Sagada Trip and the Movies

Just came back from a trip to Sagada, Mountain Province and I still have to sort my pictures according to albums but let me post this quick teaser of this recent break.

I’m more of a beach person but I also appreciate a different scene once in awhile. Sagada was able to do that for me. I’ve so many stories to tell (again!) and it’ll probably take awhile to write every post (again!). For now, let me share a few pictures of my adventures with other travel bloggers and friends.

Somehow, I can’t help but think about a few movies when I did a couple of so-called “stunts” in this beautiful town. By the way, was laughing my arse off creating this entry. This is just for laughs and not to be taken seriously.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard in The Beach

Location: Bomod-ok Falls

Climbed a slippery rock, slid in the process (will post an article soon) and bumped my head in Bomok-od falls. I kept my composure and afterwards, I jumped from one of the rocks. It was a small height but I got a scared due to how cold the water was.

slippery when wet

Like Leonardo in The Beach, he jumped off a waterfall. Though it wasn’t as high as the falls in the movie, the water was still cold enough to make others think twice when taking a dip.

bomod-ok falls
another jump shot

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in Twilight

Location: Kiltepan Peak
Disclaimer: Pardon the reference but I can’t think of any other character. I’m not a fan of Twilight (the movie) but they’re all over the place so it’s difficult not to notice.

We were waiting for the sun to rise but was unsuccessful as we only saw a peek of its rays between clouds and fogs. Around 5:30am, we were at Kiltepan Peak all covered with blankets.

sagada woods
feeling the cold weather

Surrounded by pine trees, I dared to take my shirt off and bare it all out save for my shorts. Like a skinny Taylor in Twilight, I spent the remaining minutes semi-clothed while the cold wind brushed my skin. Good thing I’m a human callus.

sagada peak
with other Pinoy Travel Blogger members – Carla and Doi
photo courtesy of James

James Franco as Aron Ralston in 127 Hours

Location: Lumiang Cave pool

Entry point was at the Burial or Lumiang Cave and exit point was at Sumaging Cave. We took advantage of the Cave Connection package (a four-hour caving adventure) provided by the Sagada Genuine Guides Association.

We passed by a natural pool that was freakishly cold. I asked one of our guides and he said that the temperature is around 5 degrees Celsius. Feeling like James in 127 Hours, I immediately jumped into this body of water and the coldness pierced my skin.

cave connection
pool inside the cave

With all the rock formations inside, I simply had to insert my arm in one of the holes, pretending to be trapped. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie and found it very inspiring.

between a rock and a hard place

I can come up with some more references in the different spots in Sagada. Trekking at the rice paddies, staring at the wooden coffins or simply the way back to our inn from the town proper when it was pitch-black. But the above are what I could easily think as of now.

With all the scenic views in Sagada, a movie should be made out of this town alone – not sure if it has already been done.

Currently in Manila, I’ll be heading back to Cebu in the afternoon. Another great adventure full of stories waiting to be told. It’s another one added to the list of backlogs.

Useful Tips:
You can check out for directions to Sagada.
Also, visit the SAGGAS – Sagada Genuine Guides.

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27 thoughts on “Sagada Trip and the Movies”

  1. Nasaan ka at this very moment? LOL. Katakot uy nung Atom impersonation pose mo. Ayoko mangyari yan sayo in real life waaah.
    Saya siguro ng trip especially with some of the PTB mates. Looking forward to your Sagada stories. Naunahan mo pa ako LOL 😛 Have a safe trip back to Cebu, Ed 😀

  2. Bro, Im hapopy you enjoyed Sagada. 🙂 I jumped off that Bomod-ok platform more than a couple of times already – the climbing required to get there is more scary compared to the actual jump. It's always a great treat for me to read about people who enjoy visiting Sagada. I hope you return soon.

  3. ala–ayun na. nagtatalon na naman pati sa loob ng kweba at sa bumod-ok falls. ikaw na talaga ed. hahaha. sabi ko kay Doi pigilan kang mag headstand sa loob ng Sumaging–yung. talon naman pinalit. glad you are safe. grabeh. lamig ng tubig kaya sa loob. 😀

  4. Love love love love Sagada!!! Been there twice and gusto ko pa rin bumalik! Pero I've never jumped on the waters sa falls and cave. Hindi ko kaya ang lamig talaga.
    Ikaw naman, adik ka. Wahahaha. Cant wait to read all your Sagada posts so I can reminisce. Hahaha.

