updating at SM with their free wifi

I’m  here at SM City Cebu . Just got off early from a class and I brought my hp notebook so I took the chance to test the free wifi connection again. I like it here as it’s faster. Though I have to make do with a bench and just use my lap as my desk (which I’m not used to but I know I have to be since that’s the whole purpose of a LAPtop).

Been searching for a good ipod shuffle so that my brother can have something to use when he jogs (it’s his thing so I don’t want to meddle). Anyway, looking for some good 2nd-hand items on ebay or istorya, whichever can give me the best price.

I also transferred to another room and I’m contemplating on buying an air conditioner though I don’t think it would be the practical thing to do. Sigh, so many things to think about before the purchase and I don’t want to use my plastic anymore since I’m trying to be thrifty.

I still want to do some more traveling if cash permits. But I’m glad that a number of people have already found this blog a lot of help whenever they want to go to a place that I’ve already gone to and blogged about. I will be working on posting more pictures of my adventures as my list of things to do in my blog has actually increased. I have to settle everything soon before I get swamped with so much work. I will be working on it soon.


At SM and yes, at the back are passersby.
What can I say? My face is thick.

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