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I wake up, take a bath, go to the office, work, clock out, go home, work online, and sleep. On weekends, I travel to let loose and stay sane. This routine has been going on for a couple of years and I’ve grown comfortable with my surroundings that I feel the need for change.

Somehow, this travel addiction has reached a different level that it has become a factor to consider whenever I make a big decision. Such is the case of quitting a job.

Yes, I’m resigning.

I’m saying goodbye to almost six years of working in a corporate setting and I’m transitioning to a career that will allow me to be more location-independent. Even if the compensation is not as grand, doing this will satisfy my thirst for travel.

I was so excited to share the news to colleagues that when I told them about it, some were happy for me since I’m pursuing my interests. However, there were those who thought that I was making a hasty decision which didn’t make a lot of sense. When they found out I wasn’t joking, they aired their thoughts.

Never-ending Questions

Me: Guess what? I’m resigning!  DSC_7402
Colleague: Seriously?
Me: Yeah, I am. I’ve been at this for 2 years already. But now I’m ready.

Colleague: What are you going to do?
Me: I’ll backpack for 6 months out of the country or I don’t know. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I want to travel and bring my work with me.

Colleague: Do you have insurance?
Me: No. But I’ll work on it.

Colleague: Do you have enough savings?
Me: I’ve some, not a lot.

Colleague: Where will you get the money?
Me: Blogging and my online jobs. I know someone who’s already done it.

Colleague: So after 6 months, what are you planning to do?
Me: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll continue travelling, or I’ll write a book.

Colleague: Are you sure? Have you ever had your articles reviewed by a professional?
Me: *Ouch* Why the negativity?

Colleague: I’m bursting your bubble to get you out of your delusions of grandeur.
Me: Well, if things don’t go according to plan, I can always go back.

Colleague: You’ll start from scratch again.
Me: I don’t mind. At least I trie

Harsh facts and being told that my thoughts were “delusions of grandeur” was below the belt, but I still managed to keep my head cool. I didn’t expect these to come out from the people I work with; especially those that are close to me.

There were a lot more questions that I wondered if announcing it was a wise judgment. But I know that they’re just concerned about my welfare as this is, after all, one of those big choices that you don’t decide overnight. They’ve seen me in my struggles to keep my head afloat just to survive. Surely, they also want what’s best for me.


Most of them have the notion that if I quit my job, it’s already the end of everything; as if my life depended on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the company and I appreciate all the benefits that come with the work. I’m just at a point where I’m bent on doing something more.

However, the phrase just cracks me up.

Delusions of Grandeur

I started working when I was 17 years old with a couple of normal and odd jobs. I began working in a BPO company at 19. I got in because I mustered all the courage to pass a series of interviews and exams. Not having finished college and at a time when most companies preferred those who had degrees, I had to step up and pull myself together. Even at that time, another applicant advised me to finish my studies, or get a crash course the way he did in order to easily pass the application process. What he didn’t realize was that I couldn’t even afford to pay to print a simple resume, much more apply for a certificate course.

He probably thought I was delusional to apply when I didn’t have any satisfying credentials to offer, nor did I undergo the same training he did. I got hired though, and met him again during my first day at the office. We ended up working in the same department.

If I didn’t have these “delusions of grandeur”, I wouldn’t have accomplished anything.

I’d be sad if I hear a parent tell a kid to stop dreaming big and face the realities of life. To rob a child of innocence is something painful to watch. Come to think of it, when did we lose sight of our childhood dreams to follow what’s been dictated by society? To study and get good grades so you can get a decent job and have a secure life? When did we stop our desire for the arts and our passions simply because people say there’s no money in them?

I don’t mean to say that searching for security is a bad thing. But hey, we only have a few bullets to take those shots in life. I prefer to use mine while I still have some.

Before It’s Too Lateexit

I’m really lucky to have been brought up with the thought that anything is possible so long as I believe in something and take action on it. Now that I see that there’s a bigger chance for me to fulfill my dreams, I want to use my time to accomplish other passions while I still can. Sure, there will be a lot of sacrifices along the way, but I’m willing to take the risk now rather than regret not doing it later on.

This step to location independence was a decision that I made 2 years ago; but it didn’t work out because I wasn’t prepared, financially. I’m still not fully prepared now but I have this feeling that everything will take its place. Besides, I’m just shifting careers instead of ‘not’ working altogether.

I’m not even certain if travelling is my main passion in life, that I’d do anything just to travel. But I know that I want to cross out items in my bucket rather than wonder about possibilities. This is a big risk but I’m ready to jump. I hope I keep moving forward.

How difficult is it to go against the norm?

Whenever people share unpleasant statements and tell me that I should stick to the tide, I don’t get into a heated argument as I deem it useless especially when minds are two poles apart. I’d rather mum in silence, suck it up and let time decide the consequences of my actions. Life is too short to worry about what other people think of me.

But all the things that people say, all the negativity; they push me to my limits so I can strive harder. Whenever people believe that there’s no future in what I do, it’s all the more reason for me to challenge myself and prove that there is.

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  • may point naman din ang friends mo pero tama ka din, wala kasing masyado nararating ang taong nagpaka safe lang.do it while you're still young para pag di nagtagumpay you still have your whole life ahead of you pa rin naman.good luck to your new endeavors

    • @pinoy passport stamps: thanks Chris! We’ll just wait for time then to see if things will work out or not. That’s what I’m counting on, I can still go back if things don’t go according to plan. 😀

  • Ed, don't expect people who are OK with the norms and daily routines of life to understand what you are going through. You know what to do in life so go chase it.
    From the past couple of entries, your readers can feel the passion and hunger that you have for this and there are people who are supporting this decision of yours no matter how uncertain it is because we know that you can do it.

    • @robbie: haha, thanks rob! I’ve learned that the hard way.I guess those people are still starting to embrace these unorthodox ideas and soon they’ll learn to accept it. Thanks for the support! I appreciate it a lot! Thank you for also showing that despite all the challenges, it’s possible. 🙂

  • Yahoo! you didn't really let go to that honest or should I say 'senti' part of yours hehe 😀
    Anyway, you know my take on this 😀 you've been working really hard since you're a minor and you've been to a lot of financial instabilities in the past so I know that you can do this and can adjust when needed. It's about time that you pursue your own dreams and what truly makes you happy. Bata pa tayo so we need to make most of our youth. Just do it, man! you can always go back or continue with the nomadic lifestyle when you finally figure out which works for you better.

    • @Micamyx: haha, thanks. I guess it’s innate and these are one of those instances where I just had to let it out. Thanks for the exchange of thoughts when it comes to our other ‘online businesses’ – as if ganun kalaki! lol. Let’s pursue our dreams and good look to us all! 😀

  • "If I didn’t have these “delusions of grandeur”, I wouldn’t have accomplished anything." – This gave me goosebumps. Not to mention, napamura ako ng konti but in a good way though hehe. It reminded me of the time when I had to take my own leap of faith. I honestly do not know where it brought me but I know I am fine where I am. I also know that it has made me braver and I learned to fight. The negative sentiments fueled me to do what I wish even more and prove everyone wrong. All I had in mind is if in the end I can't, then at least I tried and I'd be at peace with myself. It's always harder to never have taken the chance. You'll be fine.
    Proud of you bud and though I've told you before, congratulations again! Cheers to being location independent! Welcome to the dark side hehe!

