Working in a Cruise Ship

One of the things that I contemplate on doing while I’m still young is to work in a cruise ship. I’ve always wanted to get paid while travelling to places. I get to hit two birds in one stone. Being in a customer service industry wherein you cater to clients in a moving ship seems tempting because of the escape that comes with going out of the country.

I’ve been to how many countries in a span of just a few months. It hurts my pocket a lot whenever I shell out money for these trips but it’s something that I’m willing to do since I don’t have a lot of vices and it opens my mind that there are bigger things outside my country.

viking cruise

I’m still scouting for cruise ships and somehow Viking River Cruises in seems to be a very good deal as they have a lot of advantages for their passengers. Elegant, comfortable ships, spacious accommodations, gourmet cuisine, consistently excellent service, expert planning & execution, cultural enrichment. It’s a great package already considering that they travel to different continental destinations: Europe, Ukraine and Russia, China and Southeast Asia and Egypt; just to name a few.

With my recent trips abroad, the desire to get out of the country and work at the same time is being heightened. I wish that this year I’ll be able t achieve this goal as I’m loving every moment when I explore places that are foreign to me.

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3 thoughts on “Working in a Cruise Ship”

  1. i thought about working on a cruise ship too about a couple of years ago. but i can't swim! well, i'm afraid to swim in deep water. so bagsak ako doon 🙁  i worked in the middle east instead. one of the best moves i've made in my life! good luck dear…

  2. @pinaytraveljunkie: ill have to pass the certification course first. buti na lang i can swim. hehe. ganun ba? thanks a lot! sana i can compromise working and travelling at the same time.

    @smarla: sure thing! 😀


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