Lakbay Norte 3: Outdoor Adventures in North Philippines

I was so overwhelmed by the responses I received from my previous blog entry that I don’t know if I can come up with another ‘share-worthy’ post. But based on the comments, a lot of people have but a slight idea of my plans after announcing that I was going to resign in order to start a location-independent lifestyle. In reality, I don’t really have a clear idea on what I’m going to do. All I know is that I have a few tickets booked and I’ll pursue a freelance career online. Slow travel is what I aim to do. But before going on that trip, here’s an event that also helped me decide to resign earlier than expected.

Lakbay Norte 3 Adventure

I was chosen by the North Philippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB), along with five other travel bloggers, as part of a media group to tour Northern Luzon dubbed as Lakbay Norte 3: Outdoor Adventures in North Philippines!

lakbay norte 3 bloggers
Note: Photos were taken from the bloggers’ profiles without their permission. Peace guys! 😀

I first read about Lakbay Norte from Estan and Nina when they shared their stories during the second installment of this travel series. To be given an all-expense paid tour to different destinations in North Luzon and try out different extreme activities was something I could only dream about. But after submitting my application form, I was ecstatic to be chosen along five other bloggers.

Six Bloggers in Lakbay Norte 3

Here’s the official list of bloggers who were chosen for the January 22-29, 2012 event.

Angel Juarez –
Gael Hilotin –
Marcos Caratao – Ambot-Ah
James Betia –
Edcel Suyo –
Christian Sangoyo –

Whenever I go to different places, one of the things I look forward to is to find out what physical activities I can do. I’ve cliff-jumped in Malapascua, wakeboard in Camsur, bungy jumped in Macau and so much more. Check out the other things I’ve done just to show how much lunatic I am: I’ve Been to Different Places, But I’ve Never Been to Boracay.

Surfing, Skimboarding, trekking, whitewater rafting, etc. – the tentative itinerary seems pretty sick! This is perfect for me as I’m always looking for something extreme whenever I travel. Not that I’m an athletic person, but I just want to find ways to release the energy that’s bottled up inside.

This Lakbay Norte program is a great way to help promote the country as we show to the rest of the world that it’s definitely “More fun in the Philippines!”. I am also looking forward to bonding with these Filipino travel bloggers as I get to know more of each one.

NPVB Facebook Page:
Lakbay Norte Twitter Page:

PS: At sa wakas, magiging sikat na ako kasi makukunan ako ng picture ni THE Christian of Lakad Pilipinas! lol

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29 thoughts on “Lakbay Norte 3: Outdoor Adventures in North Philippines”

  1. @mervz: Thanks Mervz! Jam-packed talaga yung IT. good luck sa sakit ng katawang nito! haha. Thanks! 😀

    @killerfillers: not sure where we'll be, tentative pa kasi. hope to meet you! 😀

  2. OO naman, up close mo picturan si Kuya Christian, idol lahat mga kasama mo, siempre pati ikaw.  Uber saya niyan!  Enjoy the moment and be in Boracay soon. hehe..

  3. Edcel, sana mameet kita in person dito sa norte. dito lang ako sa dagupan-baguio area. nameet ko na si Gael last week during the mt. timbak trek. sana mameet din kita. hehehe

  4. @batanggala: wow, di pa kami alamat! but thanks! hehe

    @vin: thanks vin jam-packed adventure toh! 

    @journeyingjames: papicture tao ni Christian – sya gawin nating photographer! hahaha. see you in 2 days and no worries sa photo! 😀

  5. Agree with jerome, parang nag team-up ang ilan sa mga travel blog heroes! :> Looking forward to the documentation of this trip! I'm sure it will help people be more aware of the joys in travelling 🙂

  6. Nice! Muapil jud ko sa 4th installment ani soon (unta naa pa) and hopefully madawat. Wanna explore North Luzon man gud kay taga dira akong mga ninuno! Oh diba, laagan kaayo sila, naabot silag Davao. :))
    Ingat and enjoy your trip! BTW, basig mag salisi ta sa airport ani.

  7. e di kayo na! lol! Anong kaguluhan to?!?! bakit nagsama sama ang mga bigatin ha?! hehehe! Ang galing naman. Full force. Exciting! Mahihiya si alvin and the chipmunks. ^_^ Goodluck guys! enjoy!

  8. @Byron: haha, good luck with the documentation talaga! But yeah, will need to catch up on this fast! 😀

    @Renz: Go Renz! They're planning for the next Lakbay Norte! 😀

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, how's the trip gael? hehe.

    @lawstude: Enjoying it a lot Oman! bitin lang. hehe

    @gayE: thanks gay! 

    @kura: hahaha, daming ginawa, excited na ako sa spa tomorrow at nang makapagrelax naman! 😀

    @dong ho: sayang kay wala ka niapil man dom! hehe. 😀

    @vida sioson: You can join next year! 😀


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