    • @Drew: nagmini-blog ka rin! haha. thanks for sharing Drew! We won’t really know what’s on the other side unless we cross the line. Yes, the great thing is that we followed our dreams. Thanks!

  • Cograts Ed! That's a big step. I know you'll realize that it's the best thing you've ever done. Turning your back on job you don't even like and starting the journey to live the life of your dreams! Thanks for sharing this and inspiring others!

    • @Lois: Hi Lois! You’ve been part of those who inspired me to do this. Thanks for being one of those people who’ve left the comfort of a high-paying job in order to do puruse your passions. You’ve been a great help so keep doing what you’re doing! 😀

  • in the Philippines, going against the norm usually brings out the fears Pinoys have — money. yan ang napansin ko, given that we are living in a third world country, most like namulat tayo na "you'll be successful" kapag malaki ang savings, may magandang bahay, kotse and the likes. people measured success through this na minsan di ko naiintindihan and a lot of people I know who have all these material things are the ones who always give the remarks "buti ka pa" or "ang sarap naman ng buhay mo, pa travel travel na lang".
    congrats ed! i know this is an achievement (kahit ano pa sabihin nila hehe) and good luck on this. you're right in saying you don't mind starting from scratch. besides 6 years worth of work in a BPO will not bring you back at the bottom of the corporate food chain (that is if you will go back hehe) , baka nga makatulong pa ang 6 months travels mo for bigger opportunities.
    cheers! see you on the road!!! woot!!!

    • @Jerome: wow, haba din ng comment! lol. Yes, I agree. We can’t deny that money is truly a big factor which is what we’re also fighting for to be wrong. It’s a constant battle but hey, we only live once! See you on the road! Hopefully more than 6 months pa toh. hehe. Thanks Jerome!

  • Pangarap ito ng bawat traveler. Ang naiisip ko agad si Irish Polyglot, bumabyahe naman siya to learn languages pero ang kita niya lahat sa website niya nanggagaling. Swertihan lang din, pero alam mo if I have learned anything from my 26 years of existence on this planet, it's to dream big. Libre naman kasi e, walang mawawala. Pero iba rin kasi yung puro plano pero walang gawa. Wala nang imposible ngayon. I myself have an online job that could support me if I resign. Nakaka tempt, pero I'm more on stability kasi now e. Nakakapagod din palipat lipat. Don't mind other people by the way. Take their advice into consideration, but at the end the decision is just yours.
    Good luck on this, all the best!

    • @ihcahieh: Thanks for the tips! I also had that thinking of wanting to be stable, but I started working at a young age. I guess it’s time for me to do what I want to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Maybe someday, I’ll learn to go back to having a stable income. But for now, it’s time to take the risk!

  • this will be a big change for you Ed but hearing it from you i believe you can get the best from this. a big leap. ako susubukan ko din to pero di pa ngayon. 6months! yihaa! kayang kaya.

    • @dong ho: Thanks dom! Tagal ko ngang pinaplano toh. dapat matupad na talaga. hehe. Good luck din sa trip mo!

  • Hugs for you, Ed. And good luck on this grand endeavor. With the admirable talent and passion that you have, there's little room for failure. 

    • @Mach: Thanks Mach! No room for failure talaga dapat! Pero if ever that’s the case, we’ll learn from it. Thanks!

  • Congrats Ed! Good luck in pursuing your dream! 🙂 Super inggit! I wish I could also do that! 😀

    • @tinathefrustratedtraveler: Tina!!! MUsta na? ehhe. Thanks. Told you about this pero natuloy na talaga! 😀

  • Tough decision but one that is pure guts and coming from someone with unlimited pursuit of spending the most of his only lifetime on Earth, and what better way than live it, hopping from one place to another. Good luck on your next journey Ed…I'm heading that way too, but still paving my own road.

    • @Marky: Thanks Marky! I know you’re also preparing yourself for that great adventure. Hope to read more about it soon!

  • *

    “Faith. It is a process of leaping into the abyss not on the basis of any certainty about where we shall land, but rather on the belief that we shall land.”
    Live your dreams Ed. Kaya yan!

  • dude, im with you all the way!
    i've been unemployed for almost 3years now, its soo hard at the beginning but now i'm getting the rewards.
    it is soo much fun to be your own boss. 
    *tap on the back* ed

    • @journeyingjames: Galing mo James! When I heard about where you get your funds, I told myself I need to learn about stocks! hehe. Thanks for inspiring us with your stories too! Kitakits sa LN3!

  • This is the decision that I also took 2 years ago, though it was not merely for travel. Back then, I wanted to resign because all my time was just wasted on the daily routines. I wanted to maximize time, do things I wanted to do that I could not do if I was stuck in a corporate setting, specially the BPO industry.

    Here was the conversation with my father and my sister.
    Me: Pa, niresign nako.
    Papa and Sister:  Niya mag-unsa naman lang ka?
    Me: Mag full-time freelance nalang tingali ko. Bahala na basta ganahan lang ko mamaximize nako akong time.
    Sister: Wa jud kay klaro oi! Aw bahala nasad ka ana imong decision.
    I did freelance work (plus started 2 small businesses), went back to college (and hopefully I will be graduating this March), got drunk on most weekends, attended events, parties and invitation by friends that falls on weekdays, stayed up late and woke up late and most of all, I was able to travel!
    I may not be compensated as much if I maintained a corporate position but I am still surviving so it means that my decision has not back-fired yet. Lain-lain man ug kalipay ang mga taw. In the end, it's our life and we make the decisions that will decide our future. For now, I'm still happy sa akong decision. Hopefully, you will be too.

    (on a lighter note, 2 years ago before I resigned, you have told me that you will be resigning soon. 2 years after, nahitabo na jd! HAHAHAHAHAH)

    • @The Wandering Couple (Edcel): Sangay! haha, I remember our conversation when I told you I was going to resign. Naunhan pa ko ninyo! Actually, nauna pa mo nila Doi, Edwin, ug uban nako gipangsturyahan Wena, Audrey, Praline. Karun. mao na jud ni!

      It’s definitely our life and even if I was living comfortably in my workplace, it’s time for change.

      hahahah! after 2 years jud! hahaha

  • For sometime now Ed i am thinking of this too. I want to jump into my dream and sing The CLIMB on my way out of the door and as of now, after my Cambodia and Vietnam jaunt and meeting Plif and Bino who did the same thing (resigning from work and travel). 
    This is one journey I know will make you define your own humanity and I congratulate you. I will take more on the courage to see you on the road now and will do the same as you did soonest! 
    God bless you Ed. 

    • @Journeys and Travels: Plif & Bino have also inspired me. I’m really glad that they (and other PTBs) were able to pave the way which just goes to show that it’s definitely doable! Hope to see you on the road Doc!

  • toffee

    way to go eds! i admire the courage…maypaka. hehe.

