Zambales Trip: Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island

Just got home from another set of adventures during our trip from Cebu to Clark wherein we headed to Zambales to experience and see the amazing views of their islands and coves.

I’ve been meaning to visit this part of the Philippines ever since I saw photos of pine trees on the beach and the vast landscape. Took me about two years to finally reach this province and I’m glad to have conquered it.

Beach on one side, lake on the other. Pine trees in between and mountain ranges at the back. I’ll be posting more entries about each spot in the future. I just thought I’d share a couple of snapshots because I don’t think I’ll be able to write my experiences any time soon.


This is the most famous among all the spots in Zambales and I fell in the process of going down from a climb. I’ve a couple of scars that will soon vanish in due time. Will write more about it later.

anawangin cove
Anawangin Cove, Zambales

pine trees on the beach


Nagsasa Cove was the main spot I wanted to visit because of how everybody said it’s a better option compared to Anawangin. I still prefer this cove though. It’s indeed peaceful because there aren’t as many travellers as Anawangin.

nagsasa cove picture
wide landscape (photo by Doi)

nagsasa shadow
shadow on the side


Capones took me by surprise as I didn’t know we were going to visit this island. I spent hours under the heat of the sun and now I’m burned to a crisp.

capones rocks
rocks in Capones

Had another affair with cogon grass (see first affair here – Big Red Ants and Cogongrass in the Island of Guimaras) in Capones Island. I immediately went and dove (yes, I dove) into a sea of cogon grasses when I saw how golden their colors were. The suns rays gave life to an otherwise dull state.

capones grass
with Teresa, Anton and Doi (Ed, *others mode*, hehe)

I met new travel buddies in the process and it made me realize how lucky I am to have them in the trip. Thank you Anton and Teresa for joining us! It made everything more enjoyable knowing that we were with people with the same passion for going around and about.

I still have so many backlogs – my CambodiaBangkok trip isn’t finished and I have yet to write my Kuala Lumpur entries. Now this and in two weeks I’ll be in another province again. Good luck to me.

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23 thoughts on “Zambales Trip: Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island”

  1. @fetus: sayang lagi. adto mi sagada march 3-7.

    @lakwatsera de primera: for sure! was about to write about the night market in Cambodia when this trip pushed through. 😀

    @pinoy boy: go back. lovely indeed. haha, 2 years i waited and it was the time you also visited the place! keep posting your negros entries jerik! 

  2. Like I said in my blog—-
    ""Me and my wife are very glad we decided to travel with these two guys. Made us meet two bloggers who are very passionate about wandering. And it's not just about blogging, on the personal level, we got to know two wonderful people. For that we say thank you. I am sure this will not be the last. ""
    …hope to travel with you and Doi again one time. D:

  3. hi ed,how can i tell if a site is legitimate.gusto ko kasi magbook sa paano ko malaman na legitimate na hostelworld site siya?

    • @chris: not entirely sure about hostelworld. you can try searching if they’re legit or not. will ask some of my travel blogger friends about it. 😀
      @mica: haha, the boat is sinking, group yourselves into three, ako lang ang naiwan. hehe. you should go there mica! ganda ng beaches and i like the landscape too hope to join you too in your trips soon! 😀

  4. Para kayong naglalaro ng 'the boat is sinking' sa group pic LOL
    Haven't been to Anawangin, Capones or Nagsasa. I hope i can go and camp there with friends soon too. Ganda ng pictures!
    Waaah so balik Luzon ulit kayo sa March? Yung Sagada plan ko din puntahan pero by April na. Hope makasama na rin kita sa trip ulit at si Doi. Glad Anton and Teresa went with you guys 😀

  5. Ang sarap naman mag-photoshoot dun sa cogon grass! gusto ko rin sana mag Anawangin kaso masyadong cowboy daw dapat kung magca-camp dun eh. Nag-camp ba kayo sa Anawangn/Nagsasa?
    At least now I know that Nagsasa is a better option so if ever pupunta kami dyan, I'll just suggest Nagsasa to my friends. Island hopping lang ba ginawa niyo? How much yung bayad niyo sa boat?

  6. @robbie: that was the first thing that came to my mind when I got there robbie! I'll post some jump shots soon. yeah, you need to camp out as there's no electricity in Anawangin or Nagsasa. (Nagsasa kami nag camp). It also depends on your fancy. Some of us preferred Anawangin but Nagsasa pa rin ako. hehe. yeah, nag island hopping and overnight camping. Boat costs 2000 Php good for 4 people.

  7. I was here last sunday 03/27/11 and yes I agree Nagsasa cove is a better option than anawangin cove. We didn't camp out though so we somehow missed the adventure. We stayed in Wild rose beach Inn and we took a boat ride to Nagsasa (roughly around 45 min to an hour boat ride) Nagsasa cove is my second favorite (my most FAVORITE is Capones Island). We did enjoy our stay in nagsasa because of the great rock formations of the cove.We did a lil pictorial in the area, so it's really fun :))

    • @milet m.: hi, thanks for dropping by! poor Nagsasa they caught flames the other day! Capones Island took me by surprise and was the highlight of our trip this side of Zambales! thanks for leaving a comment!:D

  8. hi kmusta po island hopping, nkkaganda nga po ng nagsasa , we stayed in sirwilliam cottage and nag rent kmi ng big boat nila going to anawangin and nagsasa. khit medyo maalon buti n lng malaki and maluag  yung boat para sa mga dala namin gamit 🙂

  9. @yggyboy: we directly went to the coves without staying in Pundaquit. great spots these places right? maalon lang pero ok pa rin. 😀

  10. hi guys, just wanted to let evryone know about the standard boat rate in PUNDAQUIT.
    SMALL BOAT….(max of 4 pax)balikan
    Pundakit to CAMARA island = P700
    Pundakit to CAPONES = P1,000
    Pundakit to Annawangin = P1,000
    Pundakit to Talesayen = P1,500
    Pundakit to Nagsasa = P1,800
    Pundakit to Silanguin = P2,500
    BIG BOAT (5 to 10 pax) balikan
    Pundakit to CAMARA island = P1500
    Pundakit to CAPONES = P2000
    Pundakit to Annawangin = P2000
    Pundakit to Talesayen = P3000
    Pundakit to Nagsasa = P4000
    Pundakit to Silanguin = P6000
    BIG BOAT  11 pax  and ABOVE
    Pundakit to CAMARA island = P150/head
    Pundakit to CAPONES = P200/head
    Pundakit to Annawangin = P200/head
    Pundakit to Talesayen = P300/head
    Pundakit to Nagsasa = P400/head
    Pundakit to Silanguin = P600/head
    NOTE: All passenger will be issued with a lifjacket.
    Tent     3 person = P250
    4 person = P300
    6 person = P500
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  11. hi follwers…u can also negotiate wth our boatman..09069444388…negotiable rate awaiting…
    just call him anytime

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