i slept early last christmas eve. around 9:30. i didn’t/don’t have any relatives to visit and i got tired of tasting my mom’s small preparation that’s why i went to bed. so it wasn’t what i expected. on second thought, i never had anything special in mind.

but then there’s ym.

i don’t know about you but as one of the lonely souls on the planet, being able to communicate with close friends probably is a big deal; considering place differences (an island away and on the other side of the globe). sigh, technology these days. 🙂

rolica: uy, merry christmas!
gale: merry christmas din!
rolica: ingat ka lagi, i wish na
sana buo ka pa pagka-bagong taon.
gale: sira! hehe. pero bawal ang paputok rito. unless there’s a special event that you need to get a permit etc.
rolica: aah, ganun ba? mabuti pa dito sa pinas, kahit ano, basta illegal… PWEDE!

i’m looking forward to 2006, the past year was a big letdown for me. not that i want to enumerate every detail, save me from making this entry a bit longer. and yet, i’m still alive — something i should be thankful for. still, it’s all about good vibrators err vibrations. hehe. nah, i’m not a big fan of feng shui. but oust the negative!

a toast to a new year, hopefully a better one!


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I find it hard to believe
That someone up there is waiting
With arms open wide and smiling
It’s so hard to believe
When someone told me that your suffering
Is what you get for living

posted Friday, 30 December 2005

nina made this comment,


comment added :: 31st December 2005, 01:29 GMT+08

ravissant made this comment,

I really hope that 2006 will give us all good fortune, good health, & good luck in whatever stuff we might encounter with. Take care, Ed! Happy New Year!

comment added :: 31st December 2005, 10:19 GMT+08

Paul made this comment,

That’s the spirit, tomorrow is another day. Happy New Year! More blessings for you and your family!

comment added :: 31st December 2005, 10:49 GMT+08

nicole made this comment,

happy new year ed!take care nicole

comment added :: 4th January 2006, 02:57 GMT+08

e d made this comment,

nina, rav, paul, nicole: cheers!

comment added :: 8th January 2006, 21:00 GMT+08

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