    • @toffee: Thanks tof! Ikaw nya puhon! Save sa ginagmay and let’s develop our skills! 😀

  • Hi Ed,
    Best of luck to you! I always feel that you should follow your passion and do what your heart tells you or your everydays will just eat at you until you become a shelf of yourself. It's a risk, yes. It's an unsure road, yes. But then again Life is full of risk and there is nothing 100% certain about life even if you stay still. 
    Welcome to the other side of the fence, there is life after corporate work, trust me on this. It's not a scary world 🙂 But I know you know that.
    Leaving you with my favorite quote from Dead Poet's Society …"  "I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life." 
    Dare. Dream. Carpe Diem! 
    Cille 🙂

    • @Penfires: Thanks Cille! I almost forgot that you’ve also been unemployed for quite some time already! To think you just started out blogging with Titus! Congrats and it’s an inspiration what you’ve done! It’s telling me I should definitely do this while I’m still young. Great quote! another mini blog comment! haha! see you soon! 😀

  • Ed, follow what your heart tells you… because if you won't try what you have wanted, you might regret in the end. Tama ka, "at least you tried." That's the genuine courage and faith. Happy freelancing!

    • @Edmaration: Yes, tried to follow my heart before but I wasn’t ready due to a lot of financial obligations. Thanks Ed! Let’s do this!

  • Ed! Congratulations! Nice read. Many people get stuck in their comfort zones because of the sustenance of a regular paycheck. It's indeed difficult to live with the uncertainties in life. But having the courage to really pursue what you want amid the risk of quitting a job is liberating and life-changing.  
    Don't mind the negative people. Even though they are concerned of you, it is still your life. Live it to the fullest. 🙂 

    • @Trip@dora: Hi Izah! Thanks a lot for reading! I appreciate all the information that I get from you guys and the rest of the PTB. There are a lot of those who have transitioned to a career doing freelance and it’s really inspiring to know that things have been doing okay so long as we keep working hard on it! 😀
      @Trip@dora: Hi Izah! Thanks a lot for reading! I appreciate all the information that I get from you guys and the rest of the PTB. There are a lot of those who have transitioned to a career doing freelance and it’s really inspiring to know that things have been doing okay so long as we keep working hard on it! 😀

  • "To study and get good grades so you can get a decent job and have a secure life? When did we stop our desire for the arts and our passions simply because people say there’s no money in them?"
    – I was moved by this. A very compelling entry, Ed. This is really inspiring. And I'm gonna give my full support sa iyong decision. Indeed, it was a brave move. Kayang-kaya mo yan! Good luck!

    • @Renz: This was one of those emo posts that I couldn’t just pass up. haha. Thanks Renz! When you told me you’re currently doing freelance as a translator and doing blogs as well as your future business, I knew you’ll be able to achieve greater things! Thanks for inspiring me too!

  • JM

    Hi Ed,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time already. While I also support your decision to follow your dreams, I’d like to commend you also on this well-written post. The beginning paragraph immediately hooks the reader to relate on your daily routines. I also liked how you were able to link your conversation with a colleague to your previous experience on how they regarded you as delusional (which you’re not). Then your ending paragraphs were really the ones that knocked me out, especially these great lines:

    “… … let time decide the consequences of my actions” and “Whenever people believe that there’s no future in what I do, it's all the more reason for me to challenge myself and prove that there is.”

    Good luck on your journey.

    • @JM: Hi JM! Appreciate the feedback! Words just kept flowing when I wrote this. I guess I was caught up with my emotions. Thanks again for reading. 😀

  • bhety

    Goodluck Ed. Among those bloggers you are one of my favorite… I had work online for two years and was able to earn from 20K to almost a hundred grand just for one month but the jobs are a mixed of white hat and black hat… I do not even know how to write an good article because of my horrific grammar or design any webpage… When there is job that I do not know I will commission someone else then I will get paid even without doing the dirty work… I even represented a team even I was alone lol then I asked my neighbors to work with me… I started working with a borrowed laptop from my sister then I was able to purchase 3 pcs within a year, and I have travelled within and outside the country in between my work… With your talent in writing I am sure that's a big plus.

    • @bhety: Wow! Thanks for the kind words! And your job, sounds really nice, 100K! I understand how it can be quite taxing to juggle so many freelance tasks and delegating them to people (hoping that there wouldn’t be any screw-ups). But it’s truly inspiring despite all the challenges! Thanks for your story bhety!

  • "Don't get me wrong, I love the company and I appreciate all the benefits that come with the work. I'm just at a point where I’m bent on doing something more." – I had the same sentiments when I resigned last year to do what I want. I love my job, I just know there is something bigger and more awesome waiting for me. I just need to take that big step of pursuing it. Good luck Ed! I'm not sure where your destination will be but I'm sure you're journey will be an epic adventure. God bless bro! 🙂

    • @Josiah @ Lakas ng Trip: Thanks Josiah! I’m not yet sure where I’m truly headed but yes, it’s going to be something. I might do a Flip or a Sole Sister. 😀 anyway, see you on the road! 😀

  • Welcome to the road Ed 🙂 , don't mind negative comment just follow what ever you want to do and most important thing enjoy the travel and lean from it. We also same negative comment from other when we started to announce that we will leaving work and live on 2 luggage and 2 backpacks and start a new life on online business. Just believe in your self and no turning back! 🙂 Goodluck!

    • @May Macatugal: Hi May! Thanks! Definitely no turning back especially when I’ve announced this already. 😀 Hope to see you on the road!

  • Hi Ed! Good luck with your decision ! I personally know a lot of people who have gone freelance full-time and they seem happier now. (Thinking whether I should follow their path too 😉 ) Best wishes! Hope to see/meet you soon in future travels 🙂

    • @Nathelle: That sounds nice to hear Nathelle! Thanks for taking the time to read and see you wherever! 😀

  • The Goliath Davidette

    Never listen to dream stealers. 🙂
    Nice blog, Ed! I remember how I’ve been struggling way back high school graduation. Torn between taking up a medical course or IT, my choice. Parents wanted me to take up a medical course cause they were worried about my future career and salary. They argued about how sure I am that my passion for IT would sustain my needs. Really pressured about their thoughts too. But I took up my choice with a rocky road made of parents’ pieces of advice. Though I’m still years away to see whether or not my choice would work for me, at least I’m happy and reaaaaaally happy with what I am pursuing! 🙂

    So as you! Kung san ka masaya, dun ka.
    Same with the saying that goes,
    “Aanhin mo ang pera, kung wasak ang pamilya” 🙂

    • @The Goliath Davidette: Thanks for dropping by (umm, not sure how to call you. lol). I think parents definitely just want what’s best for us according to how they’ve lived their lives because they don’t want us to commit the errors that they committed. But hey, it’s great to know you’re enjoying what you love doing. Just keep it up and keep developing your skills. All will take place so long as you also apply what you’ve learned! 😀

  • thesithwalrus

    Clap.Clap.Clap. I'm proud of you! Welcome to the club. Whatelse can i say? I couldn't agree more. As a matter of fact, I was in the very same situation a year ago. Risks are way much better than regrets. I've taken the biggest risk in my life so far, and it made me the happy person I am now. Just believe in yourself and do the things that will make you happy. Have fun! 🙂

    • @thesithwalrus: Thanks! I guess a lot of us have experienced this ‘crisis’ one way or another. Let’s learn to take those leaps of faith and minimize risks (as much as possible) in the process. Thanks again!

