goody two shoes

it’s raining really hard outside… and now, i’m really soaking wet!!!
don’t know what to blog, nangongopya na lang ulit sa iba… i got this from cnbgirl…

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz.

so back in high school, i was supposed to be the goody two-shoes…. EEEENNNGG! wrong!!! okay so maybe i was… but i have to say that i wasn’t the goody one totally???

so what if i was class president (i have to blurt it down), so what if i was a cat officer? (have to post something about this later), and so what if i was also a club officer (just a treasurer, but the rules were you can only be an officer in one category, either in the class or club, but i had been in both)….

i’m also bad!!! you know… i did cut classes (well, only in PE, coz the teacher was really upsetting me)… i fight back at my teachers (wait, together with the whole section), we even brought liquor to school on our nutrition month… (hope no one reads this… hehe).

but in the midst of hang-outs till sawa, i still made my assignments, i still did my projects, i still finished my requirements. and above it all, teachers (though not all), still thought i was good. so maybe i can say the result’s slightly true… haha..

one last thing. i was really glad about what my classmate told me once, when our other batchmates were practicing our graduation rites… we(we were 6 in all) just stayed inside our classroom… and just talked and talked…. with the doors closed, and the lights turned off… being careful that someone might see and report us…

classmate1: hey aren’t we gonna join the practice???
classmate2: yeah, we might get caught…
classmate3: don’t worry, with edcel around, we’re safe. nobody’s gonna get mad at us…

so i guess i’m the ‘goody two-shoes’ at all…. but again, just slightly… haha..

posted Monday, 19 July 2004

A visitor made this comment,
haha nakuha ko jan ‘outsider’. i checked the other results tas i think yan na pinaka-okay sa lahat. haha.
comment added :: 19th July 2004, 22:55 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
wow, goody two shoes ka… 🙂 pero yung result sa akin, mali. nde naman ako geek, but i do get good grades naman. hehe. =P
comment added :: 20th July 2004, 10:36 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
hahaha! “outsider” daw ako, bad trip! hahahah! Whatever! nandaya ako ng konti and took the quiz again, “geek” naman daw! hahahah! Oh well. Eh sa totoong taga-spike lang naman talaga ako ng punch sa gatherings eh! and taga puslit ng alcoholic substances whenever I get the chance.:-D Hi Ed!
comment added :: 20th July 2004, 14:22 GMT+08
Shawty made this comment,
outsider din ako hehehe.. waaa si ed altarboy yan eh hahahaha
comment added :: 20th July 2004, 17:17 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
ako, loner daw. pero feeling ko sa college dapat um-effect ung result na un. 😉
comment added :: 20th July 2004, 22:50 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
hehehe goody two shoes hmmm..i guess i’ll have to take the test to see…
take carenicole
comment added :: 21st July 2004, 07:30 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
ngek, im the outsider.. laina. btaw, goody-two shoes btaw ka edz. but only slightly.. laflaflaf
comment added :: 22nd July 2004, 12:53 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
by the way, its iñaki miguel.. =)
comment added :: 22nd July 2004, 12:56 GMT+08
crunchies made this comment,
hmm, cguro yun din lalabas sa ken.. altho pwede rin geek and outsider. pero it only means you still know what’s good for you while taking time out to enjoy life.
comment added :: 9th August 2004, 11:44 GMT+08

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