Laptop Issues on the Road


I’ve been having problems with my laptop lately. I bought my Lenovo in February of this year and it’s on its 7th month now. The past few weeks have been terrible for me in terms of its performance. It doesn’t respond as fast as my old notebook with lower specifications.

Slow Response

Since I’m travelling most of the time, I have to make sure that there are no issues with my computer when I get the chance to work. And the last weeks have been a pain in the butt because of how slow it was. When I opened my browser or switched to a different application, it took a few seconds for it to respond.

laptop computer
working hard (or hardly working)
photo by Doi

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Booked and Packed due to Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare

Was able to book some flights for 3 months to different domestic destinations using Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare! I was happy that I finally caught this promotion while browsing through some Social Networking sites like Facebook has a very good purpose after all. With Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare, I got discounts wherein the price for … Read more

I Got an Office Table!

I waited for this for a very long time. I was given a computer table which wasn’t really used as much because of the lack of space to put other things. I needed a good desk for me to sit properly when I work at home through my freelance assignments and other internet activities. I … Read more

Addicted to Plants vs Zombies

Darn it, was about to just check my mail at home when I chanced upon a game that I encountered when I read a blog about it. There I was snooping around when minutes turned to hours and the day became night. I was hooked! I don’t really have any games in my hp 540 … Read more

Hebrews: my little wifi corner in Asiatown IT Park

Hebrews is a wifi haven! IT Park is turning out to be a haven for wifi surfers. Given that it’s an IT zone, the whole place should have internet connection available. Because it would still be costly, there are only a few establishments that offer wifi service, One of the normal days where I usually … Read more

2010: A Busy Tiger

I’m supposed to create a good entry about how my year ended but I’m busy working on something a lot of things that I’m still having difficulty keeping up. There are so many things going on in my head and although I am way pressed with the workload, I am bent on prolonging the agony … Read more

got my hp laptop back!

and I finally have an XP Professional installed in it! I had the IT guys work on it since I’m really not that technically resourceful in looking for drivers and hotfixes to solve the problem. Plus I don’t have that much time or patience to really go through with the process of installing by downgrading … Read more

i surrendered my laptop

temporarily anyway.  There was a problem with the LCD at the bottom portion as lines were flickering which needed to get fixed. It’s still under warranty so it shouldn’t be that much of  a problem. But having to surrender my HP laptop for a couple of weeks (hopefully it’ll just be one) is a bit … Read more

laptop issues

I need to get my laptop fixed. It has a horizontal line that's flickering at the bottom of the screen and it's pretty irritating considering that I have to have it checked when it's still new. Sigh. I'll be saying goodbye to it for a week and I don't like it. I also want to … Read more