  • First off, Congrats ED! I understand how it feels…. it took me more or less mga three years to finally resign in a company that I worked for about eight years! lol!.  Again Congrats and hope to see you on the road some time… =)

    • @ian dela pena: Ian! naks, 8 years! ayos ah! I guess we just needed to save up first before and build that solid ground before we go to the next level. The great thing is that we really did move to the next step! Thanks and hope to see you on the road as well! 😀

  • grabe ni na post bai…mangarbor kog quoatable quotes:
    "Life is too short to worry about what other people think of me."
    “Whenever people believe that there’s no future in what I do, it's all the more reason for me to challenge myself and prove that there is.”
    "If I didn’t have these “delusions of grandeur”, I wouldn’t have accomplished anything."
    "To study and get good grades so you can get a decent job and have a secure life? When did we stop our desire for the arts and our passions simply because people say there’s no money in them?"
    Hehehe go lang ng goOoOoo..we become numbed by society to the point that we become afraid of failure…if it fails, try again or something new..hehehe Kaya ra na! Gogogogog

    • @Vernon Go: wahahah. kadaghan ba gicopy and paste! hehehe. We just need to get out of the system that there’s only ‘one way’ to be happy in life because there are actually a lot if we just open our eyes to possibilities. gogogogog! hehe

  • Melissa

    I wish I have your guts. Starting pa lang ako, and I finished college. I'm a registered nurse, but from the very start ayaw ko na ng course na ito. I know, I am lucky enough that I finished college. But I have to deal with it since my parents pay for my education. I want to get paid for the things I love to do like traveling or anything for entertainment and arts. Hindi lang ako maka-jump sa gusto ko because hindi kasing lakas ng loob mo ang loob ko. And I really admire you, sir!

    • @Melissa: Ey, it took me some time before I decided to do this so just build on your passion. I didn’t get paid right away for doing these things (traveling,etc.). I still had to work on them before I’ve reached a level that I can say I can do this. So just keep working on it and thanks for dropping by! 😀

  • Hi, Ed! Congratulations! Having posted this, you are now one of the people that I look up to. In the long run, we learn that we can have a life outside the norm. And some of us would give anything to not be part of the crowd. I admire your propensity to take risks. There's no easy way, but with determination and the right attitude, you'll definitely go miles! Cheers!

    • @Ken Michael Jon Taarup: Hi Ken, I don’t normally post articles like this in my blog, I’ve gotten past the stage where I rant everything here but I just had to write this. Thanks a lot for the kind words! 😀

  • Hi Ed! It's Rishee from Roomorama. You might remember me from the many times we've bumped in to each other in events and such 🙂 Just wanted to say your post (well, postS but this one in particular) is awesome. I can totally relate to it. Who wouldn't want to travel all over the world and take their job with them? It might be difficult but definitely not impossible. Keep your doors open! 
    I hope you get to live your dream, whatever it is. I don't know if you fit the shoe, but if you're still unsure of what you really want in your life but want to keep trying new things and ticking things off your bucket list, then you're definitely like me. I admire your courage when you applied for that job when you were 17. I was like that too. Exactly like that. Don't stop doing what you like to do, but sometimes good advice becomes hard to find when you become too independent. Your friends and family might say nasty things for a good reason. 
    Reading more about you and what you do definitely makes me want to help you achieve your dream, if you're interested 🙂 haha! Keep up d good work and see u around! Hope 2012 will be an awesome year for your travelling and blogging too 🙂

    • @RisheeWishee: Hi Rishee! Of course I remember you! We exchanged a lot of messages on FB while I was in Hong Kong and looking for rooms in Roomorama. 😀 Thanks a lot for the kind words. Nice to know that you can relate to my situation on working at a young age.

      I’m praying that everything will go well! I’m definitely keeping my doors open for other opportunities. What did you have in mind? Thanks again! 🙂

  • Ron

    Wow, stumbled upon here from a facebook friend.
    I second the motion man. Pursue what you think is right.

    "When we want something, the universe will conspire to make it happen." — Paulo Coelho
    Believe in your dreams.

  • dne

    In life, there are realists and there are idealists. There are realists who strive for security. There are idealists who go follow their dreams. 🙂
    May you find whatever it is you are looking for (if you were actually looking for something). 🙂

    • @dne: Salamat! May we all be realists and idealists by following our dreams and striving to turn those into something to achieve security! 😀

  • welcome to the club bai. i worked for 9 years  (nope, 5 days short of nine years) as a telecoms engineer in Smart. the pay was good, the bonuses upto 22 months, i was a supervisor na and handled people, had constant meetings, etc, but personally? i was already burnt out, lost my enthusiasm for my work. I was considered before as an achiever, a promising engineer, a thinker, but eventually, i succumbed to weariness. when an offer to do a book project as one of the photographers, i immediately grabbed the opportunity. i resigned. many told me that i made the wrong decision or why resign if i was having good pay? but pay isnt everything. one has to be happy in his kind of work, not to be enslaved by it. 
    i didn't regret my decision. now, i'm a freelance photographer, a travel blogger, a writer, do occasional web design, and other things that can put food on the table and pay my bills. the pay is lower than before but i am happy. i admit that in the first few months, even in the first year, sometimes i don't have any money, got problems. during those times, i looked back and sometimes asked myself if i made the right decision, if i can still go back. my mother used to chide me for the resignation. but i held on. i believed in my capabilities, in my talent. 
    of course, slowly, i got good breaks. i got known for my photography and exhibited abroad and selected in exclusive workshops, i got to teach photography, i got to be known as a good travel blogger. i see myself in the next few months trying out new things related to e-publishing, networking with like minded people, trying out things that interests me and, believe, that eventually, i can be an expert on that thing and earn from it. 
    now, i am free and i never regretted the day i took the plunged even if that time there was a bit of uncertainty. you just have to accept that some things will stay as they are, some will change, and some (or more) you can take charge of, have command of and chart your own future. 
    good luck sa imo bai. it won't be easy at first, pero if you just hold on and continue and believe in yourself and your  talents, you can make it!
    ayo ayo

    • @estan: Estan, taasa sa comment! It’s like I’m listening to a graduation speech. 🙂 I guess not a lot of people have embraced the notion of working online and for yourself. With people like you who have paved the way to turning passion into a career, I understand that there are even more possibilities than before. You’re good at what you do because you love what you do. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

  • No naysayers here.  Just dreams who wish to be as courageous as you are to chase after your dreams. Good luck dear! 🙂

    • @Ria Jose: I remember our car conversation with Olan et.al. about what we professionally do. You joked when you mentioned that you’re a Social Media Manager being a “sosyal na term for naka Facebook and Twitter all the time” 😀 Appreciate it a lot Ria!

  • Just dreamers*

  • Best of luck, ed! 🙂

  • As my one of favorite quotes puts it, "If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't. I'm already looking forward to the realisation of your dreams Ed and an even happier and more contented you.
    Here's Walt Disney for you: All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them 🙂
    Good Luck Ed!

    • @Claire: Hi Claire! A lot of people have inspired me along the way. Every time I hear somebody fulfill their dreams and with their passion, it makes me realize that it’s all up to us to make things happen. Ayos ang quote! 😀 Glad that you’re back!

  • I'm sure you won't lose out on this. Either way, I believe it's a win-win situation. Everybody dreams about it, most talk about it but only the few do something about it. And it is well-deserved, Ed. 
    With all of this love coming from friends and fellow bloggers, I believe the support system you have is stronger than the nega stars. Here, you lay your dreams and we will support you, carry you on our shoulders and even help you out a bit. Don't let one or two or a few ruin it for you, unless you were looking for that emo-factor sa post mo, then gorabells lang. 🙂 
    I'm really happy for you Ed, as in – grabe 🙂 I wish I had a quote to put in here but kagigising ko lang, im all out. 
    ingat and keep up updated ha! 

