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it’s a common practice that we or most of us would try to make an
entry that would somehow coincide with the celebration occuring at the
present. but i can’t seem to decide what and where to start. all i’m
saying is that my christmas was okay, fine and simple. good thing that
we’re still complete, despite all odds. different forms of shit have
passed, but our family’s still together. i have to blog something
about this someday. a long entry waiting to be told, that’ll be the

it’s a new year once again! i feel more in the mood right now than
last year. and i still haven’t found the liking in making resolutions
this time. i don’t know why (or don’t know how). hehe. assuming that
this year will be a silent one. no firecrackers and such. i don’t
know, really. we were one of the families who really loaded up during
new year’s eve before. but things have changed. more important
priorities to attend to first. but im sure a lot of jumping will
happen, with me heading the pack of course. hehe.

we’re supposed to start the new year with an optimistic point, only to
find out that thousands have already been taken away to the after-life
without even reaching it. last time i heard, 62 000 people died
because of the disaster that struck some neighboring countries.
Tsunami, never really gave it much thought in science class. but 62
thousand? damn. with just one blow, makes you wonder what’ll happen
next. and to think that this is just one of the consecutive tragedies
that disturbed 2004. what’s there to expect beyond? predictions. yes,
i listened to the random ramblings of some of the pers”HULA”nities on
television. but i didn’t give in to them to get the better of me. just
that they said this is only the start. still our older generation
celebrities will reach the ending point and this is just the beginning
of the many calamities that’ll happen. not to mention new diseases
that’ll hit us.

sigh. did i depress you? hope not. never meant to. just that it’s been
a turbulent year for all, whatever class in society you’re in. some
may beg to disagree. ah not been myself lately, maybe it’s the
vacation. 5 more days left though. no need to rush it even more.

REWIND: one year back
on new year’s resolutions – “i’m fine being ME…”

now: i STILL am.
“Happy Blasted New Year!!!”

posted Wednesday, 29 December 2004

amia made this comment,
brick! huhu. LOL. memories, memories. anyway, happy new year ed! dati
rin my grand dad was famous for his fireworks display, ngayon well,
you know. hehe.
i saw the tsunami reports, even the “body dump site” sheesh. nalungkot
ako when they started burrying the dead using a tractor.

“now she’s feelin more alone than she ever has before..”

comment added :: 30th December 2004, 10:27 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
hi ed! happy new year anong new years resolution? lol wala na dapat di
ba? anyway here’s to 2005!
take care

comment added :: 31st December 2004, 03:15 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
happy new year, lil bro!
“i’m fine being me”….that’s good enough. πŸ™‚


comment added :: 1st January 2005, 18:54 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
Good to know that you’re fine being you… Hehehehe, We havent talked
for a long while na ah, hows you? All those depressing news and death
tolls rising, guess all we can do is cross our fingers and hope it all
ends soon.
Anyway, Happy New Year ed.


comment added :: 2nd January 2005, 13:24 GMT+08
edandhisdarkgreenlife made this comment,
happy new year! and thanks guys!

comment added :: 3rd January 2005, 17:17 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
new year’s resolution? ano yun? πŸ˜›

comment added :: 6th January 2005, 14:51 GMT+08

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