: may bumili na ba? hahahahaha! char!
    rob: at ba't ka naman natatakot aber? ang bait bait ko kaya!
    sa mga bagets: thanks for dropping by the site… hipong hipo (touch na touch) ako!
    great work ed, minsan lang ma-tame yang si ron. haha!

  14. @monette: natuwa ako, kay dom mo pa nalaman ang balitang ito. haha. so far, wala pang nagpaparamdam sa raffle. hehe. di ko pa kasi namemeet in person si Ron when we did this podcast interview kaya medyo demure pa yan sya. haha. buti na lang first time din kaming magkausap nito kasi baka Ron's 10 Flipping Questions ang mangyayari sa podcast session ko! hehehe.


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