    • @Eileen: No need for quotes, good morning! lol. I was so engrossed on writing this article and I’m happy that a product (this blog post) was made out of the many questions that people were asking me. When I heard about you getting in to DNA, I was really happy! I can sense how you really wanted it. Congrats to you and you can definitely do it! 😀

  • Hi Ed, it's been a while since we last talked,  I know you've always wanted this and it's never an easy decision, so I'm just happy for you. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something.  I'm proud of you as always. Let's talk soon! See you on the road! 🙂  *power hug*  

    • @thepinaysolobackpacker: Ey Gael, this is going to be our year! Congrats din on your project. Let’s prove others wrong. See you sa LN3! Excited na ako! 😀

  • Joel Aldor

    Courage and fearlessness has always been our mantra. Welcome to the club, Ed! 

  • Marc DC

    Bro, wag ka mag-alala, each decision becomes only a big-deal kapag mas maraming tao sa paligid mo ang hindi sanay or medyo takot umalis outside of their comfort zones. Ayos yan decision mo! Di nman money ang number one, isa pa, importante kung saan ka masaya at wala ka nmang ginagawang mali or tinatapakan na ibang tao. Only few people can have the amount of courage to make life-turning-point decisions. Good luck sa future endeavors! Anyway, sino ba nagsabi na pag umalis ka sa isang industry eh hindi ka na pwde bumalik or, somehow, manatiling connected? Wala nman diba? Kaya GO LNG NG GO! Godbless -Marc

    • @Marc DC: Yeah, learned the money part after quite some time. I’m Thanks for leaving a comment Marc! It’s more on the thought lang na babalik ako from scratch sa company kapag ganun daw mangyayari. pero syempre iniisip ko lang na ‘basta nagawa ko toh at this age’ etc… Thanks again!

  • sabi nga ng NIKE… JUST DO IT
    no ifs, buts etc

  • its the easiest way to be happy… hehe

  • Way to go Ed! Sharing this! Good luck to your being location independent, and congratulations!

    • @Aleah: Thanks and I appreciate it Aleah! Good luck on your backpacking trip sa Europe! Exciting. 😀

  • ED, no matter what happens, we're always here. 🙂 if you need help finding online work, you know you have me. go after your dreams because life is too short. we'll support you all the way! cheers to an amazing 2012 for you ed, you know you deserve it. you can do it. and when the 6 months is over, well.. there are over 100 countries in the world. 🙂

    • @Brenna: Thanks Brenna, congrats din sa job mo after college! Not sure if it’s going to be 6 months. It’s still in the works but we’ll see! 😀

  • matteo

    who knows, this might be the best chapter of ur book entitled life…  goodluck ED!

  • hats off to u for making a major decision in your life…choosing what your mind and heart tells or wants u to do spells freedom and happiness…normal lang naman na people will question our decisions in life pero basta you have decided [period!] kahet ano pa sabihin nila, go for it
    how i wish i cud do the same…maybe for now, what i can do the same is make major decisions in my life…pero un 6months of travel…hehe…we'll see^_^
    good luck to u, keep us updated and thanks for being one of the travel bloggers who inspire to make us explore the country and the world!!! happy new year!!!

    • @carla/the random Pinay: So long as you’re happy with what you’re doing, ok lang yan! I may look for a job din in the future din but we’ll see lang. The good thing is we’ve taken that step to know what we want. Appreciate your feedback carla! 😀

  • Delusions are awesome! I am delusional too, and I'm loving my life. Hope to meet up with you! Pasilip ng itinerary 🙂

    • @gaye: yung nga yung problema, wala akong IT! lol. anything goes sakin. but I’m planning to be in SEA, don’t know how long lang. let’s all be delusionals! It’s always the crazy ideas that work most of the time! Hope to see you on the road pagbalik nyo sa SEA! 😀

  • So happy for you! Kaya mo yan Ed. Just follow your heart and it will take you to where you want to be. It's all about making the bold move to create the life you want!

    • @Grace: Thanks Grace! to create the life that you want! Nice one! This is going to be tough, but nobody said it was going to be simple. 😀

  • Great post Ed! 🙂 I once followed my heart going after a dream job only to realize it wasn't what I wanted after all, but I had no regrets, the grueling experience made me a happier person! 🙂 Go for it!!!!!  

    • @Christine: Thanks Christine! The great thing is that we tried and tested it rather than not taking that step at all! Good luck to all of us!

  • Jade Vincent

    Hi Ed,
    Great decisions,you're very passionate, pursuing on what you've loved most. Damo nga oportunidad sa gawas.

    • @Jade Vincent: I want to travel more while I’m still young so let’s do this! Thanks Sir!

  • Wow Ed. Sobrang nakaka-wow. I mean, we all have "delusions" like this but only few are willing to do take very big risks to follow through. And often these few succeed. I wish you the best! 🙂

    • Wow Ed. Sobrang nakaka-wow. I mean, we all have “delusions” like this but only few are willing to do take very big risks to follow through. And often these few succeed. I wish you the best! 🙂

  • Dan

    Congradulations Ed! You've got a strong community behind you willing to support this move, I'm so glad you'll be joining us permanently on the road and hopefully you'll have a lot more travel stories here at soloflighted! Hope to see you sometime in Bali or elsewhere. Cheers,

    • @Dan: Ey Dan! I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this whole location independence gig. Looking forward to more travels and definitely I’ll meet you in Bali one of these days! Half of the year most likely! Cheers!

  • You are not your job. Go Ed!

  • I wish you success in your future endeavours. 🙂 Having tried is better than what-if's. Good luck!

    • @Astrid: Appreciate it Astrid. As Robbie (TheCreativeDork) would say, “Let’s LIVE PASSIONATELY.” 😀

  • Goodluck, Ed. Two important things that you must always bring with you – Positivies and Prayers. You can do it! Happy 2012. Ingat.

  • Go go go Ed! you can do it! I'm happy for you…  🙂

    • @nathalie: haha, HCMC ang ako trip first! after Lakbay Norte. Thanks for your posts Nath!

  • If it's make you happy why stop? All the best for the year 2012:)

    • @killerfillers: No more stopping now, needed to work on a couple of things before I made this big leap. Thanks!

  • 🙂 great that you've made the decision.

  • love this post Ed, very inspiring.
    those nega people were just probably concerned about you. malay mo if you come back to them after 6 months, they might resign, grab their bags, and travel too. hehe
    wish you all the best. exciting ang 2012 mo! ^_^

    • @chyng: thanks for reading chyng! Emo post toh. lol. But yeah, I agree, they were concerned about me. Actually, some of my colleagues have understood my situation and now they’re thinking of other ways to grab their passion. 😀 Good luck sa’tin lahat! 😀

  • goodluck on your journey ed 🙂 as i was reading this post, i remember when i first resigned to travel… nostalgic… life on the road is tough but im sure you'll do just fine… life on the road helps us trim everything down to basics and it also helps us learn a lot about ourselves and the world we live in… goodluck and have fun!!! 🙂

    • @flipnomad: Thanks for being one of those who’ve been instrumental in my shift to this type of lifestyle, Flip! See you on the road soon! 🙂

  • Good luck Ed. I'll have to say, it's definitely NOT easy. And travel AND working can be difficult esp. when trying to build a business. Best to stay put in one place, at least for awhile. Slow travel right? Though its a lot harder to pursue your own path, I definitely definitely feel it's that much more rewarding! You can do it!! 

