job hunting part 3: requirements

hay naku! ang mga requirements sa pagtatarabaho! at ang nakalala pa
nito ay wala tayong pera!!!

i couldn’t sleep well, partly because i was excited and nervous for
the final interview… when i got there, 15 minutes before the
scheduled time… i saw my new-found friend, miriam… since she also
applied too… and soon, katrina joined us! the other girl, which i
haven’t met didn’t come though… well, we just chatted about the
questions that were asked by the interviewer the other day…it’s nice
too since we became close…

when it was time already, they said that he won’t interview us anymore
since they were having a meeting… shit! akala ko ba meron? there was
no final interview… since they had a meeting… they just reminded
us of the health card to be submitted… grrr!!! all that nervousness
and excitement for nothing!… kakainis!

anyway, last monday, i went to a hospital here and had my x-ray… i
paid P170.00 ($$ka-ching$$). and the results will be given tomorrow…

the next day, i went back to that hospital and got my results… next
stop? city health to get a health card… the problem was i had to
stop by the nearest point (which is really not near) since there was
no jeepney available that could take me there… so i had to walk…
no problem there (since i’ve got legs)… when i was there, i looked
for some information about Health Cards…

* chest x-ray
* fee: P160.00 ($$ka-ching$$)
* stool examination
* 1 x 1 picture

dammit! i didn’t bring a photo! so, i was forced to walk again… back
to where i could get a ride. my legs were starting to hurt… i went
home, secured the photo, and again, walked back… (mind you, i
couldn’t afford a taxi, and if i could though, i still wouldn’t).
after filling up the forms and paying, i was ready for the dreaded
stool examination! yipes! this process involves a little bit of butt
exposure… no! rather, a lot! ang gagawin ay may ipapasok na cotton
sa stick (like cotton buds) sa puwet mo… seriously! aside from lying
about my age, this was the part where i really got nervous…
–yacks!–… buti na lang dalawa lang kaming nasa loob… PHEW!!!
they said i’ll get my card on monday…

so, after that, i went to inquire about a police clearance… i know
this isn’t part of the to-get list yet… but at least i’m being ready
in advance… the only thing lacking was the residence certificate
(cedula)… i have to get it at the city hall (wherever that is).

hay! tapos na ang mga requirements ko para sa araw na ‘to! when i went
home, i checked on my things… when suddenly… —–bwisit!, yawa!,
peste!—– nawala yung resibo ko para sa health card! paano ko
ma-claim??? “ok, ok. breathe calmly, surely you can get your card,
just explain to them… you can find a way…” —-shit!, gago!
tanga!—- nawala yung bente pesos ko! akalain mo namang nangyari
sa’kin ‘to! kung saan pa naman tayo nagtitipid, doon pa nawalan ng
pera! “breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…” This isn’t
my day!”

posted Tuesday, 21 October 2003
eryN made this comment,
sa fastfood ba job mo?

Visit me @
comment added :: 26th October 2003, 07:27 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
nasa cebu ka pala. and based on your subjects, college freshman? well,
good luck! sana ako rin nagworking student, kahit summer lang… it’s
good that you want to help out, just don’t neglect your studies kase
dun ikaw lang ang may control, diba?

comment added :: 26th October 2003, 19:28 GMT+08

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