job hunting part 4: instructions

i had to cut hair pala since i have to be clean-looking… ang sayang
naman!!! i haven’t cut it since our graduation last march! and now i
have to trim it all because of this working….. well, no regrets…
—sigh— at least, no one’s gonna call me a walking hua ze lei
anymore… (is the spelling right?)…

i went to the City Health again, feeling very nervous at nag-aalala.
For i was wondering on what to do since i lost the receipt for my
health card. i tried to ask for some help from the cashier. she told
me to go to ms. so and so which then told me to ask from miss then and
then… after a few hassles, they finally gave me my card… THANK
HEAVENS! there really is a way! well, of course there’s a way. ‘coz i
paid for it! Hmmph… now i act like a complainant when it was my
fault in the first place… hehehehe….

after receiving it, i never forgot to thank the people whom i asked
help from… at least, in some way or another, i made them smile when
i expressed my sincere gratitudes (ows? sincere daw o!)… at kahit
konte, gumaan ang pakiramdam ng araw nila! so let this be a lesson to
you… (1)don’t forget to say “thank you” to the people who did
something for you, (2) don’t forget to say “thank you” even if the act
is small… and (3)don’t forget to say “thank you” in the little
things that people do for you… ok? (aba! tinatlo pa kahit iisa lang
ang thought!) hehehe…

so i walked again… going to jollibee… (wala talagang jeepney na
available eh)… it’s fine to walk…. it’s just that i hate the smoke
from the vehicles brushing through my face…. kakadiri masyado….
tapos nagpeperspire ka pa… i’m not very maarte about my face… pero
dumadami lang talaga ang mga tigyawat sa mukha ko! hehehe…

when i got there, i gave the card and received my uniform! and waited
for about an hour… while doing that, i received my 1st complaint
(not for me though) for the manager… “wise na wise raw ng sir dwight
na ‘yan, ‘pag medyo may oras kang itatrabaho, pinapa-break ka ng
mahigit dalawang oras… kaya ang oras mo sanang pantrabaho ay
makukunan. ” well, i have yet to find out if it’s true… at least i
was given a warning already… i received my schedule for my
“PRE-SCREENING EXAM…” and i start tomorrow… which is today (i was
only able to post this now)…

the minor things needed were:
black socks
tickler (just a small notebook)
hair net

i also received a few more requirements needed to be processed so that
i start working after the training…
mayor’s permit
baranggay clearance
nbi permit (original)
police clearance
sss no.
drug test
residence certificate (cedula)
written parental consent
1×1 (3 pcs); 2×2 (1 pc.)

hay! ang daming kailangan pang i-process! tapos… gagastos na
naman… sana mabawi ko to sa ROI! kaya ko ‘to!

posted Thursday, 23 October 2003

samplawer made this comment,
well done!!! naks naman.. see? the fruits of your perseverance..
ngayon isa ka nang empleyado ng diyalibi… ingat ha… “,)
comment added :: 29th October 2003, 07:42 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
welcome sa mundo ng pagtatrabaho. 🙂

comment added :: 29th October 2003, 14:24 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
i also believe in always saying thank you..guess what, i’m gonna be
working in jollibee smo.

comment added :: 29th October 2003, 21:53 GMT+08

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