    • @janet: Ey Janet! Yes, that’s my target, don’t want to get worn-out with too much transferring from place to place. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll survive, haha! Love your mantra for 2012!

  • Goodluck Ed! Go pursue your passion, the world is waiting. From a person who just discovered your blog and enjoying it.

    • @ryan: Thanks Ryan! Haha, what will I write about next? Thanks for dropping by!

  • Hey I'm happy for you. Excited too. You are living my dream. Good luck!

  • Colleague: You'll start from scratch again.
    Me: I don't mind. At least I trie

    + 1,000 for this last line … ^_^
    good luck ed … we have something in common na din, i resigned to my local job naman to elevate my travel adventure naman by means of working abroad …

    • @the viewing deck: Ayos ang working abroad. I wish to work abroad but I’ll first try this long-term travel. Thanks!

  • Ed, nasabi na nila lahat, but the most important is "follow what your heart desires that will make you happy and satisfied– that's the real reason why we're here in this world anyway– TO BE HAPPY."
    (FYI, this is my first time to post a comment for your blog. And, your blog really rocks!) 
    I dont know how will i commend you for doing a great job… what i know is that– YOU REALLY INSPIRE OTHERS LIKE ME TO GO OUT AND WANDER AND SHARE!
    For a certain person who gives inspiration to others– THAT'S YOUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN LIFE! 
    Keep goin'! 🙂

    • @batanggala: Yes, thanks Tindoy! Appreciate you leaving a comment. Nagkagoosebumps ako sa mga sinabi mo. Thanks for making me realize that this blog has a purpose after all! It makes me work harder to improve this site. 😀

  • Kat

    Shrug off what others tell you. Do what you feel is right and what will make you happy. Not because you've been in/doing something long enough means you have to continue it kung di ka na masaya. Scary to step out of the comfort zone at first yes, but once you managed to make it work (or not) sabi mo nga, you can always go back to the corporate world. At least you gave it a try rather than live with the 'what ifs'. 🙂

    • @Kat: Thanks Kat! Appreciate it! I had to live within the comfort zone for some time as I needed to prepare myself for this other chapter of my life. Thanks for dropping by!

  • just like you, I also believe that there's life aside from working 8 hours a day… with regards to the comment, it may be "below the belt"… but I think he/she's just so comfortable with you and he/she's can tell you everything.. I think he/she's only concern for your welfare… 🙂
    it doesn't matter how much you have, what matters is how you use what you have… so go on! dream big and enjoy the ride! Good Luck Ed! 🙂

    • @mervz: great Point of View mervz! she (it’s a she) shared her opinion about 2 months ago but now she’s actually thinking of jumping ship as well. She’s now pushing me to pursue it and to NOT look back and to move forward. Thanks!

  • Go for it! I too have stopped working for a year and it's the best decision I ever made!

    • @Travel Ria: Wow, nice to hear that, Ria. Hope to build a good business online. 😀

  • first of all, congrats for taking the big leap! it wasn't easy, i'm sure. it's never easy. and the truth is, we're never really fully prepared. so there's really no other reason why you shouldn't do the thing you want to do. trust me. this may be the best decision of your life. i've been through the same thing. and if it isn't, you'll work it out somehow. that's the thing i learned from all this. we will always find a way to work things out somehow. congrats and see you on the road! 😉

    • @paul: Yeah, it’s actually crazy and it’s still making me think at times but it’s now or never. Yep, stumbled upon your blog thru the sole sisters so it’s really great to have another reference to turn to when it comes to those who are bringing their work with them! see you on the road!

  • randyQ

    Go ahead and prove them wrong!

  • randyQ

    Please reserve me a signed copy of yor book as soon as it's published!  Godbless!

  • Che

    It's surely a big step Ed but there is nothing more fulfilling than going after your dreams or doing the things that you love.  Because at the end of the day, it's not the opinion of others that will make you happy.  We all have our own lives to live and a lot of people sometimes go through life dreaming or regretting.  Follow your passion, tick off as much items as you can in your bucket list and enjoy the ride!  Congratulations Ed! 🙂

    • @Che: Thanks a lot Che! Great to hear these thoughts from you, appreciate it! Congrats on your blog and hope you continue posting your stories! Ayos na ayos. Hope to hear more adventures from you!

  • you are such a brave soul ed… i wish u luck… ^^
    me here is gonna read ur blogs always and share it to my friends…continue ur passion ^^

    • @hana banana: thanks hana! this is a big step but it’s better to do it now than some time else. Thanks for always dropping by this site! 😀

  • Tony

    you are very brave to do that Ed! good job! good luck to your next endeavor.

    • @Tony: Thanks Tony, been awhile to decide but we’ll see what will happen next 🙂

  • to go upstream you should row against the current. defying the norms might be difficult but if it is what your heart desires,—the heck. i know where you are coming from and i admire you for the decision.you have to be decisive talaga minsan.you should be proud you have the courage to call it as such.will be lurking in the background and quietly follow your adventure ed.remember, it could turbulent at times but that's where the fun and adventure is.go lang nang go!!!!!

    • @pusangkalye: Thanks Anton! I guess we just have to use all our resources to maximize multiple streams of income so we can sustain the kind of lifestyle that we’re living. 😀

  • Congrats and God bless on your new adventure…Who wouldn't want to do what you decided..because I definitely do! 🙂

  • Ed, keep it up. You are right in your decision because it is here where you find happiness and contentment.  Kudos and God bless to your new adventure! 🙂

  • I'm excited for you Ed! I salute you for following your hearts desire.  As for me, it is financially more challenging but the quality of life is so much better!  Keep up your adventures Ed! Good luck and enjoy the ride!!! Hope to see you on the road soon!

    • @Bino: Salamat bino! Knowing that you’ve been away for months (that long) has kept my hopes high that everything will fall to place. See you soon!

  • This is truly an inspiring post. I found my self in a similar situation as yours, it's hard to quit your real-life job and settle on an unstable career online. In the end though, it is better to regret the things you did than the things you haven't done. I forgot who said that line though, but good luck to you. 🙂 
    Would certainly go back to this site again. 

    • @ybiang: A greater portion that is spent while we’re still stable is to prepare for the uncertainty so that when the time comes, it’s easier for us to make that big decision to step out of our zones and take those risks in life. Thanks ybiang! 😀

  • Good for you, you have to go after your dreams!
    "Colleague: I'm bursting your bubble to get you out of your delusions of grandeur. "
    What negativity! It's not unexpected though. Anytime you go against the grain and are met with resistance from others, you know you are doing something right. People are just confused by this decision, and it forces them to question their own standpoints and beliefs.

    Best of luck on your 6 month trip, you'll never regret it! 🙂

    • @Jeff: Thanks a lot Jeff! True, but the great thing is that the person who said that to me already understood the decision I made and is now thinking about retiring too. 😀 Thanks Jeff! Not sure if it’s going to be 6 months or more. So long as I own my time, I’ll be happy. 😀

  • That's a bit uncalled for coming from a friend. It's not a delusion. He can say that he's concerned for your career but he does not have the right to assume the worst in your plan.

