Podcast Interview with Estan of Langyaw.com

Had good feedback despite having some issues with my first podcast interview. Thanks guys. I’m ready to post the next one. By the way, I changed the title of my podcast series to SoloFlightEd Sessions to keep up with the branding.

soloflighted sessions with estan

Estan of Langyaw.com

This time, I had the opportunity to interview Estan Cabigas of Langyaw.com. I was able to travel with him and other bloggers on a free trip to Hong Kong and it was nice that he was willing enough to support me with this project.

Interview Location: Hong Kong International Airport

estan cabigas
Estan in Batanes

Please click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the Podcast:

What is your primary goal why you set up your travel blog?

My primary goal in setting up this travel blog was to serve as a record of my travels around the country and abroad… travel pictures.

Why do you push travel blogging beyond the usual itineraries?

As travel bloggers, I think we really have to discover new places and new things to do. The Philippines is so vast and so wide. Over 7100 islands and most that I’ve seen do is keep on writing the same places again and again. Like for example, Boracay or Anawangin and Nagsasa in Zambales. What about those in North Luzon? In the Babuyanes? In many parts of Mindanao?

I mean we, as travel bloggers, have a role in contributing to the tourism in the country and it is on us that we should feature new places to visit. To tell people that “Hey, there’s this great beach somewhere in Mindanao.”, or “There’s this delicious food in Samar.” etc.

As travel bloggers, we should really go out beyond our comfort zones, beyond those usual places and discover more of our country.

Are there any tips you’d like share to those who are hesitant to go out and explore the world?

Just throw your inhibitions, throw your fears, and go out and travel.

It’s a really beautiful thing to explore the world. To go out there and discover cultures, learn new ways of living, people, eating food that is not the usual and it not only enriches you personally but you will discover more of yourself.


I felt nervous in this podcast because I had to face my guest unlike the previous one. I had to maintain a straight face even if at times, I wanted to laugh at how silly I looked. I also used my brother’s Walkman phone in order to record the audio and I was wondering if the noise at the airport was distracting. We didn’t have time to conduct the interview in one of the cheap hotels where we stayed which was more silent but I’m glad that it all worked out.

Thanks Estan!

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19 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Estan of Langyaw.com”

  1. @ron: haha. pressure na! still completing my questions. nalilito pa ako if I should do a separate interview or if it's possible kung kayong dalawa ni monette! haha. 

    @jake: thanks jake! more na dayun. i just posted. haha

  2. bilis dere-derecho pala to. si Estan i think im one of those who were first to download his e-magazine. too bad i lost one of the pdf copy. Calayan sounds great.

  3. ahahah! natawa ko sa dulo.. "ah hay! Salamat!" sino yun? haha! nakahuli ako ng tagalog words. kala mo ang seseryoso e. lol!
    Anyway, another success ed! Way to go! At katulad ng mga tao dito.. nakaka hook talaga tong interview sessions mo. 

  4. @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, thanks for dropping by gael! pakinggan mo pagbalik mo 😀 thanks!

    @lakwatsera de primera: thanks claire! will schedule one for our interview soon! 😀

    @micamyx: frustrated reporter kasi tayo. hahaha.

    @supertikoy: thanks jerome! coming up next week kay brenna! ikaw sa susunod! hehe

    @tina: thanks tina! haha. saya pag naririnig natin ang mga boses ng mga bloggers di ba?

    @cedric: thanks ced! hope to interview more bloggers soon! 😀

    @dong ho: haha, ewan, parang dapat every week may bago! hehe. malapit na ring matupad ang mga Emagazines ni Estan, kelangan lang ng oras kasi andami rin syang backlogs. marami na tayo! haha

    @AJ: I dunno, this interview was a bit spontaneous. Thanks for the feedback and I'm feeling more confident when asking questions! 😀

    @kura: haha, ako yun, I figured I'd post some random bloopers compared sa last podcast kasi it parang seryoso masyado. at least, alam natin na tao pa rin tayong lahat. masaya na ring lagyan ng mga kakatuwang expressions :D. thanks! kaya ngayon, hooked na rin akong magpost. ikaw na rin one of these days ok? hehehe.

  5. NICE!
    To be honest, Estan's talk at the 2011 Cebu Blog Camp is the main and primary reason that motivated me to start a separate travel blog. So really, my hats off to him. And I'm proud to say na nakasama ko siya sa Pangasinan before without knowing then na bigatin pala siya! 😀

  6. Nice interview! I really liked what he said about tourism in the Philippines and the responsibility of travel bloggers to do something new. I'm listening to the podcast now and it's hard to load with my third world internet ;P
    Wait, so you guys got to go to Hong Kong for free!? What program is that and how can I get in on it?? I'm always looking for ways to travel hack. I went to Taiwan for free and I didn't even know that it would be (I got a grant which refunded the cost of my ticket, plus a little bit extra)! So that was cool..
    Coming from experience, if you're connected with temples they might have ways for you to travel free also (this is basically how I got to Taiwan)… but that's more of the monastic route. Which I'm NOT into. Steep sacrifice ;P

    I'm really just getting into the Pinoy Travel Bloggers scene and I'm liking it so far. What with my interview in Flip Nomad and contributing to Pinay on the Move for an article on Manila! I've traveled a lot of the Philippines especially last year and am going to Samar for the first time this November but so far, I never thought to blog about my experiences! This will have to change and Estan inspired me! 🙂

  7. @robbie: wow, si Estan pala idol mo! idol sya ng marami. hehe. pero teka, anong travel blog mo rob? 😀

    @christian: grabe ni Estan, RAW talaga pag nagshoshoot. hehe

    @janet: Didn't realize until after I first listened to the recording that this interview was pretty meaty and Estan had a lot of things to share.

    Yes, we were sent to Hong Kong for free courtesy of Airphil Express as they just launched a new route from Cebu to Hong Kong and we were tasked to write about our experience on the trip. Got really lucky! But hey, that Taiwan break of yours seemed to be really cool too! Estan gets invited a lot because of his Photography and Architecture ventures too!

    Thanks for the comment cum mini blog Janet! Got to your site thru Flipnomad too! And you're a Cebuana diay. haha.


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