Villa Igang Pigeons in Guimaras

Villa Igang Beach Resort
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Island

Pigeons, I saw a flock of them while we were having lunch at the Villa Igang Resort during our trip in Guimaras. Rude as it might sound, I stared at these creatures, took my camera and started shooting.

pigeon birds

I wasn’t done eating but because I was fascinated by them, I stopped so I could get closer. My friends just wondered where I was going but later understood why I had to take a break.

looking for food

I’ve always wanted to have a shot with these birds reminiscent of those in Milan. The thought of having them flying around was enough to keep me curious on how I was going to do that.

villa igang birds
another dodo creeping

Seeing that I was amused with these pigeons, the caretaker of the restaurant went out and brought a basin with leftover rice.

guimaras feed birds
the gathering

She started feeding them and soon the number grew. All the while I kept on taking some pictures in close up. You can imagine my position on how I was able to take the picture below.

stare pigeon
caption this. hehe

Not contented with the close ups, I told my friend to take a snap of myself while running towards them to see how it would look like. It was nice that the caretaker didn’t mind as she was entertained by my silliness.

birds pigeon
keep your head down

All the time I kept on trying to keep my head down because I didn’t know how these birds would react knowing that I disturbed their meal. I was wondering if they were going to attack me with their claws as I’ve had enough scratches for the day when we spent some time taking pictures on cogon grass. – Read Blog Entry Here

im like a bird
I’m like a bird… NOT. But I have one.

They’d fly off but would come back which made me do a couple more attempts. But I got tired and just started admiring the beauty of their flight.

guimaras bird
how does it feel to fly?

This is just one of the small highlights of our side trip in Iloilo. I’m glad I got to visit Guimaras.

Villa Igang Resort Entrance Fee: 100 Php
Kuya Jun (tricycle driver guide) Contact Number: 09291406331 and 09433327169

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    • @mica: yeah, sayang kasi nagjump jump pa kami ng cliff dito. 😀 ok lang yan, paminsan-minsang lang kasi tayo funny. lol
      @pusangkalye: haha, nope. what’s with the mahiwagang oil? hehehe

  1. @pusang kalye – Wah grabe hanggang dito pinapahid mo yung oil. Sumbong kita kay Gael birthday pa man din nya LOL 😛
    Feeling ko mas makulit pag tayu-tayo nag-group trip ulit. Pustahan :))

    • ella: ey thanks! yeah, they have a lot of bird houses, was lucky enough that the caretaker fed them while we were eating lunch. 😀


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