My Bungy Jumping Experience at the Macau Tower

“Has anybody died from bungy jumping here?” – I had to bluntly ask the attendant at the lobby of the Macau Tower.
“No sir, if there had been an accident, all of our AJ Hackett locations would’ve closed down.” – I liked the frank response.

It’s been 10 days after I bungy jumped from the Macau Tower, but the incident is still fresh in my mind. All the way from Cebu to Hong Kong to Macau, I never imagined I could do this, well I did; but I didn’t think it would come too soon.

Check out my video of bungy jumping from the world’s highest bungy. I initially planned on editing it in order to save whatever dignity I had left but I changed my mind. What the heck, right?

September 04, 2010
Bungy Jumping from the Macau Tower

We booked flights from Cebu to Hongkong using Cebu Pacific’s piso fare some time in November last year. Part of our itinerary was to check out Macau and its tourist places. My friend who’s already been there said that I should bungy jump from the Macau Tower as it’s a once in a lifetime experience — she’s a woman at that! With the way she relayed her story to me, I felt like I was in her shoes; pretending to be there which got me all excited to do it once I had the chance. When I did, I started saving money.

bungy bungy soloflighted macau bungy jumping
Macau Tower is the world’s highest bungy at 234 meters

Price Rates of the Bungy Jump based on

Standard Bungy – MOP 1888 – around 11,328 Php (from 6 Php conversion)
Photos and Video – MOP 498 – around 3000 Php

I expected the standard bungee rate but not the rate for the photos and the video. The total price would cost me about 15,000 Php including minor fees!

Bungy jumping or shopping? Most people would prefer the former if they didn’t know the price that came with the bungy. When I told them about the rates, they immediately switched their minds to shopping. Only in my case, this was a rare opportunity and I was there for the experience — boy what an experience it was!

bungy macau bungy macao
at the lobby with Pinay staff, Joyce. other Macao tower activities such as the skywalk

Blood was rushing through my head, my smile was stuck to a certain position because I couldn’t stop grinning. My legs were trembling and I couldn’t believe the moment when the bungy cord was attached and set up for me. It was the day that I was going to jump from the world’s highest bungy! The feeling was surreal and at the back of my mind, I kept slapping my face to ensure that I was still awake.

bungee macau bungee macao macao bungy
Suiting up and weighing in – 69 kilos

I was interviewed before I jumped and I tried to keep cool as possible but I couldn’t fake the nervousness since this is after all, the world’s highest bungee. They advised me how I should pull the latch off my left leg after the first bounce to change to an upright position, lest I wanted to stay upside-down.

bungy friends
friends, Cindy & Logan and

I was told to step on the plank. Slowly moving to the edge, I raised my hands and looked at my right which I didn’t know why. Then did I realize that it was a signal for me to have my picture taken which I regretted immensely because I looked like a doofus, trembling and preoccupied when I saw the finished product. Without further notice, the crew said “Here we go!” and it all went by fast.


I had to scream cause I told them I wasn’t prepared. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wuwuwuwuwait!”

I didn’t even get to prepare a speech and they didn’t even ask me if I had other questions. There were people before me which explained the rush and I guess they wanted to make sure that I would not have any apprehensions. For sure, I would never back out cause I don’t want to waste fifteen thousand bucks and quit like a pussy.

I felt the pressure when I heard a staff talk to his team member over a walky-talky, “First attempt FAILED.” I had to make sure I wouldn’t screw up the second one. There was no turning back and having another failed attempt would mean that I was a wuss.


highest bungy jump bunjy jump
legs bent, obviously trembling.

and so I jumped… or fell, or whatever you call it. I stepped off the plank! I did my best to keep a straight face but my soul felt like it was ready to burst that I had to scream.

After about 5 seconds, the fall wasn’t over, I had to take a deep breath and I had to scream again.

bunjee jump bungee jump
I’m superman, not.

When I finally reached the maximum point and started to bounce back, I tried to pull the latch off my left leg according to what was instructed to me. But I didn’t have any strength anymore. I kept on trying countless times that’s why once you see the video, it seems like I’ve been bitten by a case of epilepsy. I gave up after realizing that I was just stressing myself out and relished the moment of being suspended upside-down.

macao bungee jump bungy macau high bungy macau highest
15 seconds of adrenaline rush

I kept laughing, I screamed again, and I laughed — yes, like a hyena. There was less motion since the jump was already over so there was no point of acting crazy.

The crew below greeted me and removed my harness. I realized that most of the assistants were teenagers. I started to talk to a Filipina who grew up in Macau and she couldn’t believe that my knees were still shaking. But I didn’t care how I looked anymore because I did it! I jumped from a height of 233 Meters!

macau bungy macao bungee macau bungee
Still alive!

