Old Tourist Couple in Siem Reap, Cambodia

I was hanging out with newfound friends at one of the fish massage areas near the Angkor Night Market in Siem Reap. My friends tried the Doctor Fish Spa and were giggling so hard when the fishes ate the dead skin cells of their feet. I was laughing at their reactions when an old tourist couple dropped by to check what the commotion was all about.

fish spa siem reap
old couple (center)

I dipped my hand in the water to show the couple how the fishes would gather around and attack. The man took out his big camera to take a photo of scenario.

“Very ticklish, you should try it!” I persuaded the lady but she just smiled back saying that they just wanted to look at the fishes.

couple in siem reap
slow and steady steps

When they left, I found out that the man was holding a cane. The lady was also there to support him as they continued their walk outside the market. Being curious, I followed them. Only then did I realize that they didn’t have a companion to guide them. They were exploring the area by themselves.

Slowly walking outside and stopping at times to take pictures, it was really nice to see them on a date. I couldn’t tell their age but my friend said they’re probably in their 70s. Still, the fact that this old tourist couple went out at night (around 10:30pm) and without any family member nearby amazed me.

angkor night market
late night and still outside

A common notion for old people in my country is that they should stay at home and just rest. They are not supposed to go out just because they’re already past their prime. If they do go out, they need to be accompanied by a family member to help them in case something happens. That’s why it was really refreshing to see this picture as it makes you realize that it’s never too late to travel.

taking pictures of the Angkor Night Market sign

This old couple may have already gone to other places during their younger years. Maybe they’ve walked the streets of China or they’ve lain on the beaches of Australia. Maybe they’ve had their share of experiences during a Full Moon party in Thailand or they’ve braved the waves of Hawaii. Heck they might even have booked flights to new zealand for another travel adventure.

Here’s a video clip while I was following them.

This is one of those scenes that make you smile and say that life is sweet.

It’s also one of the instances that make you realize that… soloflightEd is a stalker. bwahahaha.

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23 thoughts on “Old Tourist Couple in Siem Reap, Cambodia”

  1. @Joey: it will happen when you want it to happen. was already taking their pictures even when  not sure if they noticed me though. hmmm. 😀

    @mervz: thanks for reading mervz! we might not realize but grandpa may be a blogger too! hehehe 😀

  2. Reminds me of my own grandparents 🙂 meron silang yearly habit na every October, the must travel outside the Philippines or basta makapag-travel. Mag-52 years na silang married =)
    Hoping to find a husband, bestfriend and a travel buddy rolled into one <3
    Sila ang living testament ko na true love exists 🙂

    I wont be surprised if they indeed went to New Zealand next  – such a loving old couple, maximizing their life together by traveling. I'm sure their children are happy for them for what they're doing together after all these years.

  4. Right, travelling is not just for younger or matured ones so long as you are still able to travel..very inspiring. Mas maayo unta kung na interview nimo sila.

  5. @micamyx: wow, ayos yan mica, kaya pala you don't mind taking your time. naks, mamemeet mo rin sya soon! 😀

    @marky: I wouldn't mind going to New Zealand next. haha. 🙂

    @Eric: haha, was too fascinated at stalking them. will do so when I see more sights like this. 😀

    @Synz: haha. I believe so too. thanks for dropping by this blog! 😀

  6. Sweet nga sila pero ako ayoko tumanda  tsaka lang mag-travel, baka di na kayanin ng katawan ko.LOL Sabay kanta We Are Young by Fun "Tonight We are young So let’s set the world on fire We can burn brighter than the sun".haha

  7. @killerfillers: haha. that's why it's really nice to see them di ba? at least ngayon, ginagawa pa rin kahit kaya pa. haha. ume-MTV talga. hehe.

    @dong ho: haha. sana ganun tayo lahat. kakatuwa talaga makakita na nagdedate pa rin 😀

    @Rachelle: another song ah. saya talaga! 😀

  8. it's either hindi ka nila napansin or hindi ka lang talaga nila kayang habulin at hampasin ng baston. ahaha!! I never had a chance to see my grandparents together – roaming around, laughing, telling stories. Namulat ako bedridden na si lolo kaya naiinggit ako pag nakakakita ako ng sweet old couple. Sana maging ganyan din ang ending ng love story ko.
    *naiimagine mo sarili mo at si girlet no? yeeeekeeeeh! hahaha!

  9. I've seen a lot of older people on the road, in fact, I'm one of them now. I used to rough it up when I was a lot younger but now… travel is more organized. less hectic and always in search of homelike comforts.

  10. @Christian: naman! hahaha bilis mong makablog christian! hehe

    @kura: haha, kaya nga, sabi ni Doi, pinipicturan din ako ni lolo nung vinivideo ko sila. haha. oh well, baka lilitaw lang ako bigla sa blog ni lolo, bwahahahaha. re: girlet, bwahahah, natatawa ako sa term, girlet talaga? hahaha. pero tumpak! hahaha

    @bertN: hi Bert! nice, you're on the road! even if the way of travelling has changed, the thought that you're still doing it is really inspiring! thanks for sharing a bit of your story!

  11. you're right ed:) kahit palaaway si lola kay lolo at di sila sweet tumanda pa rin silang magkasama.. destiny talaga 🙂 saya!

  12. Great story on the old couple!
    Parang nakikita ko yung sarili ko sa kanila pagtanda ko.
     Buti na lang while you were stalking them hindi ka nila napagkamalang spy… lol

  13. definitely sweet! sana u approached them so you can get an inkling of their sweet travel/date. that wouldn't make you like a stalker na. haha 😀 


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