Inspiring Around the World Travel Videos

The past few days, I was able to watch Around the World Travel videos which made me realize how much more of the planet there is to explore. Aside from the traveling aspect in these videos, they’ve motivated me to hone my skills and pursue my passions. Let me share these videos to you.

Where the hell is Matt? Dance

Matt Harding

Where the hell is Matt? was supposed to be a funny clip of him dancing but after a few edits, the idea of this dance in different international locations became viral which gave him widespread coverage of his travels.

This is the third installment of his video series. He started dancing in postcard photo locations in the background when he thought it became boring for him and decided to include people to dance with him.

Mai Travel Site Beach Tennis Asia Pacific Tour

Federico Arrizabalaga

Was browsing through international travel blogs one morning when I stumbled upon this cool video of a couple who had a simple idea of playing beach tennis around the Asia Pacific. Upon further investigation, it turns out that this was taken from Matt’s dance concept. Instead of them dancing, they decided to play a sport instead.
Note: Not sure if this will play due to restrictions, but you can simply watch it on YouTube.

Move, Eat & Learn

Rick Mereki (editor/co-producer)
Tim White (producer)
Andrew Lees (actor)

These are three short films that came up on my Feeds on Facebook. Funded by STA Travel Australia, 3 guys were sent to 11 countries in 44 days to experience a ‘trip of a lifetime’. They created a video on ‘moving’, ‘eating’ and ‘learning’ in the process of traveling.

Although for this blog entry, the ‘Move’ edition of this 3-part video had more similarities, I’m particularly inspired by the β€˜Learn’ clip. There’s so much more to learn like playing a musical instrument, learning to cook, somersaults, back flips, driving a France Car Hire for rent, creating art.

I think it goes by with my desire of learning new things, enriching myself and going beyond my comfort zone just to feel how it is to be alive.

The Sole Sister Americano Dance Craze

Chichi Bacolod & Lois Yasay

These Filipinas (yes, they’re from the Philippines!) has conquered the blogging and travelling community by storm. They just came back from a 6-month backpacking trip in Southeast Asia and they came up with a cool way of spreading the itchy feet with this dance craze in 3 countries.

You gotta love the energy of these women!

Headstands Around The World?

This idea made me think how it would be like if I were to create my own video of doing headstands around the world. It would be a fun concept to do. I’ve actually started so in other countries around Asia but these were just pictures.

edcel headstand

It would be great to create a video compilation with proper framing and editing. That is, I’ll do my headstand in one place while the background changes. I have to save up to buy my own camera with video-recording capabilities first. When that time comes, I’ll be more consistent with the shots.

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13 thoughts on “Inspiring Around the World Travel Videos”

  1. Sige ikaw na talaga.
    Favorite ko talaga yung Move, Eat, Learn. Ang wafu wafu lang ni kuya. Tapos feeling ko lumalapit siya sakin. Hahahaha. Charlotte.

  2. Headstand around the world? Ang bongga nyan. Ikaw na ang umeeffort. hahah! Pero sabi mo 1 second lang ang headstands na yan db? Baka hndi pa namin tapos basahin ang caption nakalipat na. hahha! Goodluck sa vid editing. Keri yan!
    bago pa naging uso yang mga ganyan ganyan e may nakita na ko a year ago. Binalak ko din gawin kahit sa isang province lang pero iba't ibang spots. Nakatamaran ko lang e. Sayang pala. Kung nagkataon pala pioneer ako kuno no? lol! joke lang.

  3. @thenomadicpinoy: haha, didn't notice the wrong spelling of the Philippines, but yes, one of a kind talaga!

    @supertikoy: just my thoughts Jerome! hanap pa muna ako ng camera with video capabilities. hehe

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, thanks for the tip gael! hehe. official vid talaga ha? hehe why not? πŸ˜€

    @robbie: haha, matagal pa yan, kelangan ko pang magipon for travels! kaya naman pala paborito ang Move, Eat, Learn. hehe

    @kura: haha, effort talaga. napepressure na akong dapat magheadstand every place. waa. 1 second ang photo, minsan umaabot ng 3 secs. so dapat mabilis lang ang pagkakuha. haha. kung hindi man, slow mo lang natin. haha!.  onga dapat ginawa mo rin ito! hahaha. ikaw na sana ang may official DOT vid! hehe

    @AJ: wow, thanks AJ. dami mo nang compliments. thanks! yipes underwater, need to get ear and nose plugs first! haha. πŸ˜€

    @renevic: haha, sana renevic, thanks! gawa ka rin!

    @ron: also love your vids ron and the humor in them! keep it up! πŸ˜€


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