  5. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH… Super inggit Ed. Wanna try everything that you experience there. The ones i like so much is the JAMES FRANCO thing. Hahahaha. Cool. 🙂

  6. @mica: was in Manila but just arrived in Cebu 😀 haha, ayoko din mangyari in real life na matrapped ako! hehe. hope to post my Sagada stories soon! haha, ok lang yan. balik ka na sa Pinas! hehe 😀

    @benj: thanks bro! read through you and your team's site and it was EXTREMELY helpful considering we only had a week to create our itinerary. the list is updated and very informative! haha, yeah, the climbing is definitely more terrifying that there was a point that I had to stay in one position for a few seconds because of flashbacks of me falling when I climbed a wall the previous week. I hit my head hard there but the jump was still worth it! 

    @pusang-kalye: haha, actually may headstand pa rin ako sa loob ng cave. but im also glad to be safe too 😀

    @pinoy adventurista: you should go there mervin. haha. backlogs indeed!

    @robbie: you should try it just for the experience! very exhilirating especially when the icy water would pierce thru your skin. of course, masokista ako. haha. adik na rin! hehe will write about it soon. hehe

    @lakwatserong tatay: haha, backlogs talaga! parang napepressure na akong magsulat about Sagada and will just skip the previous trips. haha. thanks for dropping by! 😀

    @olan: haha, was laughing myself off writing this post. you should visit Sagada! 😀

    @lakwatsera de primera: haha. onga. sayang kasi di tayo nag meet sa Baguio, wrong timing lang. oh well, there will always be next time! hope to meet you one of these days claire! 😀

  7. ang dami mo ng backlogs! ha ha ha lahat tayo pare-pareho… daredevil!!! ayos sa trip!!! Lahat pala ginawa mo… masasabi mo ngang you really had fun in Sagada!!! 

  8. haha sira ka tlga Ed!  😀 konteng yngat lang sa mga stunts frnd ha. 🙂
    mukhang ok naman pala ang weather. tse! tinext qta tinatanong ko kung maulan pa kase tutuloy ako ng Kalinga sana nung Sunday  via Baguio at Sagada kase na-cancel trip namen nina Chyng, d ka naman nag-reply! hmmp!   
    glad you had fun, balik ako jan para kumpletuhin ang mga d ko pa napuntahan nung na-sprain ako, pero kapag maayos na panahon. 

  9. @pinoy boy: haha. sabihin mo pa! indeed, you should go to Sagada jerik!

    @marky: thanks marky, haha, right arm pala ata yung sa movie. hehe. don't forget the cave connection, really worth it. you won't even think that you spent 4 hours already.

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: yeah, thanks gael. actually na aksidente ako nun. maulan dun nung 2nd night pero carry pa rin :D. yeah, babalik din ako dito one of these days kasi may di pa rin ako napuntahan. hehe

    @jeffz: haha, daring ed talaga? thanks, onga. dapat din may disclaimer sa mga stunts or dito sa blog ko. baka akalain ng iba na madali lang. agaw-buhay pa naman.

    @rizalenio: haha james franco talaga. love that movie!

  10. Been there twice, planning to go back in April and long have sworn will be back at least once a year. 🙂 Panalo talaga Sagada, it has something for everyone and just have that 'it' that pulls you in, not wanting to leave, or at least, keep on going back. 🙂
    Btw, there was indeed a Judy Ann-Piolo movie filmed in Sagada a few years back but I forgot the title. It was where I first saw glimpses of the place and desired to go and experience it first-hand. Lameeeeeg! 😀

    • @mel: i think it’s the cold air. actually the town is really quaint that you just want to stay there for a little more. ahh, glad that a movie was really filmed here to show how beautiful this town is 😀

  11. I'd have to agree, it is most likely the chilly climate that pulls visitors back. 🙂 I also chronicled my second Sagada trip last November in my online diary (, a.k.a. a pathetic excuse for a blog. Haha! 😀
    Excited na ko bumalik dun this year; will do the rest of the stuff I didn't get to do like climb Mt. Ampacao, see Marlboro Country then take the Bontoc route. 😀 I'm looking forward to your Sagada posts. 🙂

    • @mel: there’s so much to do in sagada aside from the cave connection! I want to go back for the Malboro country experience! will write my Sagada posts soon! right after I’m done with Cambodia, Bangkok, Malaysia, Zambales, and

      @vernon: mao sad ako kahadlokan. wala pa man. buhi pa man ko. hehe

  12. @Smarla: haha, pwede na ba? hahaha. glad you had fun reading this post! was also laughing my a** off creating this entry. hehe

    @pinaytraveljunkie: haha, I'd dare anybody to also take their shirt off at that peak. haha. got a few scars to prove my stunts too 😀


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