Winter Snow

It’s almost October and soon enough, the holiday season will be ringing in every corner. This moment last year was actually the time when I propelled my thirst for travelling. I remember I was able to travel to Hong Kong and Malaysia within 2 months and some neighboring provinces too. Blame it on so many flights that were booked because of promo fares that were available in the earlier part of the year. I haven’t even continued writing my articles about the places I’ve been.

Anyway, I came across a fellow blogger’s write-up about snow and shared a bit of his experience when he was in Canada and in tubing in snow. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in a tropical country. But I just keep wondering how it would be like to play with ice as it has been one of those plans that I want to do at least once.

photo credit: dennymont

Makes me ask when I’ll be able to experience snow in this lifetime. Of course, when we were kids, it’s always been associated with Christmas which adds a lot to its appeal. But finding out that there’s a number of physical activities too, that one can do during this type of weather.

Snow boarding, skiing, sledding, snowshoe, and so much more. I didn’t realize that these are only some that one can enjoy on top of the simple snowball fights.

photo credit: ggranvik

Looking for snow in three valleys in French Alps or somewhere else would be great. I’m positive it will be one of those moments when I’ll be grinning from ear to ear once I experience it for myself. It is in my bucket list aside from walking on a dessert or just sand dunes, seeing the pyramids in Egypt, witnessing the Cheryl blossoms in Japan.

Actually there’s a lot more places I want to explore. Feeling the snow and going on a mountain climbing adventure against the climate will truly be an awesome experience. So far, it remains to be an elusive dream; unless somebody sponsors a ticket to fly me there.

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9 thoughts on “Winter Snow”

  1. Uy! Na extra ako dito a! Ngayon ko lang nakita to. Buti nakapagblog-hop ako hehe. Thanks Man! I'm sure di na malayong makakita ka ng snow kahit walang sponsor. Konting ipon lang yan milyonaryo ka na! Hehe! Here's to your first million peso (or dollar) travel fund!

  2. @GalangPusa: yeah. wala palang Visa sa S. Korea. thanks for the tip! 😀

    @Micamyx: uuyy..  Korea. hahaha! sige mica. one of these days! 😀

    @Drew: haha. syempre snow kasi. lol. hopefully one of these days. maexperience ko rin ang snow. hehe. SEA muna though. hehe.

  3. Same here, gusto ko mag-dashing through the snow. I experienced snowfall pero parang ambon lang. But the snowflakes were still amazing kahit kakarampot.
    I guess the easiest and cheapest chance we have for snow is China. My dream is to see the ice hotel in Harbin. 🙂


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