Things to Do If I Go Back to Macau

As I was scanning through old photos in my laptop’s hard drive, I came across an album of my Macau trip 2 years ago. This was the first time I stepped foot on international soil and because of this, I realized that I could go to different places if I really wanted to.

Anyway, looking at the pictures of Macau, I can’t help but think about what I’ll do if I go back for the second time.

Bungy Jump at the Macau Tower (again!)

I can’t get enough of my bungy jumping experience at the Macau tower that I want to do it again. I know it’s something that I need to prepare myself for since the price of the bungee is expensive. However, I already have a card that gives me a discounted rate so I wouldn’t mind using it for this death-defying stunt.

bungy macau

Maybe this time I’ll try falling backwards, or maybe I’ll do a tandem bungy. Whatever happens, I shouldn’t miss out on another exhilirating experience.

Senado Square Food

I’m a sucker for free food that’s why I will have a quick stop at the Senado Square because of the free samples that are being offered left and right.

macau food

On the way to the Ruins of St. Paul, store attendants offer free taste of beef jerkies, cookies, and snacks that they are selling. With so many people around, I don’t think they’d notice if I keep going back for more. I remember that those cookies actually served as my lunch for that day!

Hotel Casino Hopping

We only passed by the Macau casinos and checked out the stunning murals and artwork of the hotels. It was such a grand sight to see these buildings filled with beautiful paintings as well as other show highlights. City of Dreams, Venetian Hotel, Wynn Hotel, Grand Lisboa, and so much more.

Note: Don’t miss the Bubble Show at the City of Dreams! They say it’s the best FREE show in the hotels of Macau.

 macau sights

I’d like to play casino games too! I can probably spend a few Hong Kong dollars just to see how it would be like to bet. Maybe lady luck will be there by that time and I’ll be filthy rich! haha.

Watching People

I would also like to go to where the tourists are and just watch them from afar. Looking at how travellers cram to every sight-seeing spot is definitely a sight to behold. After all, I’ve been to most of the places that they’ve been to so it would be nice to be on the other side and just observe how busy they are.

macau streets

Dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf

I’d like to finally eat dinner at the Fisherman’s wharf and watch the display of lights of the buildings from afar. Our time was cut short when we were there since we had to go back to our hostel in Hong Kong. If I were to drop by, I’d also like to have long conversations over a full course menu as this seems a perfect place to cap the night off.

fisherman wharf macau

Still, I should be sleeping in one of the hotels by that time because it would be sad to just go home again without spending the night in Macau.

I’d ultimately just take my time to observe my surroundings and keep things at a slower pace. This is a beautiful place, if only I’d have the money.

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14 thoughts on “Things to Do If I Go Back to Macau”

  1. Go lang sa bungy pabaliktad! Sayang ang discount, haha. Will also do that, and maybe go back to St Paul's Ruins. I think it was a Sunday when I went there, evacuation center lang sa dami ng tao kaya tinignan ko na lang from afar. LOL.

  2. @dong ho: punta ka na ng Macau Dom! maganda talaga ang Senado Square!

    @ihcahieh: dami ding tao when we went there. I guess you can go there early in the morning? But then you'd jhave to stay overnight to have more time. Ahahaha. lesson number seven talaga ang tawag. 😀

  3. sige.. next year. hihihi! charot! it's going be my first international trip if ever. Dami mo na palang na post. Medyo nawawala ako sa picture lately. It's either I'm busy or lazy. hahaha!
    thanks for sharing your experience. Talagang yung bungy jumping mo ang naging break mo e no. Patok sa takilya. lol!

  4. @journeya and travels: sige doc! maagbungy jump ka! Can't wait for you to do that! thanks! 😀

    @Micamyx: hahaha, jowa talaga. ansaya may kasama, at magdate dun sa Macau di ba? malapit na yan Mica! hahahahaha 😀

    @kura: wow ayos kura!!! magbungy ka rin??? go go go!!! hehe. ok lang yan, stop muna siguro akong magpost after nito. hahaha. kelangan kasi ang kumikitang kabuhayan. hahaha. yun talaga eh. itong first international trip din (HK-Macau) biglang dumami visitors ng blog. hehe

  5. Halos napuntahan namin  ung mga historic centre except lang sa Fortaleza de Monte and Fisherman's Whart another reason to go back I guess hopefully by November para ipasyal ung mga kids. Tsaka maganda dyan pumunta kapag may Adult Convention.wahaha

  6. sayang nde ko na try mag bungy jump.. nag sisi 2loy ako. :((
    pero pag naalala ko ung free taste sa senado nattawa aq. 😀 nabusog ako dun in fairness
    nainsipired 2loy ako na e blog ung macau q. 🙂 thanks. dami q naalala sa post mo. 🙂


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