    If see's the glass half empty then he should live his life to what he sees but not to covert other to his kind of religion.
    Go for it. maybe one day ill follow all your foot steps.. Anything can be done with determination and love. Godbless

    • @dane: Probably, she was just worried. But it’s motivated me to do more to also get more out of life. 😀 Thanks for dropping by Dane!

  • Good Luck Sir Ed… Kahit ano man kalabasan ng desisyon mo, ang mahalaga sinubukan mo at naging masaya ka..:)
    God Bless po…

  • you are young and you have your dreams and is passionate about it. life is all about choices. if i have not gone thru law school, i would have done the same a decade ago because traveling was always at the back of my mind. just be strong for everything that will go on your way ed and always trust on what you can do. good luck and i will keep an eye on your soon-to-be life's adventure.

    • @lawstude: Thanks Oman! Iba na talaga ang hatak ng travelling and I’m glad that there other people who have made a career out of this passion (kahit di masyado malakas ang kita, basta masaya) Not sure where the road will take me but I’ll make sure to make the most of it. Thanks again!

  • inspiring! God Bless 🙂

  • woah! 110 comments?!?! ano to forum? hahaha! dami ko na atang na miss sa blog mo. hihihI! Ako na ang busy. Nagulat ako pero mas lamang ang excitement at finally kumawala ka na sa comfort zone mo. Saludo ako sayo ed. Officially isa ka ng NPA.. este nomad. lol! Good luck. If  all else fails, turn "punishment into FUN-ishment" – Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (sensiya na hindi ako makamove on sa movie. haha!).
    Good luck and God bless you on the road! Looking forward sa mga new posts mo. I'm sure mas umaatikabong adventures yan.

    • @kura: nabigla nga ako sa dami ng comments. kakapressure na lagpasan! hehe. onga, busy mo na masyado kura, wala ka nang oras masyado. hehe. pero ok lang din. kayod nang kayod para makapag-gala nang todo at para magkaroon ka na rin ng backlogs! hehehehe. Chipmunks talaga. parang si Garfield lang. 😀 Thanks Maricar! 😀

  • nitschza

    eds, i know it's taking a big step out of your comfort zone but if that's what you really want, then GOODLUCK! 🙂
    i'm happy for you eds. i see myself and my inner struggles being realized with your adventures.
    *sup nako ang nagingon sa akoa nagresign naka. tigbasa cya sa imong blog. wahahaha*

    • @nitschza: Ey nizz! Yeah, I’ve thought about this for a very long time so thanks for the well-wishes! You can do this Nizz, maybe not now, maybe with other passions in life. Let’s talk! Anha ko dira on Thursday! dapat magkita ta! hehe. saonz. 😀

  • RichardRyan

    going against the tide is definitely a hard thing to do, especially when there are so many factors that you have to consider. but after reading your thoughts and discerning how sure you are of this decision, then it must mean something. your friends thoughts came in a little harsh, it may be that they want you to be pragmatic for them to have reached that assumption or it may be that they just don't want you to quit and they haven't mastered the art of euphemism and they got real. i could just imagine having read your posts sporadically how travelling plays a major part in your life's routine, its like imagining your eyes beaming when you know you can travel or you get the chance to do so. go ahead and take the leap, i am sure it will be worthwhile. lets travel soon eds, it would indeed be so nice to travel and explore the world.

    • @RichardRyan: Ey chard! Yeah, they’re my friends and you need them when you need a slap in the face once in a while and they we’ve grown comfortable with each other that there’s no need to hide the responses with a lighter reply. 😀 Yep, the travel bug bit me real hard!

  • RichardRyan

    well these people are our friends for nothing, sometimes they get to blurt out things that may hint a bit of assumptive sarcasm going round the corner, but then again, that is why they are our friends because they put sense to what they say and they just dont say things we normally want to hear. oh well. Best of luck to your travels and do write about them. so many people enjoy reading the blissful triumphs and the overtaken misfortunes of a traveler and you have the gift of being able to relay it to your audience the best way you can. 

  • Joey

    I an avid lurker in your travel blog from the time our common friends post your link in FB.  We might came across and meet casually in the office but we haven't a chance to introduce ourselves. Hehehe. BTW,  nainspired ko sa imo Blog bai and now I have the guts to pursue and start my own blog as well.
    Congratz in taking a big leap and independence to Corporate Slavery. 🙂

    • @Joey: Hi Joey, thanks for finally leaving a comment instead of lurking! hehe. Hope you can update me on your new blog! 😀

  • that is also my desire to do Edz..to stop working for a while but backpacking for months or year…I know time will come that it won't happen in our lives to travel again..so, my advice..hit the road.

    • @Eric: Hi sir Eric! I’ll be bringing my work with me so I hope I’ll be able to sustain this kind of lifestyle. Yes, I’ll hit the road while I can.

  • Wow, that's exactly it. Taking the plunge.
    Early tonight I was just surfing around the net looking for good travel blogs in the Philippines I could follow. I found out there were hundreds of awesome filipinos out there really passionate about travelling, taking pictures and writing good stuff along the way. I came across your blog in that manner. This post struck me right away. I've already read it twice now, and I will probably be reading it again. What I've observed from other blogs is that they seem to be a bit "inhuman" once they start making money and gaining a lot of followers. I really appreciate this because there's a lot of soul in it.
    I'm starting my own, although it's not all about travel. It's more like a search for what I want, so I'll likely talk about a lot of things: vidasioson.wordpress.com
    Wish you luck in your travels, and in the next part of your life journey. For all we know, this could be your biggest mistake, but what the hell – live life with no regrets. I think you'll go far having done this. 🙂

    • @Vida Sioson: Hopefully, this biggest mistake will actually be the best decision I’ll ever make. Thanks for the well-wishes! I’m aiming to create another blog about life and realizations as well but we’ll see. Thanks for dropping by!

  • awesome eds. perhaps only a few can gather their decisions and take the leap.
    u still in cambodia?
    its going to be difficult, man. but i dont think ul just give up that fast. unless you get trampled by fifty bull gaurs or get stalked a tiger. kidding.
    long live sons of kerouac! amping pare. hehe

    • @diego: im still in the PI woi. haha. thanks! I think all of us will have to make that decision sooner or later. long live supertramps! haha.

  • Hope to do the same soon… When? Only time can tell. 

    • @Tony: yeah, it took me 2 years to do this but we’ll work on it as we make ends meet.

  • After 4320 minutes of immense hard work we able to publish our first Blog . By the way Eds  here it is >>  http://boundfortwo.blogspot.com/

  • Saludo ako sa kakilala ko lang na 25 years old retiree!

    • @Elal: haha! no, not really retiring. I’m just shifting careers that will allow me to do one of the things I love. It was nice meeting you! 😀

  • pfvenus

    ur blogs are so inspiring. keep upand goodluck!.. xx

  • joanie

    Hello! Good for you to took a leap. God Bless and enjoy life.:D

  • raymond

    go Ed!!! i am so inspired by your blog. we only live once so better enjoy it! i admire your courage and determination. it is your life and we are here to support you. hope to be like you in the next two years!

  • @pfvenus: thanks a lot for dropping by! 😀

    @joanie: taking the leap after how preparing myself for it. 😀

    @raymon: Appreciate the encouraging words Raymond! Thanks!

