Zambales Trip: Golden Cogon Grasses in the Island of Capones

My main objective in Zambales was to visit Nagsasa Cove but when Anton and his wife introduced us to Capones island, it became an unexpected highlight.

Months ago, I had an affair with big red ants and cogon grass in the island of Guimaras. Little did I know that a golden sea with the same type of weeds would provide another focal point to this beautiful island.

February 22, 2011
Capones Island, Zambales

capones island dock
docking area to the lighthouse

capone stairs
stairway to the lighthouse

A day after camping out in Nagsasa, we proceeded to Capones Island to see the lighthouse – a landmark of which this island is known for.

It was scorching hot and this is where I accumulated red marks on my skin reminiscent of a roasted pig. Our boat didn’t have any shade so that added to the redness.

island capones

We had difficulty docking near the island as huge waves crashed the shore full of rocks. But I was happy we were able to set foot with our cameras intact.

When one treks the pathway to the top, he would NOT notice the grasses right away. Being curious, I’m glad I ran towards these bushes despite the smoldering heat.

grasses capones
nothing extraordinary at first glance

You would prefer the usual green grasses and not these wilted ones just because you’d assume that they don’t have anything special about them. But I saw it amidst the dullness.

Because of the sun’s rays and their piercing brightness, these grasses turned golden which added a brilliant texture from a backdrop of the blue ocean and sky; with the horizon separating the two elements.

golden cogon grass
dry but golden

Photos were immediately taken, smiles were immediately captured. People with sensitive skin won’t dare to spend time out here that’s why it was encouraging to realize that my companions were game enough to pose with me.

capones grasses
with Anton, Teresa and Doi

capones island philippines

Still not satisfied, I couldn’t help but jump around and about, diving (face first!) even to these grasses. My friends just let me be as I attempted countless times to get a shot being suspended in air.

dive cogon

Upon continuing our trek, I later realized how risky my jumps were. I encountered boulders of rocks along the way. Huge boulders that would’ve cost me a face if I hit any of them upon diving.

But that’s just me being too juvenile and carefree; something I wouldn’t advise anyone when going on a trip to uncharted territory.

capones cogon grass
careful with your face!

Going back to the cogon grass, I guess we were lucky enough to witness this colorful sight. Maybe in another season, these grasses turn green and become full of life. Although that would be another setting to behold, the golden grasses added more drama different from our country’s usual landscape.

The lighthouse is the main attraction of Capones Island, but these grasses did it for me.

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16 thoughts on “Zambales Trip: Golden Cogon Grasses in the Island of Capones”

  1. Reminds me of the Sting song, Fields of Gold. "You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky, As we walk in the fields of gold." 🙂

  2. When we went there the cohon grass was gone. Reduced to ash by the misguided practice of slash and burn of the caretakers. But we still got awesome views.

  3. @AJ: Didn't realize it until you mentioned it! Awesome song indeed!

    @lakwatseradeprimera: yeah, I'm curious too!

    @marky: sayang, it would've been a nice sight too if you were able to witness this landscape 🙁 but at least you were able to take time to see the lighthouse!

    @pinoy adventurista: if no accidents will happen! hehehe. 😀

  4. Nice view! Lapet lang nito from Manila, pero d ko pa nppuntahan! hahah, hope to meet some PTB members soon 🙂

  5. Gorgeous shots. The colors play off each other so well. Here in northern california during the summer the green grass that covers the gorgeous hills slowly turns gold. Did you ever get the shot of you in the air?

  6. @thelostboylloyd: haha, no worries lloyd! 😀 backlog na ito. 🙂

    @tina: sometimes it's the near places that we don't get to visit as much as we want! 😀

    @miranda: the last two photos, I was suspended in air. The grasses were just too tall that's why it's hard to notice 😀

  7. tuwang tuwa talaga kami ni Teresa nung nakita ka naming talon ng talon–nasa malayo kami nung una so we were thinking–anu ginagawa ni Ed? yun pala. lakas ng trip.diko kaya yun. makati eh.hahaha. ganda talaga ng grass sa CAPONES—tapos Capones parin diba? for the win!!!!!

  8. Getting a shot of you mid air in your jump would be a really cool photo.  I can see why you like the grass since it is just so golden and contrasts nicely with the blue background of the water.  It looks like you had a really fun time in a beautiful place.

  9. @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha. onga ate! magcomment ka na lang para alam kong nabasa mo. hehe. we have to talk kasi di pa natin napag-usapan talaga anong nangyari sa zambales trip. 🙂

    @aleah: yeah, this was the next day na. well aleah, next time talaga! may araw rin tayo!

    @pusang-kalye: haha, akala ninyo sinong ulol ang patalon-talon noh? hahahaha Capones pa rin! Nagsasa for resting, Anawangin for groups but Capones for adventure! haha

    @pinoy boy journals: jerik! haha. saya talaga tignan ang cogon grass. golden na golden! 😀

    @steve: Indeed, this was just one part of that island Steve. Still a lot more to write about and to think we were only there for a couple of hours.


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