I went up still feeling the adrenaline and rush of the air on my face as I descended to the ground. My upper and lower lips started to numb and later on, there was a red lining which made me think that it got burned because of the speed from falling.

highest bungy bungy jump
getting my souvenirs from the bungee

I like trying out extreme adventures while I’m still alive in order to make the most of living. Despite this activity being a fast-paced one, it has become a reflective moment for me that when you just put your mind and heart into your goal, you can definitely reach it.

I have a board at home where I jot down my plans for the year. Bungy jumping was one of them, seeing it being scratched off was a great feeling. When you envision yourself to be where you want to be, and you just keep doing things right while setting your eyes on the target; you can’t explain the emotion when you’ve achieved it out of your own hard work. This made me realize that anything is possible so long as you don’t lose focus. I hope this inspires people to list down goals and get out of that comfort zone as life is too short to be living inside a bubble.

when your plans come to life

I received a lifetime membership which gives me a lesser rate on my second and third jumps, the fourth one is free. Do I want to do it again? Hell yeah! This time I’ll be more subtle.

I would like to thank Cindy and Logan for putting up with my craziness while I was there anticipating my turn. This experience is one list scratched from my bucket, baby!

Note: This post was updated to be included as part of the entries of R.O.X. Philippines’ contest wherein they’re giving away a backpack from Mountain Hardwear. The theme is about your most memorable Outdoor adventure for 2010. Hands down this is the best moment for me as I conquered my fear of heights and I achieved one of my goals that I planned for over a year.

Check out the mechanics by liking their Facebook Page and their Twitter Account.
R.O.X. Philippines Facebook –
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UPDATE: I won the contest! Here’s my story: Won a Mountain Hardwear Scrambler Backpack from R.O.X. Philippines

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66 thoughts on “My Bungy Jumping Experience at the Macau Tower”

  1. I didn't even get to prepare a speech and they didn't even ask me if I had other questions. " – funny. were you supposed to make one diay? – the speech. ehehehe
    way to go ed! 😀

  2. @doi: haha, of course doi. for my final words while im on the edge of the plank. this was 15K and they should’ve given me more time! haha but it was a great experience. i’ll do it again if i had the chance! once i have the chance!

    @jerome: you should! ako, i saved up for it that’s why i really had to do it!

    @gael: funny how your comments always seem to end up in my Spam. Do it once you’re there and never look back! ’twas nice meeting you! 😀

    @nix: haha, haven’t even started my HK-Macau trip. dami pang pending tasks. haha. boracay was great! 😀

  3. I wanted to jump when we went there, but my budget didn't permit me LOL will upload my trip to Macau tower soon 😛
    I will save up for this one. I'd rather do extreme stuff such as this one than to shop 😛 Can't wait for my own 'wewewewe-wait' moment :))

  4. holy c-c-c- *faint*. that was a very long way down! 10 seconds of falling? congrats on the extreme adventures.
    nahutdan ko ginhawa just watching the vid.

    • @lainee: indeed. i think it was 15 seconds or i dunno. hehe. all o know is that it took a long time. haha. thanks. let’s go extreme! 😀

  5. hmmm i thought this is only around 3k, mahal pala!i'm going to macau this tuesday, sept.28.sayang, gusto ko pa naman gawin to.btw, cute ka pala hahaha..saw your posts from pex. thanks for the vid. pag-iipunan ko to hehe

    • @chyng: haha. one-time big-time na kasi yung bungy jump experience so sinulit ko na. i knew i’d regret it if I didn’t push through with it. 😀

  6. Whoa. I didn't know it cost that much. Hmmm. I have plans of doing this kasi but I don't know if I have enough balls – and money – for this. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

    • @DAM: I knew it would cost this much because of a colleague who told me about it. It’s a good thing I saved for a year for this. hehe. balls will follow once you have the money! besides, you can’t get your money back once you’ve paid for it so there’s no backing out! thanks for dropping by! 😀

  7. hi ed! kelangan ba talaga magpa-book in advance to have the bungy jump at the macau tower? or pwede walk-ins punta dun, and have the jump on the same day? may pila ba yun? haha!
    if kelangan magpabook in advance, how?
    please enlighten me. 🙂
    thanks much!

  8. @dyanie: haha. mapapawuwuwuwait ka rin dyan. hehe. thanks!

    @OiEnNe: no need to book. nagwalk-in lang ako. sometimes may pala. there were 4 people ahead of me then they said it would only take 30 minutes for the 4 people. 😀 

    @james: haha, onga. pero bilib ako sa trip mo to batanes! 😀

  9. hi ed! that's good news. walk-in nalang din siguro kami. but i have checked the AJ Hackett site, may provision sila for reservations/early bookings dun.
    thanks much again!

