2010: A Busy Tiger

I’m supposed to create a good entry about how my year ended but I’m busy working on something a lot of things that I’m still having difficulty keeping up. There are so many things going on in my head and although I am way pressed with the workload, I am bent on prolonging the agony … Read more

sober new year

Sick actually. I thought I’d be spending the new year somewhere else but I was at the office doing some extra work. I got sick from too much shouting but it was a fun night. Next door neighbor Cherry had a little celebration by cooking up some pasta while I helped Doi set up her … Read more

New Year!

2007 was, in general, a good year for me. And according to some useful tips from different books I’ve read, I should focus more on the positive things that happened to me. Work –> I’m glad I got one especially at this point in time knowing that in general, I’m still technically unqualified to have one just … Read more


i slept early last christmas eve. around 9:30. i didn’t/don’t have any relatives to visit and i got tired of tasting my mom’s small preparation that’s why i went to bed. so it wasn’t what i expected. on second thought, i never had anything special in mind. but then there’s ym. i don’t know about … Read more

what’s new?

it’s a common practice that we or most of us would try to make an entry that would somehow coincide with the celebration occuring at the present. but i can’t seem to decide what and where to start. all i’m saying is that my christmas was okay, fine and simple. good thing that we’re still … Read more

hapi new year!

happy new year!!! hindi pa pala… 2 days pa pala… anyway, bakahindi ako makapag-blog sa araw na iyon kaya ngayon na lang akomag-gi-greet… may gusto ko sanang ipo-post sa drafts file ko… kasomedyo nakakasakit sa ibang tao… next time na lang siguro… tapos sanew year….speaking of new year… ano bang resolution ko??? so far wala … Read more