My Interview with DZAR 1026 Sonshine Radio’s Byahe at Gimik

Last Friday, I guested in an hour-long discussion about travel and passion by DZAR 1026 Sonshine TV-Radyo’s Byahe @ Gimik with hosts Tonyo and Jamie.

Byahe at Gimik is a radio program that talks about anything travel. Every Friday, they usually have live guests onboard and several Philippine Travel Bloggers have already been to the show. I received the invite earlier this year, but I wasn’t available as I was still pursuing my backpacking adventure across Southeast Asia.

soloflighted radio interview
with Byahe@Gimik hosts Tony and Jamie

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Podcast Interview with Nina of

This is my 10th podcast episode and I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a travel blogger who works as a Virtual Assistant. This job allows her to have a bit of flexibility with her schedule as she can work from home or work anywhere so long as she’s connected to the internet.

Episode 10 of my Podcast Interview Series

soloflighted sessions with nina

Nina of

A pioneer female travel blogger in the Philippines, Nina blogs at She and her website won the best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards, and also won the Best Travel Blog in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011. It’s such a great feat knowing she competed against other top bloggers in other countries in the Asia Pacific.

She may look shy, but Nina has already bungy jumped from the Macau Tower and has travelled solo to so many countries already.

I was really nervous during this interview and it showed when I listened to the finished product. Nina also admitted that she was was also conscious on how she sounds but it’s something that we were both trying to overcome. That’s why I’m really glad that she said yes to this podcast. We were also joined by her friend, Hazel and James of

Interview Location: Va’ Pensiero, Araneta Coliseum, Cubao
Photo Credits: Cla Ines of

just wandering

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Podcast Interview with Flip of

After only a year of travel blogging, this guy was able to earn money through his website which is currently his primary source of income. He gave up a high-paying job just so he could travel and he’s been living in Southeast Asia for over 6 months now.

Episode 6 of my Podcast Interview

soloflighted sessions with flip

Flip of

An anonymous travel blogger of, I’m happy that Flip agreed to have this interview. I had a number of questions I wanted to clarify with his lifestyle as, more or less, it’s the same path I’m planning to pursue in the future.

Travel bloggers I’ve met all have a passion for travelling, but Flip somehow stood out and I was even caught off guard when he said he was willing to give up his blog in order to continue this passion.

Interview Location: Skype from Cebu, Philippines to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ang Thong
Ang Thong, Thailand

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Of Travel Talks, Travel Interviews, and Travel Bloggers

I booked a ticket for Manila out of the blue. I didn’t have any trips as I’ve been saving for a travel fund I’m preparing for next year. But then this unexpected opportunity came up and I didn’t want to miss out on it. Or probably I was just looking for an excuse to go out and travel. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I pushed through with it.

In the middle of September, I spent my days attending travel talks, conducting podcast interviews and meeting travel bloggers.

Travel Talks by

I attended two travel talk events by the Sole Sisters. The first time I was a spectator and the second time I got to participate by sharing my ‘crazy travel story’ which was my bungy jumping experience at the Macau Tower.

photo by Lauren

It’s been a long while since I talked in front of a crowd so my nerves really got me. I think I did okay in relaying my adventure to the audience (I hope).

I was also surprised that a few people had introduced themselves saying that they read my blog. I’m honored and humbled by these readers who said that they found my blog useful – made me feel good that somehow, it has found its worth.

Thanks for saying “Hi” guys!

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Podcast Interview with Ron of

My apologies to my readers (and listeners) as it’s been a month since I last posted a podcast. I can come up with a number of excuses but I’d rather not bother. What’s good is that I finally have one today! We’re at Episode 5 now.

soloflighted sessions with ron

Ron of

Ron is one of the writers of (the other being Monette). Prior to a trip to Manila, I haven’t met him and was actually scared to interview him. But he was very open to the idea and I think he was even more excited about it. That threw my apprehensions away. He’s currently living in Singapore and is working as a nurse.

One of the things I love about their blog aside from the writing are their videos. When I finally met him, I realized he’s a fun person to hang around with.