    • @miranda: thanks! I knew what I was getting into so I didn’t want to pass this opportunity up especially when I prepared for it! Thanks! 😀

    • @phoebe: I agree, really expensive. It’s a good thing I prepared for it for a year cause if not, then I’d be really envious too!

  10. nice nice.. searched for the rate of macau bungee and found your site. only to find out, too darn expensive. gonna try if it would fit my budget. be going in macau next week.. Keep up the good work in your site…

  11. Bungee jumping has been gathering dust on my bucket list – hopefully I could do it someday…and I know I will. 
    By the way, this site is really awesome {envy..envy}
    I'm actually browsing Technorati's top travel blogs and saw yours at… o my gosh!! at number 37… {envy again.**sigh**}
    More power Sir! really inspiring.

  12. @dcdancruz: wow, so what happened in Macau? were you able to jump? good thing I knew the rates a year before so I had a lot of time to prepare! 😀

    @yodz: whoa, didn't realize that I had data on Technorati. haha! thanks for the update! just keep on traveling and writing about your stories. you'd be surprised at how many stories you'll come up with! 😀

  13. 15k? Oh. I think I need to pass. I'm going to Macau this December and I'm looking forward to try this. But upon knowing the price, my budget can't permit. Next time nalang siguro, I'll try this first in Danao. 
    Anyhow, this is such a heart-pounding experience. Ayos ang video! 🙂

  14. @roman: ey Roman, actually, around 8-9K Pesos sya. may kasama kasing video and photo yung kinuha ko. If you're there for the experience, go for it! pero yeah, masakit pa rin ang 9K. 😀

  15. I love traveling, adventure and especially love heights. Kaya lang mahal ang bungee jumping. Di kaya ng budget ko. If I win anything I'll do it so I can also have that wuwuwuwu wait moment in the not-yet-ready mode. So far i can only afford rock-climbing and ice-skating. Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog. You're the man!

  16. @Tasha: hi Tasha, haha. I'm afraid of heights but I like both 😀 onga medyo mahal. but when you get back, you can definitely have your wuwuwait moment! haha, ncapture mo pa talaga! haha. wow, ice-skating! di ko pa alam yan. thanks for dropping by! 😀

  17. Whoa!!  Na-inspire ako after watching your video!  I was in Macau with friends in August and I've been wanting to do this myself since…this month might just be the right time for it. 🙂  

  18. My wife and I did this on our honeymoon back in '08 when the price of the complete package (videos, pictures, certificate and all) was only around Php 8000.  I can still remember the jump master's words as he was tying the cord around my legs "So, you just got married, I don't know which is riskier"
    You said you were told that you can latch off your left leg from the cord?  If so, then you would be dangling "horizontally" right?  I'm just curious how that works cause we didn't have that option before.  After several recoils and the bungy cord finally coming to a rest, I was just upside down and dangling vertically and praying that the bungy "knot" will hold as I felt my leg slipping out from it.

  19. @rick: no problem rick! thanks for reading! 😀

    @eliel: wow, it was still cheap back then. yep, it was strapped on my waste, so when i pull the latch out, i will still dangle vertically in an upright position instead of upside down. 😀

  20. Eds, this is what i missed in Macau. That stupid guide just let us see it from the bus and told us we can't just go up if we don't jump and now I learn why. If i knew beforehand it is that expensive to pay for this jump, i'd rather go shopping for authentic souvenirs haha. 
    Great spirit in you to take the second jump! 

  21. Cool! I've crossed bungy jumping off my list also in 2010. I did it at Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa. After I did that, I had Macau in mind. But as of today, I guess my courage is not enough to keep me standing on the edge of the platform before I fall over a tower. I'm glad though that at least, I had a courage to do it at least once!

  22. And by the way, kudos to you!!! The instructor in Bloukrans told me that fewer men do the big jump compared to women. When I did it, there were only 2 boys out of 10 in our group. =)

  23. I've been there twice but I failed to try Bungy Jumping! I hopeeeeeeeeeeeeee to try it next year!!
    awesome picture and thanks for sharing! I felt like I was the one who do it! LOL

  24. Thats freakin expensive jump. The Last Resort in NP is cheaper plus the scenery where you going to plunge is way better. Highly recommend.

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  26. Is it allowed to run then jump from the platform or free-fall lang talaga? Been mustering the courage to do it next

      • Aww. It seems to me like running and jumping is less scarier than standing and waiting on the ledge. I’ve seen vids of people running e. So I thought i would do the same. haha!


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