  • Rachelle

    i have been reading your blogs while im on shift 😛 good thing, your site is not restricted.. i have had also read some travel blogs of your colleagues. but most of the time i use your site and im so inspired by it. 😉 been reading everytime transfer calls are on que. lingaw kaayo! hehe.  btw, may GOD BLESS YOU in your endeavor Ed. ALL IS WELL. **crossed fingers** 

  • raymond

    wow! ED you replied! i am your fan! haha there's no smiley face for me? i enjoy reading your blog so much. my officemate caught me reading your blog and said that my life revolves around travel. (yeah i travel a lot but  undocumented.frustrated blogger.i dunno where to start.i only have pics but no details)  then i told my officemate that i wanted to like this guy! (be Ed)..
    hope to accompany you in your next journey (PA will do)

  • raymond

    **** then i told my officemate that i wanted to BE like this guy! (be Ed)

  • Rachelle

    raymond: hi! we have the same story 🙂 they've been telling me laagan jud ko! haha! been telling them stories about travel and all the stuff. one thing i love about my job being a travel specialist though im still novice. its very helpful! i wanted to be like Ed. he's one of my inspiration. haha! i love reading his blogs.  <3
    Ed: Isnt it flattering? tsktsk
    raymond: Be Ed! 🙂

  • raymond

    rachelle- laagan in a sense that we love to discover places rather then frequent the bars and malls..haha. wow "travel specialist " sounds cool. do you have a page for me to view? before i sleep or most of the time, i always think of myself on how to be Ed…

  • Rachelle

    raymond: right! right 🙂 i love to discover more creations of God. the nature, all of em! Indeed, he made a beautiful place for us to live and love in. ayt? yuhh me too ive been telling my close friends about this. im looking forward this year for more travel. and im just so excited about it. no i dont have that. im sorry 😐 haha!
    funny how me and my close friend nicca ended up our conversation :
    me: sis, do you know who edcel suyo is?
    nicca: dili, kinsa na?
    me: he's a travel blogger.
    nicca: so?
    me: i wanted to be like him. i love reading his blogs. i wanted to go to the places he'd been to. i wanted to share experiences, inspire people, and promote tourism 🙂
    nicca: oh? thats good.
    me: im so frustrated.
    hahahah! 😀 😀 😀 

  • @rachelle & @raymond: Thanks a lot for the kind words! Appreciate it a lot! Here are two smiley faces for both of you! 🙂 🙂 hehehe

  • Rachelle

    Ed: thank you! heres one too 🙂 take care! Godbless!

  • Nica

    Hey Ed! Hope to see you on the road one of these days. Keep us posted! I'm planning another trip and this time I want to do it SOLO! Hehe! Take care!

    • @Nica: ey Nica! sure thing. message me if you’ll drop by SEA, maybe we can hang out with my friends 😀

  • Rome

    good luck . . .we know that the good Lord will protect and guide you always….
    we will be waiting for you posts…. 🙂

  • Rachelle


  • Liz

    Dear Ed, where ever you are right now, I am soo proud of you and I will soon be doing what you are doing. 🙂 Let me also share that I've been working freelance and doing online jobs and I've never felt this kind of independence ever. I will pray for your success and I hope that we get to meet you on the road. Take care! 

    • @Liz: Currently in Cambodia. Thanks a lot for the kind words! Hope to meet you on the road too and thanks too for reading this post!

  • faith

    hello po! i'm faith from negros , a high school graduating student who also has a passion like yours.
     ..i was really inspired by this  blog site of yours.
    i also want to learn about this po coz it's very interesting.
    i just discovered this yesterday when i was trying to find pictures of UP miag-ao and then where i saw your photo featuring the sunset of the beach near the university..
    i hope i can get to know you po even just here. it is really  a privilege to post here.. 
    thank u po!

    • @faith: hi faith, thanks for reading this post and for dropping by this blog! hope you’ll learn more from this site! 😀

  • Ed i cant say anything but, will support you all the way. I admire your courage to do such things. maybe one day I can do the same…ingat kayo ni Doi

    • @darwin: haha, no need to say anything. been preparing myself for 2 years before i arrived at this decision. thanks again. good luck with your own journey! 😀

  • Cj

    wow..puno nang comments..your lucky to have friends like them.. I keep checking your blogs everytime Im planning to travel..and this blog captured my curiousity..
    This one is for you..
    I believe that life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel, but we are well equipped for it if only we tap into our talents and gifts and allow them to blossom.—Les Brown
    Goodluck! ..  😀

  • Mai

    hi ed,
    i love this post… your articles continue to motivate us to explore things, to expand our horizon and to do the best in life  you inspired us to dream BIG 🙂 
    god bless in your new endeavor. congrats!

  • Hi ED, I know this comment will just be one among the hundreds here. I'd like to let you know that I admire your courage and determination about pursuing what you really want. 

    I also like to commend you on this well-written post. You got me inspired. Oh yeah, I featured your blog on mine pala. I hope it's okay 🙂

    • @Jaymie Ann David: Hi Jaymie, I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Just read your About Me page in your blog. Really honest. Thanks for featuring me! 😀

  • this is such a great read for me na magreresign na din. i really like this part, "I'm not even certain if travelling is my main passion in life, that I'd do anything just to travel. But I know that I want to cross out items in my bucket rather than wonder about possibilities."

  • Hi Ed! You just used my favorite word. haha. Anyway, this is quite inspirational! You've actually done something people would not even consider! I hope this leads you to more extraordinary journeys down the road! Kudos! 🙂

    • @Deo: hahaha, napansin ko nga when I shared the link in your site, gamit na gamit! hahaha. Thanks Deo, thanks as well for sharing your post. Tambay uli one of these days sa inyo before another epic trip of yours! 🙂

  • Hi sir! I've been reading your blog from time to time but it was only now that I got to read this. Very nice post. A lot of the things that you mentioned struck me, although I must say I am not as courageous and confident. Going against the norm is something that still scares me big time, that's why I admire you for being so brave and pursuing what you really want.

    • @Emir: Thanks for taking the time to read this post, Emir! I’m currently doing what I planned on doing, not sure when this will stop but i’m enjoying every minute; even if sometimes it’s tough. 🙂

  • hi, i left work also and stayed home for about 9 months but i'm not yet a travel-fanatic then.. if only i've known ealier that my feet are into the world and the hunger for knowing what's beyond it.. i would have enjoyed that break and maybe was still in a work-break until today…

    enjoy 🙂

    • @mountains&beyond: it’s not too late to do what we want to do. we learn lessons along the way. thanks! 🙂

  • I’ve been a reader since last year but never really left any comments. haha. I am almost on the same situation that you were last 2012. I just read this post again and wanted to quit work now because the travel bug bit me so hard, it hurts. People wanted to punch me and shake my body furiously because OA daw and unbelievable daw yung thought of quitting work for travel because I’m only turning 23. Started work when I was 20 and have saved up. I’ve already booked flights during Piso Sale. Thanks for inspiring!

    • @MAriane: Thanks for reading this blogpost, Mariane! So long as we’ve covered our grounds, it wouldn’t be that difficult to pursue the things that we love doing. Happy travels. 🙂

      • Chona king

        cell, you practically know what you like to do in your life , you enjoyed it ! it is a journey.you learn to appriciate different places and thier culture! you were blessed to go elsewhere ! and most important , you open my mind that money is not a hindrance to pursue in anything . people should enjoy: life , work,and travel ! then share your thoughts! JUST DONT GET TIRED! TAKE CARE , and GOD BLESS!!! note:first time.

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