Interview Location: Skype from Cebu, Philippines to Woodlands, Singapore

Ron in Beijing,China

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Podcast Interview with Mica of

This is already the fourth episode of my podcast interview series which is a segment in my blog where I have a conversation with bloggers who love to travel in order to get to know them better.

soloflighted sessions with mica

Mica of

Going back to Skype conversations, I interviewed Mica of online due to location differences. She has been blogging for a long time but it was only during a free trip to Boracay did I get to meet her. She quit her job in order to travel and has been living through funds that she is able to generate online which is something a lot of people want.

Through Krispy Kremes meet-ups in Manila, I learned a lot of tips from her about the online world so I could maximize my sites and earn more from them. I couldn’t thank her enough for sharing her experiences so I may also live the same lifestyle in the future.

Interview Location: Skype from Cebu, Philippines to Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines

Mica in Sumilon Island, Cebu

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Podcast Interview with Brenna of


Third part of my podcast interview series. This was a fun session and I decided to keep some of the bloopers to make the conversation sound more natural. I couldn’t keep a straight face because of how many times we broke into laughter.

soloflighted sessions with brenna

Brenna of

This SoloFlightEd Sessions episode, I interviewed Brenna of who represents one of the younger travel bloggers of the country. She, together with her family, visited Cebu for a week and decided to extend one more day to travel solo in Moalboal, Cebu.

What’s nice is that she’s also doing freelance jobs or part-time work in order to fund her travels. Money is definitely one of the factors to consider when you travel and being a student, it’s a challenge to seek funds for expenses. But Brenna has proven that when you really want to travel, you find ways to make it happen.

Interview Location: La Marea Pastry Shop, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu, Philippines

Brenna in Bohol

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Podcast Interview with Gael of

As I’ve discussed in one of my travel blog projects, I planned on conducting interviews with fellow travel bloggers. Now, after how many hours of reading through editing tutorials, I’m ready to launch my interview project in the form of a podcast file. Introducing…

soloflighted sessions podcast

SoloFlightEd Sessions

This idea was inspired by Flipnomad wherein I was featured in his ‘Meet the Nomads‘ section of his website. I wanted to hear the voices behind these travel bloggers so I thought about recording our conversation in the process.

Although a number of bloggers have already started podcasting, it took me some time to set this up due to lack of confidence and insecurities. I prefer to write than talk. But I realized that we all have to go out of comfort zones in order to develop ourselves and our passions.

Gael of

First up, I have Gael of I had her in mind because she’s one of first travel bloggers I met during a free trip to Boracay and I wanted to start this podcast with somebody I’m comfortable talking to.

Gael in Palaui Island cove
photo by Angel

Of course, I also love her blog. A Filipina who travels solo with a backpack, it just proves how much spunk this Pinay has. She also has a way of capturing her audience when she narrates her stories in her articles.

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Travel Blog Projects

Let me turn into a little nerd (if I’m not yet one) and share a blog update just to inform my readers what’s going on with this site. Work has been taking much of my time these days and I figured I’d write something random before I proceed with my travelogue series; I still have a lot of posts to publish in this blog.

Interview Sessions

Inspired by FlipNomad’s ‘Ask The Nomads’ interviews, I’ve been planning to set up my own sessions with fellow travel bloggers. I’m still a bit shy with the medium but let’s see how this will pan soloflightedcelout. This is another venture and I should’ve started this a long time ago but it took me awhile to muster enough confidence to pursue the idea. I’ll post an interview session with a famous travel blogger soon and I hope to receive constructive feedback along the way.

Switching Hosting Providers

I’m looking forward to migrating all my entries to a new blog host to save more money. Maintaining multiple blogs in multiple hosting providers is a tedious task but this is how I started it so I should also learn how to manage everything in one account.


I’m thinking of placing banners to highlight blog posts that deem worthy to be shared. It’s still in the works but I’ll experiment how effective these will be to attract more traffic in each of these articles.

travel fulltime Dumaguete City Hong Kong Tips bomodok falls sagada Malapascua Island Cebu tips about siem reap
banners and lots more in the works.

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I’m on a high. I submitted an application for a higher post mainly because I wanted change, a drastic one at that. I was already too comfortable with taking calls for the same account for a year and a half already. The job isn’t bad; it’s in fact good. It’s too good that I felt … Read more